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    Terran DownvaleTerran Downvale

    Yikes! Those recent photos of Pete are Burning my eyes! (pun intended)

    But this kinda illustrates what I’m saying about Robert Smith. Someone like Pete Burns who looks more naturally pretty can pull off wearing makeup. Whereas Smith always looked crappy in makeup to the point where it almost looked intentional. Maybe he wasn’t even trying to look pretty and more goth-ly ghoulish instead.

    And yes, Smith’s chin does look like it could be some kind of implant, and a sloppy one at that. I know most everyone’s face is naturally asymmetrical but that off-set chin has an artificial look to it.

    As for Numan, he’s reminding me a bit of Howard Stern in recent pics. That hairpiece is definitely not helping his look either.


    Some additional pics. FYI Pete Burns died on 23 October 2016.





    Smith looked quite feminine and perhaps he would have been too obvious with a glam style. However, Burns was so feminine that it was difficult to disguise. So it’s difficult to say for sure why they go with different styles. It could be just a matter of what they think they can get away with at the time.

    Numan does bear a resemblance to Stern.

    Numan appears certain to have been born female.
    Smith also appears certain to have been born female, but that’s not as clear as with Numan.
    Burns could be a more complex case.
    Was Burns born female and reverted back to female, or a prepubescent MTF who had difficulty maintaining at female later in life? Burns didn’t show many masculine traits when younger, but displayed a few when older, such as orbital eye ridges and a slightly sloping forehead. Were these due to lifelong HRT or was it because Burns was born a natural male? It’s difficult to say without a lot more background research.

    This body shot of Burns shows slightly wider shoulders than hips, but other photos of Burns show very wide hips and thighs.



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    At first I was very skeptical about this EGI idea and not all of them I find convincing, but I have changed my mind about the obvious fishy cases.

    This might be another one:

    Jerusha Hess (yes, jewish), born Demke. Her (?) husband is Jared Hess (think Nazionist Rudolf and founder of National Socialism Moses Hess). She is the writer of a.o. Napoleon Dynamite, directed by her husband. Bad movie by the way.

    Some photos:

    Jared & Jerusha

    Jared and Jerusha Hess
    – very short
    – no hips
    – broad shoulders

    Jerusha Hess & Kerri Russell

    Jerusha Hess & Kerri Russell
    – both short
    – shoulder-hip ratio doesn’t look female (in both actually)
    – male faces (both)

    I don’t know about finger digit analysis, someone more experienced might see that?


    – wide shoulders
    – tiny breasts
    – strange hands/nails


    – male look
    – is that a scar around her adam’s apple?

    Jared Jerusha

    – fake breast fillings (grown like 3 cup sizes w.r.t. other photos)

    Like this one:

    Jerusha Jared

    And on top of EGI something else…

    What do the experts here think? I am new to this but came across these photos and they look suspicious…

    "A truth seeker is someone who dares to wade through thick series of toxic smoke screens and tries not to inhale" - Gaia (2017)

    "What do you call 'genius'?" "Well, seeing things others don't see. Or rather the invisible links between things." - Vladimir Nabokov (1938)


    At first I was very skeptical about this EGI idea and not all of them I find convincing, but I have changed my mind about the obvious fishy cases.

    From the moment anyone find one or more exemples of Elite Gender Inversion – the only point that separate an experienced researcher and a novice to the topic will be on the amplitude of this hidden practice (EGI). When studying over time there seem to be more verifiable cases than when one starts to research EGI.

    Where there is One there are Many..

    Agree, this JJ jewish movie-couple do presents many signs of inverted gender characteristics. Of course – if both these Elite individuals indeed are hiding their their original gender – they are doing everything in their way to conceal that fact as EGI is an occult practice.

    When considering this couple to be inverted, we must expect both individuals to be on a lifelong hormone therapy, to possibly have altered a certain number of physical traits and to use every method of stage-craft to impersonate a gender they were not born with.

    Regarding “her” (Jerusha) it is clear she has a lower BFP than her husband – and in fact typically male. The eyes are not as wide-set as we might have suspected, but they are indeed deep. We also can note prominent cheekbones, large ears and mouth. As can be seen in many Hollywood exemples – she seems to be of short stature which is probably her best disguise as a petite “boyish” girl. Still, her square shoulders, large head and hands makes her gender-traits more compatible with XY chromosome makeup (well – if we can trust chromosomes as reliable science).

    Jerusha Hess
    Jerusha has a big head, big ears, wide shoulders, sizeable neck and big nuce manly chin (jawline seems to have been “shaved off” as is practice in FFS aka ‘Facial feminization surgery’)

    When it come to “him” we immediately see how he’s chubby with fleshy cheeks, no cheekbone, weak slanting shoulders and close facial features. One of Jared’s disguises seems to be hair-volum in order to make his head as big as possible. And this tactics do work, and we might also remark how a FTM that is subject to heavy doses of male hormone during puberty will in fact see some skeletal accentuation and sometimes quite large heads and of tall stature. These anatomical changes are of course also the goal for individuals who are EGI.

    The beard Jared wears seems one of his most cherished tools for an effective disguise – and rightly so. It is very hard to even imagine someone with a beard to actually be female – which is why so many Female to Male EGI individuals use beard for this very purpose (bearded men) and… false facial hair is easy to fake in a very convincing way – which Jared seem to take advantage of…

    Jared Hess fake beard
    Jared has small facial features, glasses to make-believe deep set eyes & fake beard

    One of the weakesses for the occult practice of gender inversion is what your post succinctly points out – the inverted gender traits between both individuals as a couple are seemingly reversed when analysed. So even more than individually, this happy Hess couple seen together does in every way look inverted from all physical features except height*.

    The fact that this couple have two kids makes the case even more intriguing as Jerusha seems completely unscathed by her two pregnancies and very skinny consistently. Jared on the other hand has been much more variable in weight and has changed much more over time…

    *HRT also can produce large hands/feet as well as heads – but typically not as long as for a cisgender male

    *height is nevertheless naturally difficult to control it would appear, as mentionned in these articles:
    Short Short –
    Short Tall list –

    Terran DownvaleTerran Downvale

    Sculpting a Transpicious Hollywood Bad Boy from Clay

    I’d never heard of the actor Clayne Crawford until just a few days ago, which is surprising since he’s been in the business for over 20 years. He’s apparently been starring for a couple seasons as Martin Riggs in FOX’s Lethal Weapon reboot series, which I had no idea even existed (I’m quite out of the TV loop these days). Well, he recently made Hollywood headlines by being fired from the show due to behavioral issues.

    Immediately, when I saw his photo, something looked “off” about him. A strong underlying feminine essence in spite of the “macho” mustache:

    [Zoom in on the FULL SIZE VERSION]

    Watching a few interviews and clips from the show, I also noticed he has an odd, fake-sounding way of speaking as if he’s struggling very hard to maintain a deep register. A good example can be heard at 1:14 in this clip when he says “Welcome to Los Angeles, boys.”

    And while I know the digit ratio thing is debatable, he does appear to have a shorter ring finger compared to the index in this shot:

    Looking again at the first photo above, I see he also has some kind of tattoo on that very finger (zoom in for a better look). Looks sort like a number 4 but it appears to be some kind of symbol. Any ideas? Possibly the sign of Jupiter? On his other hand, he has an X-shaped tattoo. Almost an X within an X. XX chromosomes? (Sorry, I admit that is quite a reach, LOL)

    As for his odd name “Clayne,” its origin is explained on Wikipedia:

    In 2000, he changed his name professionally from Joey to Clayne, a combination to honor an ancestor (“Clan”) and his hometown (Clay, Alabama).

    I find this interesting because I wonder if the CC=33 may be a reference to a certain “clan” that appears to be in the “God-like” business of molding its offspring into opposite genders as if they were made of clay.

    Clayne’s emotional volatility on the Lethal Weapon set was reportedly the reason for his sudden firing. This article today featured tweets by co-star Damon Wayans, alleging that “emotional terrorist” Crawford was responsible for a bloody injury to the back of his head after having hit co-star Lance Henriksen in the mouth with a bottle in a previous incident. This real-life reckless bad “boy” sounds like he’s giving his wild-man character Martin Riggs a run for his money! And according to Wayans, he had a particularly stressful effect on the crew’s women, tweeting that Crawford “relished in making female cry.” Could his aggression issues be gender-related in another way, as in testosterone therapy rage?

    FTM or not, Clayne Crawford is certainly a shady character with an oddly “disguised” look to him. It’s also been noted that he bears a uncanny resemblance to former child actor Ricky Schroder who was born 8 years and 7 days before him:

    Incidentally, I mentioned Schroder over a year ago in the thread for his gender-bending shenanigans on the show Silver Spoons. Even stranger, Crawford’s bio shares another key factoid with Schroder’s. According to, the actor purchased a “15,000 acre working cattle ranch” in Colorado where he lived with his family. Similarly, Crawford supposedly lives on a farm in Alabama, a fact that is regularly included in his bios and that he appears to enjoy mentioning in interviews. Here he is posing with his cattle:

    I’m just wondering if the resemblance between these two actors could be more than just a coincidence and possibly hint at the mystery of how these “celebrity entities” come to exist in the first place. With all the EGI weirdness involving possible genetic fiddling, there’s the idea that they are somehow “bred” (like cattle?), maybe even in “batches.” Anyway, this came up again when I looked into Crawford’s family. Although it’s much weaker, I can see a slight resemblance between Crawford’s wife and Schroder’s wife:

    But even more curious is the resemblance between Crawford’s wife Sunshine Kiki Brown and her own daughter Abby from a previous marriage:

    In fact, if you search “Clayne Crawford wife” you’ll see what appears to be a photo of daughter Abby next to her mom’s name. I realize daughters can look a lot like their mothers but something about this likeness strikes me as fishy (as does the Crawford/Schroder resemblance).

    Here’s Clayne’s entire clan, including his two sons with Sunshine, presumably at “the farm.” Pink & blue gender colors give the scene a provocative vibe:

    Whatever any of this may mean or not mean, with Clayne Crawford, we have another curious case of celebrity strangeness. I imagine this recent drama-filled buzz about his hit TV show firing will actually end up getting him more work in the future and we’ll see that oddly transpicious, disguised-looking mug of his gracing the screen in starring roles in more high-profile productions.


    Scarlett Johansson issues dismissive statement after anger over trans casting

    Inverting the inverted and creating a storm in a T-cup?


    Chinese designer sends male models sporting prosthetic BABY BUMPS down the runway at Men’s Fashion Week in London

    Chinese designer Xander Zhou sent male models sporting ‘pregnant’ bellies down the runway for his show at London Men’s Fashion Week. 

    The brand shared a snap from the show on Instagram, along with a caption that did little to clear up any confusion, stating that ‘we’re prepared to welcome a future of male pregnancy’.

    Any doubt over the intended effect of what appeared to be prosthetic bumps was cleared up by the slogan on one male model’s t-shirt, which read: ‘New World Baby.’ June 2018

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    Scarlett Johansson issues dismissive statement after anger over trans casting

    Indeed, it seems Scarlett has been under heavy criticism for her casting as a cisgender woman in the role of a transgender man.. This appears to be more of a false controversy that serves both the interest of the film (publicity) and the exoteric/open trans and minority agenda (false popularity – there is only 1.6% transgenders in the US).

    The “real” character that is going to be portrayed by Scarlett Johanson is nevertheless quite interesting – the transgendered “mobster” Lois Jean Gill* aka Dante ‘Tex’ Gill. For a cigenger female, having two male first names sure appears ackward..

    Gill and wife Cynthia Bruno Gill
    •Dante Tex Gill and his transpicious Texan wife Cynthia Bruno

    There seems to be a connection between the “real life” figures that are portrayed in Hollywood movies to EGI, and even moreso when the “mob” is involved as the case of Al Capone might suggest.

    The Godmother

    Gill – G lli ( G Lie is a phonetic anagram of Gill )

    In the case of Gill, Hollywood helps make the “prostitution ring” events of the 70s and 80s very real and dangerous – including letter bombs, murders and phony trials. Not only is it probable that the “Mob” never existed elsewhere than in the movie theatre, the recurrent theme of luxury brothels and high society prostitution equally appear to be a just fairytale as the Elite produce recurring offensive “Madam’s” and (luxury) prostition scandals on a regular basis.

    “Somehow Gill managed to stay alive during 1977. That year, Joanna “Sasha” Scott, an employee at Gemini Massage Parlor, was killed as she opened a letter bomb that also destroyed the Gemini club.”

    “When authorities raided Spartacus Massage Parlor in 1978, Gill threw a birthday cake at undercover Pennsylvania State Trooper Gerald Fielder.”

    “In 1985, Gill was sentenced to a 13-year prison term by US District Judge Gustave Diamond.”

    The very fact the Elite goes to the trouble of creating so much drama in the department of prostitution and sexuality is of course quite intriguing as this has the benefit of reinforcing the gender of the characters involved. Even the dangerous “Mob” image with guns and violence has the very same effect. And when you mix the two (Mob & Prostitution) the mix is very gender specific.

    The existence of prostitution in itself is of course plausible on its own as it exist even at the grassroots level. But as the Elite is made up of quite another stock of deviant creatures (in the case of EGI) than the common populace, the existence of prostitution itself does not necesserily equate with the factual occurence of “luxury prostitution” at the level of the rich and famous. From the many apparently fake prostitution Madam’s and phony high end hookers, such news-stories seems much more like they are fictional narratives made for popular consumption – not factual events.

    Regarding Scarlett Johanson’s upcoming film Rub & Tug it is directed by Rupert Sanders who recently made the gossip headlines for his extra marital affair with Kristen Stewart – a well transvestigated EGI entity..

    Liberty Lettice Lark Ross shopping
    •Liberty Lettice Lark Ross shopping – big head, low BFP, no hips

    Not only does Rupert Sanders look pretty “fem” himself, but his ex-wife* Liberty Ross comes across as an evident suspect of EGI – and an improbable mother of a daughter (Skyla) and son (Tennyson).

    *Liberty Ross married record producer Jimmy Iovine in front of their Malibu beach house on Valentine’s Day 2016

    *aged seven Liberty Ross was featured in a Tiffany Jewels campaign, and at nine she appeared as a child bride on the cover of the Ozzy Osbourne album ‘No Rest for the Wicked’ (below)

    *numerology-wise, Lois Jean Gill was born in 1952 and would have turned 66 this year

    No Rest for the Wicked - Liberty Ross
    No Rest for the Wicked – featuring Rub & Tug director ex-wife Liberty Ross at 9


    Ive been admiring this forum from afar since it’s inception , today I finally took the plunge to join in , I’ve been transvestigating since 2016, posting my cases, theorizing, critiquing and presenting it all over my Instagram page for my fellow open minded truth seekers and the blind herd alike . Naturally , Unreal has been the forerunner for me as far as being a beacon of info in this game ,and the source I not only quote the most but direct naysayers and skeptics to . Anyway , I’m so happy to finally join the ranks of likeminded individuals who see through the stagecraft of Hollywood Babylon and blue blooded elitist scumbags . I’ve got MUCH to contribute (still trying to navigate HOW to post on here , but I’ll figure it out ) but figured I’d do my first trial run by sharing my favorite EGI YouTuber (gasp**** it’s not MrE)

    Anyway , Truthful Spirit has serendipitously uncovered some massively nefarious doings by elitist NFL family The Manning’s … shedding light on what’s probably going on at all these types “orphanages “. Watching this mouth agape, just when I think these shady characters couldn’t get any worse, her top notch sleuthing skills blow THAT out of the water! I feel a strong sense that she stumbled upon something FAR deeper /sinister than the typical EGI family tree. This here has got bad juju written alllllllllll over it…

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    This is a serious matter effecting theHumanRace , on a spiritual level , and one that goes back aeons • Only getting worse with each coming day,week,month, year • these EGI laden characters placed have been into all the factions , whether it’s the Black, Hispanic or white community ; allllll these sellouts are put in place to tweak our perceptions , forcing impressionable -alpha state minds to emulate their persona’s behaviors • All in a wickedly cleverly crafted attempt to bring about the complete and utter degradation of Man •

    You must be logged in to view attached files.

    The sorcery is strong with this “reality tv” franchise , created by M(asonic)TV and poisoning the minds of America’s youth going on a decade now by Showcasing these EGI characters lack of maternal instincts and utter lack of life skills . But those of here in this forum know the REAL REASON why they’re lacking in those maternal instincts . .. their masculine features scream out to ME when I look at them, but the questions still remain on onlookers minds because the tv show has had a main focus on childbearing . But again , WE know the levels these characters can go, to carry out the ruse .

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    Firstly I would like to thank EVERYONE who has contributed to this thread topic, the level of detail and the clear wording and expression of how this topic has been explained for semi-literate folk like myself has been much appreciated (I have bookmarked the links page).

    Are there any transvestigators who are going about this research in a spiritual context who are strong believers in Jesus? Not looking for religious debate per say however I do feel natural man is a spiritual being.

    Would God punish man for removing evil?
    Is a Godless society the ONLY environment where this kond of thing (EGI) develop and even thrive?

    Only asking, not calling on violence unless completely neccessary to defend life, where is the line drawn spiritually?


    On both sides of the Atlantic we have two blonde trannie freaks talking the same siren talk to the same side of society. These two kvetching clowns are exact copies, from a Huxleyian dystopia machine.

    On the USAmerican side we have Jann Coulter:

    Ann Coulter 1

    Tall skinny masculine body, especially the arms.

    Ann Coulter 2

    ypical masculine “canoe paddle muscles” (subscapularis).

    Ann Coulter 3

    Ugly heavily made up face.


    Male cheekbone and jawbone.

    Ann Coulter 5

    Tranny 99% Con-Firmed.

    And on the British side we have Charles Hopkins:

    Katie Hopkins 1

    VERY feminine look!

    Katie Hopkins 2

    Psycho look.

    Katie Hopkins 3

    Long masculine arms, huge feet.

    Katie Hopkins 4

    No tits, wide shoulders, small hips. FREAK.

    Katie Hopkins 5

    Look at me, if you think I am a woman, you are insane!

    Sources: “Ann Coulter” & “Katie Hopkins”

    "A truth seeker is someone who dares to wade through thick series of toxic smoke screens and tries not to inhale" - Gaia (2017)

    "What do you call 'genius'?" "Well, seeing things others don't see. Or rather the invisible links between things." - Vladimir Nabokov (1938)


    Another good Above is Below video helping us to identify the androgyne.


    At the risk of this post being off-topic, it is reviewed under the guise of open “transgenders” in positions of control and power. I emphasize the “open” adjective in the description. Transgenders are supposedly approximately 0.5% of the population. It is revealing that so many “open transgenders” have been placed into positions of power and control. Consider then those that may be closeted androgynes also in places of power and control, which i hope to address in the future.

    It is all a giant coincidence, of course.

    I doubt that any of this has to do with sexuality, but rather the nature of the entity.

    Taiwan’s Digital Minister

    Physician General Pennsylvania

    2 Minneapolis City Council members (interesting…the supposed site of the Floyd event)

    Minneapolis elects 2 black transgender City Council members

    Andrea Jenkins, vice president of the Minneapolis City Council, confirmed the men’s employment at El Nuevo Rodeo in an interview with MSNBC.

    “They were co-workers for a very long time,” Jenkins said. “Officer Chauvin…he knew George.”

    Massachusetts congressional candidate

    Her decision to pursue public service began on September 11, 2001. Kathy was stuck on a subway train somewhere in lower Manhattan as planes struck the Twin Towers, and Chandler says, “I wasn’t sure if she’d made it.During those two hours, I was bargaining with God and everything.

    Not long after 9/11, Chandler decided to put her Russian speaking skills to use and join the intelligence community. She and Kathy moved to Washington D.C., where Chandler rose through the ranks of Naval intelligence — and also transitioned on the job.

    Vermont gubernatorial candidate who now has CovAIDS

    GOP New Hampshire Sheriff Nominee

    Transsexual Satanist Anarchist Is GOP Nominee for Cheshire County Sheriff

    French mayor

    San Diego Police officer

    Indiana City Council

    Philippines House of Representatives

    Georgia Council Member

    Texas Mayor

    DNC Convention delegate

    West Virginia City Council

    Indonesia City Council

    Florida Orange County Sheriff Deputy

    Potpourri from 2016

    Potpourri from 2017

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    Above Is Below transvestigating Courtney Love.


    Above Is Below channel deleted from Youtube. This echoes all of Mr. E’s amazing research and his multiple channels deleted. These actions, not words, agendas, and websites, are telling who and what the enemy is. But, I agree with AIB, disclosure is coming.


    Understanding the androgyne is key to knowing the enemy in the current situation. A “viral” video is now flooding the internet about a toddler being forced to wear a mask on United Airlines. On a gut level, I saw the video as staged.

    The androgyne hive harvests mankind’s empathy and emotion as a manipulative tool.

    The mother videotapes husband trying to mask up the child. No empathy or concern as this is happening, not a human reaction. Maiden name of Fulop. Said mother, in full make-up with fake eyelashes is a body builder.Entity has male digit ratio and adonis belt with high navel.

    Twitter account is extremely sparse, having started in March 15, 2020.

    Entity’s website is extremely interesting.

    Between getting her start training for the Olympics in cross-country skiing at age 7, and moving to the U.S. at age 13, Hungary native Eliz fell into a dark time of heavy partying and eating disorders.

    The symbology on this page is bizarre. So we have 666 hand sign, devil horn’s sign, and a HOT DOG. I will leave it up to the reader to interpret these symbols.

    There is also a Member’s Area that requires password. Also bizarre.

    We are a husband and wife videography and photography team that focuses deeply on photos that tell stories, and films that are journalistic.

    Erhard Orban, age 26, from Siloam Road in Freehold, NJ, arrested on April 15, 2014 by Patrolman Christian Clark for Possession of Drug Paraphernalia and Possession of a Hypodermic Syringe. He was released pending a court date.

    A very interesting constellation of findings.


    Video reference in previous post was removed. This is the twitter posting.

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