Miles agrees it’s a DoD military operation

Confirming Katherine Watt’s research.

But even Dowd and Tucker softsell it, assuring us—based on no real evidence—that there was no “maniacal conspiracy”, just a confluence of normal financial interests. Right. The DoD and Pfizer didn’t intend to kill millions of people, it just sort of happened while everyone was looking at profit graphs. Dowd tells us central banks got off the hook, avoiding a debt default; Big Tech got to kick its new surveillance economy into high gear; and of course Big Pharma made billions selling drugs to consumers who couldn’t say no, since the government was buying the jabs whether you accepted them or not. But since we now know this whole thing was run out of DoD, Dowd forgets to tell you what they got out of it. What exactly was the defense angle here? There isn’t one, so the deepest agenda is still hidden. Or, I should say, it is obvious, but not to be admitted: the military was defending itself against incipient widescale revolution by pre-emptively attacking its own citizens, especially males. But they had to do it covertly, since any overt attack would backfire.

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