Peggy Hall, fakeologist

The coronavirus hoax has awakened millions. Welcome to the psyop hoax world Peggy we’ve been expecting you.

H/t Lynn

Okay, it was fake. And maybe we should bet on the Bills winning the Super Bowl with Damar running out of the tunnel, first on the field. A miracle.

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dave j
dave j
1 year ago

I will contact her directly to get the List, BTW everything she said was already talked about by those past the basic level. She claims to Know “people” who have been “murdered” she will supply me a list of STFU She also Claims that Diamond (33) dies THIS is a BULLSHIT story TIED into the same Story she Now claims to be suspicious of. SO then like always those doing this for years are moved aside so that New Blood can come in and Act as if Any work done before them is “has been”/// Makes me sick how this… Read more »

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