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    Here’s the ash-clad “victim”

    • all change! Next patient please! Keep the gurney in the same position!

    And in this article it becomes clear that Kingi is the participant in the [single] rubber dinghy routine image. [“credit Schade]

    As with all these hoaxes, the newspapers’ photo threads shout out staged event. The Evening Standard in London is a good example

    Credit Kauffmann [@allesaabdrokauffmann]

    Credit Michael Schade


    What one does notice is the development of shadow on the cliff sides from the cloud of steam.
    Schade again…but I don’t see it on his twitter stream. [Schade doesn’t seem to be interested in the volcano any more]

    Along with the victims from the UK [who’s going to follow up the story?] who disappear without trace, the helicopter prop on the island has also been forgotten.
    Mark Law again: [ABC Video]
    “Mark there are images over there of a helicopter that was damaged, do you know who owns that, was that there as part of a tour when it happened?” [leading question]
    “Err yup that’s correct. That was part of a tour. That belongs to a friend of mine Yeah, so you’ve seen the pictures and it’s been blown off the helipad. So then that’s generally empty at a ton and a half, er so you can imagine the force to move, you know, 1.5 tons. And you’ve got, you know humans that, er, you know, were exposed to that pressure. you know to, so you can just start to imaging, you know, what was going on on that island for those folks”

    suuuuure.The earlier part of the video is a condensed form of his rehearsed script in a post above.

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    The MSM continues to squeeze column inches out of this “real” hoax and at the same time, add yet more evidence about the fabricated narrative.

    We note that the mother and daughter pair were estranged from “dad” – but perhaps he was in on it…
    Jan 4 2020
    Tony Richards outlived his 20-year-old daughter Jess and ex 47 year old Julie Richards when they were killed in the White Island volcano eruption on December 9.
    Several weeks on Richards has detailed the failings he feels after the relationship with Jess broke down when he split with his former partner.
    The grieving father hadn’t seen his daughter in three years, and their final conversation ended in an argument.

    Ideal candidates then for a “new start” in life. Fun awaits…

    And some of the “burns victims” are hanging in there beyond all expectation…
    and an excellent opportunity to recapitulate the official narrative with the well copied images…
    Jake [Milbank] received burns to 80 per cent of his body and is in the intensive care unit of Middlemore Hospital in Auckland but is now up and talking.
    He has been able to talk to his family for the first time from a special, pressurised, temperature-controlled pod in the Middlemore ICU.

    Echoes of the ebola hoax.

    Mrs Milbank told the Whakatane Beacon: “Jake knows exactly what has happened...

    Story emerging 31 Dec 2019. Everyone was amazing, including the Australian burns surgeons shipped over. … right!

    [Jake] is bloody amazing” says his dad. He suuuure is.
    GiveLittle total now $126,000 [NZ]
    … it is going to be a long road and he is not out of the woods, he is still in ICU, so we are still plugging away day-by-day.

    “The longer it goes on the more hopeful we are.”

    I am certain Jake Milbank is going to be OK!


    The Browitt’s need help as well (GFM page here)

    The Browitt family were holidaying on a cruise of a lifetime onboard Ovation of the Seas. Sadly, they were on White Island when the volcano erupted.

    Whilst the mother Marie stayed behind on board, the ship, her husband Paul and two daughters Stephanie and Krystal were on the island when the volcano erupted.

    Paul is in Auckland in a coma in the burn’s unit, Stephanie is in Christchurch in the burns unit in a coma. Sadly, the youngest Krystal is yet to be found and listed as missing.

    Help support Marie and the family, they need all our thoughts and prayers and most importantly financial help to cope with this ordeal.

    Steven Galea, organiser of the GoFundMe,[$77K so far ***] provided an update on January 4 2020
    Marie would like to express her appreciation for all the love and support offered to her and her family during these past few weeks. Overwhelmed and with heartfelt gratitude, she wishes to pass on a big THANK YOU for all the offers of support, donations and warm wishes which have been lovingly provided.

    Unfortunately, she is still unable to personally reach out to anyone at the moment, as her focus remains with her family in the hospital.

    UNFORTUNATELY also, her focus must now be on Stephanie, since we read, January 13 2020,

    “highly respected and well-liked” Melbourne man Paul Browitt died in hospital overnight.

    Key points:
    Paul Browitt’s daughter Krystal Browitt was also killed in the eruption
    He is the second person to die since being brought to Australia for treatment
    Foreign Minister Marise Payne said other people being treated would remain in hospital for months to come
    The Alfred Hospital [Melbourne] confirmed Mr Browitt died of injuries he received in the eruption.

    His 21-year-old daughter Krystal was confirmed dead in December, while another daughter Stephanie is in a stable condition in hospital. [last heard of in Christchurch NZ, not Melbourne Australia]

    “Paul worked as a highly respected and well-liked senior investigator, and had been with us as a valuable staff member for 36 years,” Mr Broderick said.
    i.e. due a long and well-earned retirement.

    A tantalising family dispersal. Will Stephanie “recover”? What will become of Marie?

    *** additionally “a fundraiser held at a sports club in the family’s community raised $32,000 last month.”

    Marie Drakatos Browitt Thank u ladies, it hurts knowing how scary the world is getting, cant help but worry about the kids safety these days
    7y [May 28 2012]

    Dad Paul doesn’t seem to figure anywhere.

    PS No updates from Krystal’s boyfriend Daniel Czimmermann – no replies to the outpouring of sympathy on his page.

    Correction – oh, Stephanie has allegedly turned up in the same Alfred Hospital in Melbourne :
    His other daughter Stephanie remains in the Alfred for treatment, along with Adelaide woman Lisa Dallow.
    source Manning River Times, Jan 13 2020

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    They’re still at it – let’s play ‘spot the lava’

    Whakaari/White Island remains in an elevated state of unrest. Lava is now visible in the vents created by the eruption ***. Further explosive eruptions are very unlikely on any given day in the next four weeks.

    *** suuuuure


    Latest BS in this abject HOAX –
    Jan 22 2020
    The NZ coroner has kindly declared the two “missing” victims as “dead”.
    Brother of Winona, Jesse, apparently remains in hospital.
    Total “officially dead” now 20. [out of 47 allegedly on the island]

    A number of the “number” of injured is still anonymous.

    More than a dozen people remain in New Zealand hospitals with life-threatening injuries a month on from the fatal eruption of Whakaari White Island.
    Well, if 20 are “dead” then 27 must be injured, or ready to recount their tale of survival….

    From the Guardian, Jan 8 2020
    …the ministry of primary industries has warned people not to collect seafood from within a 1km radius of the Island. ***

    Four New Zealand hospitals have continued to treat 13 victims of the Whakaari disaster, with eight remaining at Middlemore, two at Waikato, two at Hutt Valley hospital and one at Christchurch hospital.

    Four of those patients remained in a critical condition, the ministry of health said, with three in intensive care at Middlemore hospital in Auckland.
    [since that Jan 8 article, one of the “patients”, Paul Browitt, “died” shortly afterwards in the Alfred Hospital, Melbourne]

    No other news about the “NZ 13” since Jan 8.

    *** lol!! As if there are no tides, or movements of “seafood”. They don’t want anyone nosing around the hoaxed-up scene, bringing back samples of “ash”.


    The “death” of “Paul” Pratap Singh of Georgia USA, in “hospital” in Auckland, was announced on Jan 29, but he was only named the next day.
    Reliably following his wife’s “death”, previously announced.
    The pair’s nephew, Bhupender ‘Vick’ Singh, released a statement on Thursday night, describing his uncle Paul as an “invincible businessman” and his aunty Mary as “a true supermom”.
    “His unmatched exuberance and unconditional love for everyone around him will forever be missed,” Bhupender Singh said.

    Another good one lost….

    He arrived on December 10, 12 days before Mrs Singh succumbed to her injuries, having suffered burns to 72 per cent of her body.
    Mr Singh, who suffered burns to 55 per cent of his body, was also stationed at Auckland’s Middlemore Hospital – the site of the country’s major burns unit.
    “I visited Paul and Mary every day since December 10 while they were at the Middlemore Hospital. The last 50 days were distressing, slow and agonisingly painful,” Bhupender Singh said.

    soooo fake.

    Now, Feb 5, the polished,post hoc drill script has been released
    …A situation report that night said “a Whakaari/White Island family space” had been set up at Kings College in Auckland for those with loved ones in hospital nearby.
    A reception area at Aotea Centre was also established for the families of the dead, during disaster victim identification….

    The “emergency management plan” for this staged event was not finalised at the point of the fake eruption, making it seem unpredictable, so we learn. Just another twist to the script.

    Seven patients remain in hospital in New Zealand, one of whom is in a critical condition.
    Four are in Middlemore Hospital, two in Waikato Hospital and one in Hutt Valley Hospital.

    Plenty of news coverage to come with the inevitable recapitulation of the official narrative and photos.

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    Having let the dust settle (pun intended) I thought I just add a couple of thoughts. When I came to fakeologist one of the first things Rollo said to me is ‘volcanos are real’. I thought that was an insane statement. Why would anyone even consider faking a volcano. Well, I’ve learned a lot since then…

    Researching military smoke creation, I now keep seeing the same fingerprint popping up. So I’ll show some examples of smoke and you can decide for yourself. The term smoke and mirrors comes from somewhere.

    Vintage smokescreen.


    It reminds me of a day I was sitting in the garden and a plane flew over, and literally, the trail it left fell out of the air like flour, finer than above, but the exact same effect. I think the point of chemtrails is to create screens.


    But back to the White Island smoke. Is there really much difference between the smoke in these two events besides colour.

    white island

    Notre Dame

    What about this:

    space shuttle

    The shuttle picture, there is no reason for all that smoke. Where is it coming from? Not from the shuttle it would appear, its view is magically unimpeded. We are not looking at fact here, we are looking at art, and once that clicks, look at what follows.

    The exact same thing can be seen with all the Notre Dame fire pictures. So much smoke, yet unimpeded views of the building, fire light, and the spire that falls:

    Notre Dame Sky

    Notre Dame The Nation

    Notre Dame

    Has anyone considered how physically impossible these pictures are? Even if you forgive the smoke’s colour, that amount pouring out and a completely unimpeded view of the architecture. Picture perfect, iconic in fact. Similarly, the gif above, clearly a composite image, the spire is not in the same physical space as the smoke.

    Looking further at what is being pushed as reality, wetless water being sprayed on the fireless fire. Well they wouldn’t want to risk actual water damage would they.

    wetless water

    wetless water

    wetless water

    I never bothered looking at the Notre Dame fire at the time, I knew it was fake straight away as it fell on the thirtieth anniversary of the Hillsborough disaster. It just irritated me in fact.

    It just gets better from an art perspective.:

    Notre Dame Sun

    Anyway, this is White Island, so let’s see, what type of stills can I find?

    White Island

    White Island

    White Island

    White Island

    White Island

    All very pretty. All displaying a similar smoke style. And if you want examples military grade of coloured smoke, how they perform, it matches what we see above…

    yellow smoke

    black smoke


    {Paul Browitt’s] other daughter Stephanie remains in the Alfred for treatment, along with Adelaide woman Lisa Dallow.
    source Manning River Times, Jan 13 2020

    And, to keep this old hoax running, Lisa Dallow [circa Feb 11 2020] comes out of her “induced coma” [a hoax favorite] only to be

    “told of the deaths of her loved ones.” [as if]
    A spokesperson for the Alfred Hospital said she was in a serious but stable condition.
    source ABC
    Ms Dallow [Batchelor of Petroleum Engineering] has been an engineer at Santos since 1998.
    Both she and her husband were heavily involved in Rotary clubs in South Australia.
    They met while involved with the organisation and were married in 2017.**
    Santos chief executive Kevin Gallagher described Ms Dallow as a “very well respected engineer and a good friend to many throughout the business”.
    Mr Dallow’s funeral was held at Adelaide Oval on January 10. ***
    The passionate sports fan had recently started his own law firm, after a decade of work at the Legal Services Commission of South Australia.

    The commission’s access services manager, Chris Boundy, said Mr Dallow had quit to spend more time with the love of his life and her daughter.

    Hmmmm a strange one to read.
    [Mrs Dallow’s 15 year old daughter] Zoe Hosking’s funeral has been held off until Ms Dallow could come out of her coma.

    *** where he was “farewelled” in front of 600 people, whatever that entails.

    Here comes the good bit, courtesy of CBS
    her father-in-law, Brian Dallow, told Australia’s Network 10 News.

    He said the 48-year-old mother doesn’t recall much about the incident, but said she remembers the moment the volcano erupted and people were screaming to “run.” “She can remember getting hit by what she called ‘boulders’ from the explosion,” her father-in-law told Network 10. “Getting lifted onto the helicopter, that’s the last thing she can remember.”
    “The disaster left her critically injured with burns to 60 per cent of her body.”

    MR Dallow allegedly died in a rescue helicopter. Here’s the evidence of his “funeral” from Mail online

    ** Finally, the triumverate at what looks like their 2017 wedding

    Mrs Dallow was on the Council of St Aloysius College in Adelaide in 2017 which Zoe attended

    Click to access Issue_4_Friday_10_March_2017_online.pdf

    The strange roundabout clip – Gavin Dallow with, what look like his mother on the next galloper…

    his parents centre of the “funeral” photo above.

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    • This reply was modified 1 year, 11 months ago by xileffilex.
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