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    Some anniversary videos from the Emergency Services

    Commissioner Ron Dobson was in charge of operations on 7 July 2005

    “On the day, London Fire Brigade performed extremely well”

    Deputy Assistant Commissioner Micheal Ellis describes a scene he will never forget at Tavistock Square on 7 July 2005.

    “So for me, one of the overriding images, or memories, of the day, was obviously, er, bringing the last casualties off the lower deck of the bus and when we arrived the initial carnage of what was going on, general pandemonium and noise, er, the fact there was a lot of graphic images to take in and process in your mind….got particulartly attached to a gentleman on the side of the bus called Samuel Ly who was the last person that we took off the bus ….people’s mobile phones started ringing on the bus and obviously you knew what that was, was people trying to get in contact with their loved ones and they probably would not be able to [cut in video] driver saying to me holding a mobile phone ‘What do I do with that’ and I said ‘Don’t answer it, give it to a police officer’

    Deputy Assistant Commissioner Micheal [Mick] Ellis describes how a fortunate coincidence helped with casualties at Tavistock Square on 7 July 2005.

    “on the pavement, giving first aid to one of the casualties on the lower deck of the bus and a gentleman self presented came up and sort of almost pushed me away, really, and started to give first aid to this gentleman, which I was quite surprised about. So I introduced myself in a nice way and he carried on, seemed to know what he was doing and I asked him again who he was and he said ‘I’m Doctor’,er, I can’t actually remember his name but he said I’m a doctor, donor, which I thought was a coincidence, that’s good, and he said ‘Well, I have come out of the British Medical Association’. I still really hadn’t made the connection that we were actually outside the BMA building and on that day the BMA were holding a national meeting for all the top surgeons from all around the country and they were all in the building and it was from there that we managed to set that casualty handling area up in the c=actual courtyard of the BMA and obviously with all those doctors there, I can only describe that, it was like a scene from out of M.A.S.H. where everyone was holding up, er, drip bags and doing first aid and as we’d got all those top surgeons there, that made that really, I wouldn’t say easy, but it certainly made it a lot better for us and it was really fortunate that that’s where that explosion happened on that day.

    Lots of closing of eyes. Yeah, really fortunate, a proper coincidence.

    He remembers the name of Samuel Ly, who allegedly died, but not the doctor.

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    Another story to keep the myth alive..
    7/7 bombing doctor Claire Sheppey dies after flat fire
    March 17 2016

    Except, when one removes fire from the search, there is no information about her at all. All we can assume is that she may have taken part in the drill.

    Doctor Claire Sheppey was rescued by firefighters from her burning second-floor flat on Crowland Terrace in Islington early on Wednesday morning but died later in hospital.
    Dr Sheppey was a consultant paediatric anaesthetist at the Royal London Hospital in Whitechapel.

    Dr Sheppey was part of the Royal London Hospital’s response team to the attacks.
    Six fire engines and 35 firefighters from Islington and nearby stations tackled the blaze at her home on Wednesday morning for three hours before bringing it under control by 04:31 GMT.

    Sunglasses – that’s helpful

    …treated more than 200 on 7/7!
    Speciality – paediatric anaestesia.

    “A neighbour of Claire, who owns the ground floor flat in the same building, said: ‘We are all absolutely devastated at the loss of a close friend like Claire.
    ‘She was a wonderful doctor and a true professional, a real team player. We’re all just in shock at what’s happened.”

    Dr Sheppey was pronounced dead shortly after reaching hospital

    She’s on the top floor….who’s on the middle floor, out of interest? Why, a junior doctor from Iran who doesn’t seem to be quoted anywhere.
    Dr Amir Ghanbari
    Here we also see that the ground floor resident, the “close friend” was Anna Mary Williamson,34, whose occupation is media.

    An early local report…
    14.29 hrs March 16 2016

    A woman, who lives opposite in Northchurch Road, but didn’t wish to be named, recalled the moment the fire woke her at around 1.30am.

    She said this afternoon: “My boyfriend’s mum came down the stairs, screaming and shouting that there was a fire. I woke up and you could smell it immediately, and that’s bearing in mind we are across the road a fair distance away. That’s how strong it was.

    “My boyfriend’s mum was screaming at the neighbours to get out of their houses. I was on the phone to the fire brigade and you couldn’t even see the flat – it was just engulfed in flames. The windows were smashing. It was awful.

    “No one could reach the lady that lived there. They tried her mobile and that’s when people started to fear the worst. It has been a very sad atmosphere on the street today.”

    Mayor of London Boris Johnson has backed controversial plans to permanently axe 13 fire engines across the capital – including one based in Holloway – to save £11.5m from London Fire Brigade’s budget

    Ah, a political sub-plot.
    And who are “they” who seemed to know the doctor’s mobile number?

    Crews were called just after 1.30am to Crowland Terrace.
    The woman was brought out of the converted house and taken to hospital but was pronounced dead just after 4am.

    No other photos of the blaze.
    But we do have a photo without dark shades…


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    Correct name Marie Claire Sheppey b 1968

    no other family, except dad who would be 81 – no comment from him

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    Loved Thailand!

    Catherine Costigan at River Kwai Jungle Rafts.
    2 March at 20:15 · Sai Yok, Thailand ·
    It’s like a distant memory ?
    Catherine Costigan’s photo.

    Claire Sheppey It was fab
    · 3 March at 21:50


    I came across the remarkable story of 7/7 hero firefighter Simon Ford again, he who was allegedly jailed for 14 years for cocaine dealing in 2008 but was allowed to provide evidence to the inquest.
    This typical syb-plot for any drill was briefly reported at CF here

    There is a long list of “heroes” here at J7
    Ford was unique in being the only non-manager to receive a Gold award in November 2005 [Hume was a manager]
    In fact, everybody listed there is complicit in some way.

    Ford and fellow firefighter Kevin Hume were sent to Tavistock Square from Soho fire station minutes after terrorist Hasib Hussain, 18, blew himself up on the number 30 at 9.47am.
    The jailed fireman recalled the scene of ‘utter devastation and utter horror’ that met them.
    “We could see the bus had exploded and obviously we could see body parts and torsos and debris everywhere,” he said.
    Mr Hume said they ripped apart the metalwork of the bus with their hands to free Mr [Sam] Ly.
    Ford said the two firefighters also freed a woman and another man, using one of the bus’s blown-out windows as a makeshift stretcher to move them to safety.
    The second man they rescued was Mark Beck, who lost his right leg in the blast…
    Ford told the inquest he was unable to discuss his horrific experiences that day with the other members of his shift because they were sent to the separate attack on a Tube train…

    Ford, a former drug addict, received a London Fire Brigade Gold Award for his bravery


    Another interesting name among those honoured for their “bravery” in the 7/7 drill list was Detective Superintendent Nick Brackene, “Senior identification officer” [OBE] who had no part in 7/7, but attended this cornucopia of drills, hoaxes and staged events – 2004 Tsunami, Ladbroke Grove and Selby train crashes. 1987 King’s Cross Underground fire. Some list.

    The key 7/7 operative was Det Supt Douglas McKenna, senior investigating officer and Coroner’s officer….who attended the inquest in 2011
    Operation Theseus, the largest Metropolitan Police criminal investigation job creation exercise ever.
    LADY JUSTICE HALLETT …. I should like to commend you all on your skill and dedication to these proceedings. Also many congratulations on what must be a unique investigation as far as Operation Theseus was concerned.
    MCKENNA Thank you, my Lady.
    LADY JUSTICE HALLETT: Let us hope it is unique.
    Program Director
    Consultant to Foreign Office
    September 2013 – June 2015 (1 year 10 months)Pakistan

    Head of CT and Program Director for UK Government CT Programs in Pakistan

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    I keep coming across John Taylor, father of Carrie Louise Taylor, b May 28 1981 who allegedly died at Aldgate. He was tne only parent of an Aldgate “victim” to appear at the 2010 inquest in person.

    From the 2016 bus explosion link above…
    Mr Taylor, who works at the Tate Gallery just 300 yards from Lambeth Bridge, said he had been told about the filming but there was no mention of the dramatic explosion.

    He’s 67, surely not? That’s a little odd, because back in 2005, he used to work there. Perhaps he missed it and had to return? [and seems to have become an expert on terrorism]
    12 December 2005
    John Taylor, whose daughter Carrie, 24, died at Aldgate, said lessons should have been learned from the 11 September 2001 attacks in the US.
    He told Met Police chief Sir Ian Blair at a conference: “I think we allowed it to be dropped too much.”
    Mr Taylor, of Billericay, Essex, told reporters he felt “extremely angry”.
    Mr Taylor, 56, a security manager who used to work at the Tate Gallery, was among several relatives of London bomb victims attending the Together Against Terror? conference in the capital.
    Speaking later, Mr Taylor said: “Before 9/11 the threat had been building up for a long time and the attacks of 9/11 in New York told us that the threat was real, clear and present.
    “We stepped up our security for a while but it appears to me though the government became a little bit blase about security.
    “We should have had our foot on the pedal fully down.”
    He said there should have been tighter control on extremist preachers, whom he said had been allowed to preach hatred on the streets.
    He said: “As soon as anybody starts to do something about it somebody sticks their hands in the air and says ‘What about their human rights?’ What about the human rights of my daughter and the 50-odd people on July 7?”
    The conference, was held at Central Westminster Hall, central London.

    By July 2006 he was back working at the Tate Gallery…
    John, 57, who works for security at London’s Tate Gallery, says their 29-year-old son Simon was a tower of strength.
    “There’s no way to describe what we went through for those 10 days,” he says. “Our son was strong for us; he said unless we knew she had gone, then she hadn’t gone.”

    Very epigrammatic.

    And not long after the bombings, the police gave the couple a grainy CCTV image of June and Carrie walking through Billericay station an hour before the blasts – a photo June treasures.
    I find it so hard coming home to an empty house – Carrie and I used to come home together, she would feed the cats and we would start dinner

    Meanwhile, they are a family grieving but trying to get on with life.
    Simon, who also works at the Tate, moved back in with his parents on the day of the bombings and has stayed.
    “He needed to be here and we certainly needed him. We felt stronger as a family, being together.”
    June now repeats the morning routine with Simon that she did with Carrie, with her son disappearing down the same Tube entrance every day just as her daughter once did.
    “He and Carrie were very close. He used to come home at weekends and they would go to the pictures together. The day before she died they had lunch in London,” says June.
    “He was so strong at first, but in the last three months he has felt like we did last autumn. The sudden realisation he doesn’t have his sister any more has hit hard. He feels solitary now.”
    With Simon and John working later in the evening, this is one of the saddest times of the day for June.
    “I find it so hard coming home to an empty house. Carrie and I used to come home together, she would feed the cats and we would start dinner.”
    The family always made time to go on holiday together to Florida each year.
    John said this year’s trip in February was “tough but necessary”.
    “If we hadn’t gone, then the bombers would have won.”
    Some of the family’s anger is channelled into a campaign to get better compensation for survivors and for a public inquiry into the bombings, and they are in touch with about 15 other affected families.

    Carrie’s biography here [2010]
    In 1985, she moved with her parents and older brother, Simon, to Billericay in Essex. [when Simon Clifford would have been 8]
    Miss Taylor loved the family’s annual holidays to the US.
    She had an active social life but was always focused on paying off her student debts

    Simon on left…

    Here’s Simon – no grieving, no anniversaries, no mention of the inseparable sister anywhere.

    The parents hold the usual framed photo of their relative for the press in July 2015

    then that little detail to get the timings right …
    : “We got a train from Billericay to Liverpool Street which gets in at 8.25am. I worked only ten minutes’ walk away and I went one way, while Carrie had to use the Tube.
    “I know she wanted to purchase something. It was her friend’s sister’s wedding and she needed a few things.
    “She wasn’t sure whether to go and get the stuff or go straight to work. It meant she wouldn’t get the train she normally got and would have missed the one the bomber was on.
    “We just parted company, and said we’d meet up for our return journey that evening.

    “Carrie’s brother, Simon, was living in London at the time. I went to his flat and we just waited, because by 5.30pm we still hadn’t heard anything from anybody.
    “We were worried and ended up back in Essex at 7.30pm. We were just watching Sky News to see if they knew anything.
    “We got in the car and travelled to London and went around to all of the hospitals with a picture of Carrie, asking the nurses or anybody if they could help.
    “It was chaos. There were so many people and they were trying to establish who had died and who hadn’t, but they were so helpful.
    “We felt there was little more we could do than wait for a call from the police.
    “Eventually, they came over with a family liaison officer and took things from Carrie’s room to do DNA tests with.
    “They had her dental records, but at the age of 24, she’d never had a filling in her life, so they couldn’t do anything with them.

    “At the end of the first day, John said to me, ‘I think we’ve lost her’,

    “After ten days, they identified her. She was the second from last one.

    Video interview with the Daily Telegraph in Upland Road in 2015

    “I didn’t see Carrie on that day erm June and Carrie had left before I got up, I was actually decorating the, [pause] my kitchen, and I think I came down round about eight o’clock in the morning., they’d just left, so in fact I didn’t see Carrie or June that morning. Erm, I just came down as normal, made myself a cup of tea, erm, switched on the television set and the events were starting to unfold”

    comment – what, no cheery goodbyes? And the events were not just starting to unfold at 8am. Or he has a very slow brewing kettle.

    “I picked up the phone, tried to ring Carrie’s mobile phone, erm there was no answer basically”

    [why didn’t he also ring his wife’s phone?]

    “and we know the reason why, all the mobile phones had gone down by then. There was no way of contacting her. Eventually my wife June ahd found out that there were problems at Aldgate. When she got to work there was a, there’s a big television screen in the foyer there and she saw it was something was happening [sic] at Aldgate. She immediately rang Carrie’s <b>firm</b> the RSA and they told her that Carrie hadn’t arrived.
    Well, at that time, we just thought Carrie was stuck on the underground or trying to get to work, just walking, walking around you know. I think after the Tavistock Square bombing had gone off in Tavistock Square, everyone realised that there was a <b>major incident </b> going on. And there were lots and lots of people evacuating tube stations. Buses were stopped, people were just wandering around, trying to find their way to their work or going home and I assumed that was what Carrie was doing. It wasn’t until ten days afterwards that it was actually confirmed that Carrie was one of the er, people that lost their lives.

    They he starts talking about “family liaison officers” Chris and Kelly.
    “Carrie’s always in out thoughts, every single day, we’ll never forget her smile, her bubbly personality, erm every time we go away we take her with us..althoug there’s only three of us now that go away…. there’s always four of us…”

    Simon never seems to show his parents on holiday with him in Florida.

    And the biggest coincidence of the lot… a coterie of Simon’s friends are all friends themselves with someone going by the name of Carrie Louise!

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    https://ww w.faceb 2635978489758

    Robert ML Raynard Sunny Essex?
    12 July 2014 at 08:50
    Simon Taylor
    Simon Taylor My other home, my native florida. 🙂
    12 July 2014 at 10:22 · 1

    And to top it all, back in 2006 June Taylor, Carrie’s mum meets in New York Donna Marsh, mum of Vanessa Lang Langer!

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    Good find Felix, discovering him on Facebook; needle in haystack with name like that.

    He has fleetingly acknowledged sister Carrie. On 2013 anniversary, and then randomly, on 1 December same year. Although bizarrely didn’t bother with any other anniversary before or since. Not even the big one (10th) in 2015.


    He has fleetingly acknowledged sister Carrie. On 2013 anniversary, and then randomly, on 1 December same year. Although bizarrely didn’t bother with any other anniversary before or since. Not even the big one (10th) in 2015.

    He has fleetingly acknowledged sister Carrie. On 2013 anniversary, and then randomly, on 1 December same year. Although bizarrely didn’t bother with any other anniversary before or since. Not even the big one (10th) in 2015.

    perhaps suffering from Anniversary burnout. Thanks for noticing that, psyopticon.
    The stories are very odd
    July 20 2005
    She said she had to go shopping in Aldgate before work. Ah, well known “shopping area” of Aldgate – perhaps for Petticoat Lane street market?- suspicious, especially since Carrie, one would one assumes, took the Circle line viai Aldgate to Embankment very close to the thriving shopping areas of Strand, Covent Garden and Charing Cross Road…
    Her very recent employer also helps along the narrative
    Due to an ongoing incident in central London, Fellows are advised not to travel to the RSA House. More information is available from usual news sources. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.
    August 20 2005
    The day before she died, her dad was wallpapering the kitchen, and she scrawled the words “Carrie Louise Taylor 6/7/05 – we got the Olympic bid 2012 on this day” on the bare wall.

    March 24 2011
    Days earlier, her post as a finance officer with the Royal Society of Arts had been made full-time and she was intent on paying off her £10,000 student loan. She was close to her parents and still lived at home in Billericay, Essex, travelling to work with her mum, a clerk at an insurance company in Canary Wharf.
    More odd behaviour – 99/100 people would change at Stratford to go to Canary Wharf.Quicker and cheaper than going to Liverpool street for a kiss.
    ‘We always travelled on the train to Liverpool Street together,’ recalls June, ‘and when we got there Carrie would give me a peck on the cheek and I’d give her a tap on the backside.

    July 22 2005 [the Wallpapering/Olympic award story is already current, one wonders how it “emerged”]

    The “explosion” occurred at 8.50 AM going Eastbound towards Aldgate. So Carrie would not even have started “shopping” in Aldgate and she had to be at work by 9 AM….having arrived at Liverpool Street at 8.25. That’s still slow going, 25 minutes to change and travel less than one stop… and the doctor who “attended” to her, taking her pulse, [i.e. for the purposes of the narrative Carrie was not killed outright] DR GERARDINE MARIEMARTHE QUAGHEBEUR has an equally convoluted and unlikely story for being on the tube and travelling to Crosswall, EC3 [incidentally the London address of Cantor Fitzgerald]

    Click to access 7_july_inquests_2010-10-20_pm-session.pdf

    John sounds very like a barrister when he asks Quaghebeur
    So I would suggest to you that your main reason for staying there with Carrie was to comfort her?

    Unrepresented, he must have been coached.

    Melvyn Bernard Finn was a passenger witness at the inquest and was “examined” by John Taylor:

    Click to access 7_july_inquests_2010-10-20_am-session.pdf

    Q. But at that time, she was gurgling, you say?
    A. Yes, there seemed to be gurgling and movement of the blood from the nose that would suggest to me that there was breathing.
    A. Tes.

    As far as I can see, nobody said anybody was gurgling prior to this exchange. Finally a few more tidbits from the 2011 Mail article

    They heard that the inferno heat of the blaze melted the button on her trousers and fused it to her belly button.
    she was intent on paying off her £10,000 student loan

    But June wanted reassurance that the her daughter had not been disfigured by her injuries. ‘I asked the undertaker if she’d look at Carrie’s face for me. They’d told me not to look, so I’d assumed the worst. But she said: “Her face is perfect, June.” And that gave me comfort.’

    no need to look. Who were the undertakers? I find no report of a funeral.


    We must remember vicsim William Wise. He ought to be recognisable from this sharp photo, the only one ever produced of him…

    His wife whom he married in 1976 and who separted from him either in 1997 or after 11 years i.e. 1987 according to various narratives, is still living near Westway and Ladbroke Grove
    From February 2011…
    Lancaster Voices, a choir formed of around a dozen regulars, all residents on the Lancaster estate in north Kensington, meets every Monday evening in a small community hall. Its founder and conductor is Biddy Partridge-Samuels.
    The members of her choir hope that she is successful. Chorister Christine Wise, who lost her husband in the 2005 London bombings, is full of praise for how singing has helped her state of mind: “It’s very therapeutic,” she says. “This has been better for me than any pills.”

    But there was a reconciliation, rather than a divorce in 2003, just as well, because the estate coming to Mrs Wise was GBP387K

    Back on Juiy 20 2005
    William Wise died in the bus blast at Tavistock Square.

    Police say his family asked that no other details about him should be released.

    All rather odd. Perhaps we ought to be grateful for that single fuzzy image.

    In order to be in the right place at the right time, a narrative had to be invented – he left his spectacles behind and had to return to his house to retrieve them, so making himself late. Oh, what bad luck!

    Another candidate for Chiang Mai.

    Since “coming dancing” in 2011, Christine has remained silent.


    From about 1h 48 mins in the recent Clues Chronicle discussion of the 7/7 fake event
    the chatters can’t grasp the concept of faked deaths of real people in these events – that’s where the budget goes. Who doesn’t want a new start in life, or a return to New Zealand?
    I was unsure of the existene of Richmal Oates-Whitehead [see above] a couple of years ago, but I am more convinced now she was real.

    Richmal appears in this book published in 2005, in connection with published literature on progesterone
    where she is described as an Obstetric-Gynaecological Epidemiologist at the Royal College of Paediatrics in London

    Ref 97. Oates-Whitehead RM, Baumer JH, Haines L, et al. Intravenous immunoglobulin for the treatment of Kawasaki disease in children. Cochrane Database Syst Rev. 2003. CD004000. [PubMed]
    The other co-worker of Richmal…
    Dr J Harry Baumer [Consultant Paediatrician and Chair of the Quality and Standards Committee,
    Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health]
    Derriford Hospital, Plymouth,
    Devon PL6 8DH, UK;

    The LRF link quotes an article describing RMO-A as an editor of the BMJ’s sister journal Clinical Evidence and her ,mentions her immediate employer, Dr David Tovey, and BMJ editor Fiona Godlee

    David Tovey [looking smug up the stairs on the left]
    At the BMJ, David was initially Deputy Editor of Clinical Evidence under Fiona Godlee, moving to the Editor role when she became Editor of the BMJ. David worked as a General Practitioner in an urban practice in South London for 15 years until 2003.
    source –
    Fiona Godlee was appointed to the BMJ in February 2005
    She took up her post in mid March 2005 according to the link.

    Dr Godlee, who qualified in 1985, trained as a general physician before joining the BMJ as an assistant editor in 1990. She spent a year at Harvard University as a Harkness fellow in 1994.

    On her return, she led the development of Clinical Evidence, which summarises the best available evidence on the harms and benefits of treatment and now reaches over one million clinicians worldwide.?

    The Journal of General Internal Medicine thanks Richmal for her work during 2003-4

    A paper is online here from her co-worker

    Click to access CD003511sp.pdf

    David M Haas

    Indiana University School of Medicine,
    The selection of trials for inclusion in the initial re
    view(CDSR 2003) was performed by the two review authors (Richmal
    and Judith Carrier) after employing the search strategy described previously. The lead review author, David M Haas, assessed the trials for inclsion in the updated review following the search strategy described previously.

    References to other published versions of this review
    CDSR 2003 Oates-Whitehead RM, Haas DM, Carrier JAK. Progestogen for preventing miscarriage. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews
    2003, Issue 4. [Art. No.: CD003511. DOI: 10.1002/14651858.CD003511
    Robert A. Munsick Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology and Vice-Chair for Research at IU School of Medicine
    for some reason he has removed Oates-Whitehead from the later 2008 paper.

    From the book – Coming to Term: Uncovering the Truth about Miscarriage
    By Jon Cohen

    When I spoke to her in 2003, Oates-Whitehead, thirty-four, had experienced ten miscarriages herself
    To her own surprise she still held out hope that she would become pregnant and carry to term. ‘I had a patient come in who had thirteen miscarriages…There is no logical reason why I keep trying…”

    if she wasn’t real, then all the above people are complicit in the fraud.

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    There is something weird about the whole aftermath of the Richmal Oates Whitehead tragedy.
    Highlighted by this story with a touch of serendipity.

    On the morning of July 7, 2005, Pip Hall was in London. She wandered into Tavistock Square shortly after that double-decker bus had been destroyed by suicide bombers. Also there at the same time was a young New Zealand woman claiming to be a doctor as she assisted the wounded and the dying.

    Hall, the daughter of New Zealand dramatist Roger Hall, was so intrigued by this woman’s story and subsequent fate, that she made her the central character in her award-winning play The 53rd Victim.

    Directed by Kelly Johnson, The 53rd Victim will be performed by Bogwood Productions in the Old Library, Whangarei at the end of June.

    The story of Rachel Brooke-Taylor, to be played by Sarah Boon, promises to be a gripping and memorable piece of theatre which will surprise and excite audiences.

    This Pip Hall apparently is not related to Bernadette Hall the published poet, Aunt of NZ 7/7 victim Shelley Mather.

    The title of Pip Hall’s play (The 53rd Victim) is borrowed from NZ’s worst maritime disaster.Which had 52 victims then later 53.

    Fifty-one people lost their lives that day, another died several weeks later and a 53rd victim died in 1990 from injuries sustained in the wreck.



    This Guardian article covers the story
    August 29 2005
    Who knows, Richmal might have been a crazy who was kept on the BMJ books for the event. Only the above names would know what she did there.
    This is her quoted schoolfriend, Natasha Delgarno,

    Any idea when this was published?
    She later told the Weekend Herald, a New Zealand paper, that she had been helping the injured in a makeshift hospital set up in a hotel next door to the BMA when two firefighters approached her for help.
    “They needed one doctor to assist as firemen cut two badly injured people out of the wreckage. Would she come? They would understand if she declined,” the front page article said.

    One is suspicious how she could get access to front page media coverage back home unless she was had minders. Who would have provided the silly anonymous email story.
    The sender, anonymous but for the address “obsandgobsfitzy”, wrote…..

    Here’s the official NZ narrative, which is short of names for those who allegedly provided the story
    August 27 2005

    In 2001, Oates-Whitehead moved to Britain, intending to stay long-term. By December, she was apparently working for the NHS Wales in an analyst role, but kept up her Cochrane work.
    From April 2002 to November last year, she worked for the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health’s research arm as clinical effectiveness co-ordinator, managing the process of appraising evidence-based clinical practice.

    just her mother, Marilyn Oates.

    Here comes the fishy bit which gives the game away..
    Early this year, using a document claiming she was a medical doctor, Oates-Whitehead landed a well-paid, non-doctor job at the British Medical Association’s BMJ Publishing Group.

    No way.
    After sending the anonymous email to the Herald, Oates-Whitehead was initially hesitant when contacted by a reporter, but eventually spoke for more than an hour.
    Sure thing
    Six days after the original story ran, “obsandgobsfitzy” sent the Herald an angry email…
    Sure thing

    The Fulham coroner carried out a post-mortem the next day.

    No way, coroners don’t carry out post-mortems.
    This is probably sloppy reporting
    The details mysteriously emerge later
    Certified by Elizabeth Pygott Deputy Coroner for Greater London (Western) after post mortem without inquest

    Hmmm no inquest. Highly unusual.

    Who did the autopsy then?
    Somehow “cmain” manages to acquire an Autopsy report which provides the name of the one who carried it out…
    Barbara T. Borek LLB BM FRCPath DMJ (Clin et Path) DipRCPath (Forensic) [Forensic Pathologist]

    And amazingly, “cmain” still has an interest in the thread in 2016.
    Clearly, Borek is no Home Office pathologist
    now Barbara Teresa Nicpon b. West Bromwich 1960, having married Krzysztof Nicpo? [b. Reading 1961] in 1990
    Ah, All Things Medical Ltd, [including autopsies I suppose] run by the Nicpons placed into receivership in 2014

    There are 3 major shareholders listed for ALL THINGS MEDICAL LIMITED with Oliver Nicpon **(In Trust) owning the most shares by value.
    **who is currently 15 years old.


    I missed Daniel Biddle being in the news earlier this year, February for once, not around July 7 – keeping the fake narrative alive nicely and a chance of another photo-shoot

    A 7/7 survivor who lost both legs, his eye and his spleen in the terror attack has been asked to prove that he is still entitled to claim benefits….
    …wheelchair-bound Dan, who now suffers from post-traumatic stress, has been asked by the Department for Work and Pensions to fill out a form asking him how long he can stand and how many steps he can take
    Dan, a former project manager, was awarded £118,000 following the attacks, but had to return to his work in a new role after two months as he needed the money.

    i.e. more money
    However he left after a year because he found it too upsetting to be constantly reminded of the work he once did as a fit, healthy young man.
    He then retrained and began his own consultancy firm, but he was forced to stop work in 2014 and began claiming Employment and Support.
    “My wheelchair is held together with clips. I need a new one but cannot afford it. I am in this situation because my Government couldn’t protect me.”

    A DWP spokesman said: “It’s important claimants receive benefits they are entitled to. This is why we ask for questionnaires to be completed.”

    Spot the clips…


    Underground train driver Stuart Bell suddenly emerges in 2009
    on a legal website, having had compensation agreed for him.
    A tube train driver who helped seriously injured passengers following the London bombings has won a three-year fight for compensation with the backing of his union.

    Stuart Bell, 57, from Cheshunt in Hertfordshire was driving a train in the London Underground in July 2005 when four bombs exploded on three trains and a bus killing 52 people.

    Despite being psychologically traumatised by the event and being forced to go on sick leave for nearly a year he was denied compensation from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Association (CICA), a government organisation which pays money to those who have been physically or mentally injured because they were the victims of a violent crime.

    It was only after Mr Bell’s union, the RMT and its lawyers Thompsons Solicitors reviewed the decision that he was offered CICA’s minimum award of just £1,000. Following an appeal CICA eventually awarded Mr Bell £4,400.

    Mr Bell was driving a train in the underground when the attacks happened. He drove his train to Russell Square where he helped passengers injured from the bomb which had gone off on the southbound Piccadilly Line train.

    The dad of four said: “It was horrendous. I helped with the evacuation of the station at Russell Square before the police arrived. Some of the passengers were in a terrible state.

    “I’m not a hero. I did what I could to help, just like anyone would but the events of that day will always be with me.
    “I was off work for 11 months afterwards. I couldn’t believe it when CICA said that because I was not at reasonable fear of immediate physical harm I was not entitled to compensation. I may not have sustained a physical injury but mentally the events of that day will never leave me. We had no idea how many bombs there were and now it is a constant fear while driving in the underground.”
    “Compensation will not make up for what happened on that day. I believe the way compensation is paid through CICA should be reviewed.”

    RMT General Secretary Bob Crow ++ said: “The CICA’s approach to this case was extremely unsympathetic. Mr Bell had to wait almost three years to get this result. Without the support of his union he would never have challenged CICA’s first decision to deny him compensation or their first offer of £1,000.”
    Andrew Hutson from Thompsons Solicitors has dealt with more than 25 CICA London Bombings claims for the RMT.
    He said: “Mr Bell’s actions on the day of the bombings were heroic. He helped dozens of underground passengers to safety and provided first aid to those who were injured in surroundings which resembled a battleground. He may not have been injured in the blasts himself but as a result of his actions he suffered Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and was on sick leave for 11 months.
    “It is only right that he is compensated on the same level as someone who was physically injured by the bombings.

    A little psy-op in itself
    ++ Bob Crow suddenly died aged 52… 2014
    Healthy man, alleged heart attack, no post mortem reported…the request for “privacy”…

    Announcing his death, the RMT said in a statement: “It is with the deepest regret that RMT has to confirm that our general secretary Bob Crow sadly passed away in the early hours of this morning.
    “RMT would request that all media respect the privacy of the friends and family of Bob Crow at this distressing time.”

    Who says the unions aren’t part of the system?

    The BBC picked up the story after the weekend
    He was at first denied any money, then awarded a minimum £1,000, with that sum being increased to £4,000 on appeal.
    Bell was wheeled out again in 2015, 6.5 years later for a photo-op
    7 JUL 2015

    who said said: “You have to carry on, it’s the only way. These people have lost their minds and we can’t let the terrorists win.

    … he is still unable to talk about the horrors he witnessed on that day when 19-year-old Germaine Lindsay detonated his device between King’s Cross and Russell Square stations.
    “I couldn’t tell my family what I’d seen because it was too graphic and I still carry those images with me.
    “I got to the lift and there was an injured survivor who I brought up. When the doors opened it was like a war zone with bodies everywhere, it was a terrible sight.
    “There was blood all over the place and people screaming and running around.
    “There were no emergency services at that point so we did the best we could sitting people down.
    “It was too horrific to describe what I saw, there were people with their limbs missing.”

    Same tired old drill script. I’d need a lot more than GBP4000 to go through that. Either Stu got more, or he’s been short changed.

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    They love keeping these old hoaxes in the news. Latest instalment – Paul Dadge, angel of 7/7, is selected as the little-hope Labour party candidate for the Cannock constituence in the most recent UK general election…

    Back in the day [perhaps the official candidate photo?]

    high quality –

    I’d vote for the unknown quantity in the gauze mask. Absence of shoes is a sure sign of a member of the Hoax Party.

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    An interesting link up in London March 2018 between key 7/7 and Boston Marathon actors..
    “Bond between victims is crucial”
    Natually, they’re all fakers.

    Mark Margolis and Dave Fortier were reunited at the home of the deputy US ambassador [Lewis Lukens] in Kensington last week where they discussed how to help victims across the world.

    Mr Margolis, 42, was injured when a bomb exploded in the first carriage of a Piccadilly line train travelling south from King’s Cross on July 7, 2005 and later helped set up an online network for victims.
    He travelled to Boston in the aftermath of the 2013 bombing there to help establish a similar network and met Mr Fortier, who had been hit by shrapnel as he finished the marathon.

    His original network is now under the protection of the Metropolitan Police and has expanded to help survivors of other tragedies. Mr Fortier said a “global community of terror survivors”
    The US embassy in London will be sponsoring two first responders from London and Manchester to travel to Boston to meet survivors of the marathon attack at an event organised by the One World Strong charity.

    Here’s Dave’s Boston story – still suffering from tinnitus in 2015. Yes, was just behind key Boston actor Bill Iffrig in the straight and seemed to be looking over his shoulder at 0.07 in the video [centre of the road, veering off towards the bleachers behind woman in black]

    Sounds like a mutual help network to assist “survivors” living a lie through their lives, this ongoing “One World Strong” lark

    Fortier is fortuitously photographed seconds before the first smoke bomb at Boston here, on the extreme left of the photo [hmmmmm]

    This is the penultimate Thorndike image before he started snapping at the scene of the smoke bomb [the famous 27 rapid fire images]

    and parallel with the wheelchair at 0.58 here

    Here’s Dave in 2017

    Margolis has his own blog,

    Announcing the Yammer network for survivors of disasters

    announcing the Yammer Network for survivors
    The aim is to provide the capability to provision a secure and private Social Enterprise network for Survivors such that they are able to find information quickly and talk to people who share the same experience and trauma.
    I work at Microsoft and I am the UK Technical Lead for Microsoft Dynamics UK.

    Mark outside the West Wing

    Mark immediately after 7/7

    Here’s his story, straight onto BBC, on July 8 2005

    ARK MARGOLIS, KING’S CROSS [Mark Harold Margolis b 1975]
    Mark Margolis returned to King’s Cross on Friday morning, 24 hours after he was injured in one of four blasts that rocked the capital’s transport system.

    With a bandage above his left eye and scratches on his face, he recounted his journey from Finsbury Park, north London, to work at a software company in Fulham, west London.
    We stopped at King’s Cross, people got on, and then we moved off.
    I just heard a bang and then all the lights went out. Glass flew everywhere, people were screaming.
    At that point we thought it was derailed or something like that.
    I feared fire. If there was a fire I didn’t know how we would have got out of there.
    The driver managed to open the doors but because people were screaming we couldn’t hear him.
    I tried to keep calm, I felt my body to find out if I had any injuries. I found blood on my face.
    All the windows were blown out. I remember getting out. I held onto the guy in front of me.
    Everyone pulled together, everyone was helpful.
    I left [my wife] a message at work. I started off by saying I am absolutely fine, which of course made her more worried because you never start a conversation with ‘I am absolutely fine’.

    I explained I had some cuts and that I was shaken.

    I’m here because my first reaction [on Thursday] was I don’t ever want to go on a Tube again. The longer I leave it, the worst that will become and I don’t want this to affect me.

    I hope we look at the wider effects, I hope we don’t blame a particular religion. If we fall into the trap of blaming people, it’s just wrong.

    For the first annivesary in 2006, here was his contribution
    Mark Margolis 29, Software Project Manager, Finsbury Park

    What happened: Suffered facial injuries in the Piccadilly line blast. Went back to work almost immediately. Now avoids the Piccadilly line. On all other Tube trains always travels in the front carriage.
    He said then: “I just heard a bang and all the lights went out. Glass flew, people were screaming. I feared fire. If there was a fire I don’t know how we would have got out of there.”
    He says now: “The anniversary is about the dead and their families.”

    Otherwise, Margolis seems to have gone under the radar as a key player in the hoax.

    Here’s his wife Sarah’s twitter feed

    keenly retweeting her husband, e.g.

    the plaque to the “dead” in Kings Cross subway station.


    Today we learn that a new, larger memorial to the 13 people who did not die in Tavistock Square will be unveiled this summer, to replace the inadequate current memorial. So spake Grahame Russell whose son Philip Russell, 28 allegedly died on the exploded bus.

    It’s two years late, but the £130,000 must have been raised.

    a rather poor website, which seems behind the news.

    £50,000 from the Government’s Libor bank rate fixing fines apparently was put into the fund. The Evening Standard report contains an additional factoid, viz. the family of alleged victim Shahara Akhter Islam could not be contacted by Philip Nelson, chairman of the Trust. They [parents parents [Shamsul and Romena] seem to have gone off-grid.
    Aged, 20, appropriately a cashier at the Co-op bank at Angel, Islington London N1.

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