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    A word from the chief of UN High Commission for Refugees. UNHCR [responsible for relocating people from Africa and Asia in New Zealand] who dashed home from the Middle East [ Syria and Lebanon allegedly, but are we sure it wasn’t Ethiopia?] to Geneva to deliver this statement on behalf of the three actors his organisation supplied to this fake plane crash hoax


    Haha- they’re now having fake funerals with empty caskets – and they’re telling us so! What else could they do, a whole plane weighing about 82 tonnes just vanished into a hole in the ground taking all 157 passengers and crew, seats, luggage, wheels, wings fuselage, with it….
    Empty coffins representing the Ethiopian victims of last week’s Ethiopia Airlines plane crash have been buried in the capital, Addis Ababa.
    None of the bodies has yet been formally identified because of the impact

    source BBC
    You don’t say! There were none to see.
    Yet a woman grieves over an empty box….

    The [phony fake funeral] service came one day after officials began delivering bags of scorched earth from the crash site to family members of the victims because of the problems with identifying remains.
    Family members said they were given a 1kg (2.2lb) sack from the crash site.

    source, Guardian July 17 2019

    But, the black box has turned up [suuuuuuure it did] despite there having been no plane crash and no wreckage, so the simulated flight data can eventually be put into the public realm. The earth must have been scorched away from the excavation site because the sole shoe was apparently not scorched, neither was the vegetation.

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    The numerology in this most probable CEPPAR story is overwhelming:

    TACA Flight 110

    TACA Flight 110 was an international scheduled airline flight operated by TACA Airlines, traveling from Belize to New Orleans. On May 24 [=11], 1988 =[88], the Boeing 737-300 lost power in both engines, but its pilots made a successful deadstick landing on a grass levee adjacent to NASA’s Michoud Assembly Facility, with no one aboard sustaining more than minor injuries, and with only minor damage to the aircraft. After engine replacement, the aircraft was able to take off from a road which had previously been an aircraft runway at Michoud, and the aircraft subsequently returned to service.

    Good ol’ NASA!

    The aircraft, a Boeing 737-3T0 (tail number N75356, serial number 23838, the 1,505th [=11] Boeing 737 manufactured), had first flown on January 26 [=9], 1988. The airliner had been in service with TACA for about two weeks after it was acquired from Polaris Aircraft Leasing in May 1988.

    The captain of the flight was Carlos Dardano. At 29 years of age, Dardano had amassed 13,410 [=9] flight hours, with almost 11,000 of these as pilot in command. Earlier in his career, he had lost an eye [WHAT?? surely you don’t need 3D vision to be a pilot…] to crossfire on a short flight to El Salvador, where civil war was raging at the time. The first officer, Dionisio Lopez, was also very experienced, with more than 12,000 flight hours logged. Captain Arturo Soley, an instructor pilot, was also in the cockpit, monitoring the performance of the new 737.

    The flight proceeded normally, taking off from Belize City’s Philip S. W. Goldson International Airport and flying over the Gulf of Mexico toward the Louisiana coast.

    Passengers 38
    Crew 7
    Fatalities 0
    Injuries 1
    Survivors 45

    Investigation by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) revealed that during descent from FL 350 (about 35,000 feet or 11,000 metres) in preparation for their impending arrival at New Orleans International Airport, Captain Dardano and First Officer Lopez noticed areas of light to moderate precipitation in their path, depicted as green and yellow areas on their weather radar, as well as “some isolated red cells” indicative of heavy precipitation to both sides of their intended flight path.

    The flight entered clouds at FL 300 (about 30,000 feet or 9,100 metres), the crew selecting “continuous ignition” and turning on engine anti-ice to protect their turbofan engines from the effects of precipitation and icing, either of which is capable of causing a flameout, where the engines lose all power. Despite flying a route between the two areas of heavy precipitation shown on radar, they encountered heavy rain, hail, and turbulence. Passing through 16,500 feet (5,000 m), both engines flamed out, leaving the jet gliding with neither engine producing thrust or electrical power. The auxiliary power unit (APU) was started as the plane descended through 10,500 feet (3,200 m), restoring electrical power. While attempts to “windmill start” the engines using the airflow generated by the plane’s descent were unsuccessful, the pilots were later able to start them using the engine starters, which were powered by the APU. However, neither engine would accelerate to normal idle speed, much less to a point where it was producing meaningful thrust. Attempts to advance the throttles only resulted in overheating of the engines, so they were once more shut down to avoid catastrophic failure.

    At this point, the pilots began to prepare for a ditching, as no runway was reachable with the remaining altitude. Dardano lined up with a canal and prepared the aircraft for a water landing. During this time, Lopez spotted a grass levee to the right of the canal, and suggested that the landing be attempted there. Dardano agreed, and landed the airliner in an unpowered glide on top of the narrow grass levee. Adjacent to the levee was the NASA Michoud Assembly Facility industrial complex, in the Michoud area of eastern New Orleans, near the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway.

    Initially, it was planned to remove the wings and transport the airplane to a repair facility by barge, but Boeing engineers and test pilots decided to perform an engine change on site. The aircraft was towed from the levee to the nearby NASA facility, fueled to the minimum amount needed and departed from Saturn Boulevard, a roadway built atop the original World War II-era runway. Following takeoff, the 737 flew to Moisant Field, where further maintenance work was performed.

    After its return to service, the plane was eventually acquired by Southwest Airlines as registration N697SW. It continued in service until December 2016, when it was retired and placed into storage at Pinal Airpark.


    Video about this “incident”:

    “It should not have happened” repeated over and over again…

    And Jet rule staging signs:

    The incident was featured in Nowhere to Land, the 11th episode of the 11th season of Mayday (Air Crash Investigation).

    I rest my case.

    "A truth seeker is someone who dares to wade through thick series of toxic smoke screens and tries not to inhale" - Gaia (2017)

    "What do you call 'genius'?" "Well, seeing things others don't see. Or rather the invisible links between things." - Vladimir Nabokov (1938)


    The Daily Telegraph, March 23 2019 has a big [paywall] article on UK poster “victim” of the Ethiopian “crash”, Joanna Toole,an interview with her father and two sisters.
    It emerges that her re-married mother Patricia Helen Wright died in 2016, hence the absence of fb posts since 2013.
    Neither sister has produced further fb posts, but Joanna’s best buddy Katy has..

    Cue lots of sad face emojis.

    “We’re devastated” says sister Karen [Wright] breaking down in tears…still waiting for Joanna’s body to be recovered from the wreckage so they can begin to grieve..

    Well, it’s going to be a long wait, because there was no visible wreckage and there were no visible bodies.

    Father Adrian thinks “the whole thing is still unbelievable”

    Yes it is. A total lie from start to finish.

    “It feels so remote and, frankly, so unlikely


    “I almost forget that it’s real” agrees Karen

    Er, it wasn’t real. So you can forget it.

    “We haven’t got any of those concrete normal things that you would have after somebody passed away

    Er like a body… but not after a highly abnormal Shanksville style plane crash with no wreckage, no bodies, just an excavated hole

    Joanna was

    “Warm,with boundless energy”

    No mention of any infection smile, for once.

    Rather than arranging a funeral the family have had to collect Joanna’s personal possessions and send them to the police to help with DNA identification from crash debris

    er, like which possessions? All of them? For a DNA victim identification simulation exercise no doubt.

    The Tooles have chosen not to visit the crash site *** “It’s something you can’t unsee” says Karen [Wright] I’m not sure it would necessarily bring closure…they are planning to hold a memorial service and scatter her ashes at Treyarnon Bay, Cornwall, next to her mother…we don’t know if a body will come back *, so it will be a long time before we can really move on…[memorial] attendees will be encouraged to pledge to #bemorejo ** by going vegan for a week…..

    Er no thanks.
    *** Just an excavated hole in the ground
    * I doubt that very much
    ** daughter of #lovelikeJo [Cox]

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    hi flx …….do you have , or, could you take the time , to share any of your expertise ,on the ” plane crash ” in staines in the early 70s ……VD



    The Emiliano Sala hoax continutes to give…and give…perhaps needing a little cement to make this lousy staging more credible .

    First off, Emiliano’s dad Horacio waits 3 months before deciding to die suddenly [allegedly] from a heart attack [hoax speciality] as announced in Argentina.
    Sala, 58, died at his home in Progreso in Argentina’s Santa Fe province, local media reported on Friday.

    Horacio Sala, 58, died at his home in Progreso in Argentina’s Santa Fe province, local media reported on Friday.

    Progreso mayor Julio Muller told radio station La Red of Mr Sala’s death.
    “He could never get over Emi’s death,” he said.
    “The partner of Horacio called me at five in the morning. The doctors were already there.
    “When he left his home, he had already died.”
    Mr Muller cited “a heart problem” for the father’s death.

    suuuuure he had.

    But it gets better –
    An investigation is underway after photographs of Cardiff City footballer Emiliano Sala’s body were posted online.

    The images are said to show the Argentinian striker’s remains at a mortuary in Bournemouth following his death.

    Speaking to the Sunday Mirror, a detective said : “We’re disgusted somebody did this.

    “It is a very difficult time for Mr Sala’s family ** and they should not have to endure additional pain this shameful act *** will undoubtedly cause.”
    It is believed the images were first published on social media several weeks ago.

    i.e the images nobody has seen.
    ** not his father, obviously
    *** alleged, staged, evidence-free

    A great story in the mould of the stolen plaques, defaced gravestones, robbed memoriabilia etc etc which seem to follow every hoax.
    Anything to keep the official narrative in the media. #hoaxmanagement

    Stop press – the Disgusted Police Force has arrested two anonymous Wiltshire [allged] people which will no doubt give rise to yet more hoax management
    “There is no evidence to suggest a break-in at the mortuary, and no evidence to suggest that any staff from the mortuary, or indeed any other council employees, are involved in any wrongdoing.
    “Head of bereavement services at BCP [Bournemouth, Christchurch & Poole] Council Linda Barker said: ‘We have been working with Wiltshire and Dorset Police to ascertain how images from Holly Tree Lodge Mortuary were obtained.


    And we have just had another retirement of another “soccer ace” nobody has heard of – Czech Josef Sural in an alleged minibus crash in Turkey having only joined from Sparta Prague in January 2019
    . Suuuuuure
    Cue mass outpouring of footie-grief:

    source BBC

    Seven of the Super Lig’s club’s players had rented the private minibus, while the rest of the club’s players and staff travelled on a team bus or on their own.
    which is a re-working of the Buddy Holly death hoax script.

    Lets have a look at the “crash” images [after the fire brigade have been at work…]


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    Over to Alaska now for an imbecilic and totally unbelievable seaplane collision with another float plane in “unknown circumstances”.
    Your hoax confirmed. It seems the US drill compilers rather liked the New Year’s Eve seaplane crash in Sydney at the end of 2017. And a Canadian is alleged to be one of the 5 five “dead”, helping spread the story.



    Both planes were from the Royal Princess cruise ship ** which was en route from the Canadian city of Vancouver to Anchorage, Alaska.

    ** excellent product placement, cue photos of the luxury cruise ship.
    The “dead pilot” was Randy Sullivan -who leaves behind a wife and two children… a wonderful family man, funny, entertaining” [Global News video @ 3.11] “beautiful family that he left behind, he’ll be missed” according to a smiling, smirking woman.
    The ship was christened by the Duchess of Cambridge in 2013 in Southampton, UK.

    Here’s the ship, only slightly relevant to the story, but it’s in all the stories, since the new-lifers were allegedly on one of her cruises.

    and the drill in full swing

    The victims have been identified as Alaskan pilot Randy Sullivan, 46; Australian Simon Bodie, 56; Canadian Elsa Wilk, 37; and Americans Cassandra Webb, 62; Ryan Wilk, 39; and Louis Botha, 46.
    In a statement, Global Affairs Canada offered to assist in the investigation.

    Gee, thanks, Global Affairs Canada.

    Cue thoughts, prayers, hugs, NTSB “accident investigations”… your standard stash of drill stuff.


    I’m a bit too busy to analyse this gurney load of bunkum, but we are told that a helicopter crash landed onto a NYC skyscraper, with one dead. Suuuuuuure it did.
    Looks like a cracking good drill, borrowing from the UK 2013 Helicopter-tower crane hoax in a soon to be developed part of London, and also providing some quasi 9/11 photographic possibilities.
    Yes, why did the helicopter take off in such bad weather? A. – because nobody could see it “crash” – as in 2013, when the skyscraper and crane were covered in fog.


    This insider, in the usual prepared narrative type of twitter post, looked up kinda saw it reeeeeeeeem in to the building [my words]. Obviously the fire wasn’t too intense [yes, there was a fire allegedly] but it wasn’t so intense it melted steel beams.

    Where did the “heliocopter” go? Another standard drill technique, the disappearing wreckage, i.e. not much planted.

    What a pathetic HRDPAR!

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    Here’s a cracker from California, May 2019 – allegedly an F16 jet carrying ordnance crashes into a warehouse in Riverside, LA, making a near hole in the roof, no fire. Suuuure

    That the BBC reported it is more than a hint that it was an hoax.
    There’s even a CGI jet on someone’s in-car recorder. Very realistic, not!

    Is that a plane [infinitely small!] in my warehouse?

    Parachute on ground, suggesting an ejection..

    Next cue – traffic chaos as the whole area is sealed off for the drill.

    Nobody died in this drill. Here’s the CBS news report “a clean crash, no fire, no explosion” Very clean!

    Buuuut, it emerged that there were “weapons” on the plane and these were taken to a safe place an blown up [ for more news coverage] Who writes this garbage?

    Fortunately some youtubers can see through this hoax

    Published on May 22, 2019
    F-16 Fighter Jet Crash Riverside California Sprinkler System Miracle

    BLEW UP ORDINANCE? F16 Crash into Warehouse Riverside California 215 Part 3
    FromDeath2Life 4
    Published on May 22, 2019

    no fire…a fabulous sprinkler system! Total hoax.


    Another tiresome retirement of a US coal “tycoon” and founder of Foresight Energy, Chris Cline, in an oh so predictable helicopter “crash” in the Bahamas.
    Even better, Cline’s daughter Kameron, could take her best, inseparable friend, Brittney Searson with her!
    A nod to the Sydney sea plane accident which “claimed the lives” of UK businessman Richard Cousins and his entourage in late 2017.

    Coal tycoon Cline died a day before his 61st birthday along with his 22-year-old daughter, who need medical treatment, according to reports.
    The blades and the tail have both snapped off the fuselage giving a chilling insight into the force of the disaster.

    The other victims included Kameron’s close friends Delaney Wykle, Brittney Searson and Jillian Clarke – all aged between 21 and 22.

    Terrible, really terrible…
    Bring on the big crane…

    I think they went a little bit too far with the “distressing” of the chopper there…

    In addition to Cline, his daughter and Searson, pilot Geoffrey Lee Painter, 52, and family friend David Jude, 52, of Kentucky also were among those killed when the helicopter went down minutes after taking off around 2 a.m. July 4.

    source NY Post

    “The Family” [whoever they are] said…

    ‘We ask for prayers and privacy in our time of grieving.

    Hoax confirmed.

    Further confirmation in the excellent story in the Daily Mail

    The billionaire’s brother said on Friday that the family was in a state of disbelief.

    ‘I still can’t believe it. It’s like a dream … We were so close, all of us were,’ Greg Cline told The Palm Beach Post.

    I can’t believe anyone died either! The perfect “retirement” for the MSM and the insurance industry. Check!


    I have been to the Bahamas and snorkeled in those waters. I recognize those seagrassy meadows.

    You couldn’t even fit a helicopter in the few meters that water is deep, let alone have no impact on the surrounding vegetation or murkiness in the turquoise waters.

    Those shoals are far too shallow for crane-bearing boats and that other photo must be taken in deeper, less turquoise of the carbonate sands, waters.

    That helicopter in the grass “photo” is a joke.

    "A truth seeker is someone who dares to wade through thick series of toxic smoke screens and tries not to inhale" - Gaia (2017)

    "What do you call 'genius'?" "Well, seeing things others don't see. Or rather the invisible links between things." - Vladimir Nabokov (1938)


    Yes, it’s as phoney as they get.
    Here’s the “widow” – and she’s British! The pilot naturally ex-RAF

    Husband Geoff was allegedly called Geoffrey Lee Painter

    I can’t find any birth in England and Wales for Geoff.
    Geoff with stepson Mark ***

    However as is often the case the family is complicated
    Colin Cheesman = Debra A Navier b 1963 [4] [mis-transcribed as Nairer] in 1985.
    *** Mark Steven Cheesman b 1987.
    Debra A Cheesman = Geoffrey L Painter 1992. Cottingham High School
    1979 – 1984][

    Debbie’s parents Jean and Brian- no comment

    No comment from anyone.
    All quiet on the mum-front too…


    As expected, “witnesses” have rushed forward into the Bahamanian press… not all “independent”….

    All the pictures you need to see it’s phoney at the Mail

    A Bahamian man who worked for billionaire coal magnate Chris Cline says he witnessed the harrowing moment divers removed his boss’s body from the Atlantic Ocean after the helicopter carrying him, his daughter, and five others crashed shortly after taking off from the Caribbean island.
    ‘Mr. Cline actually…was one of the first ones that came out,’ said Mathien McIntosh.
    ‘Just then, a kid came out. It was four kids and they were about 19 to 21 years of age, kids in their prime.
    McIntosh said he and a relative watched as the helicopter took off and heard a ‘loud bang’ shortly afterward in the early morning hours of Thursday.
    ‘The night before, me and my brother-in-law, we watched the chopper come in,’ McIntosh told The Guardian, a local news outlet in the Bahamas, on Saturday.
    McIntosh said he saw Cline and the other six passengers board the helicopter before it took off from Big Grand Cay, the Bahamian island which the West Virginia-born businessman bought.

    ‘We watched it land and in about half an hour it [went] back up.

    ‘As it [went] back up, it didn’t get very high. It went up and in about five minutes it just “boop”.

    or it just went reeeeeeemmm into the sea, suuuuuuure it did.

    One of the divers told The Guardian that he and his son searched the crash site and saw the dead passengers inside the submerged helicopter.
    ‘[My son] put on his dive gears and he got into the water to identify what the object was,’ McGarrett Russell, a native of the island of Abaco, said.

    ‘He went down there and when he [came] up, he told us what he saw and it was sad.
    ‘He said he saw persons onboard. They all had on their seat belt, apparently intact.
    ‘My son said he had to take the pilot’s hand away from the controllers.
    ‘It was very hard because it was stiff
    [but] he said everybody was intact as if no one was even trying to loosen their seat belt and the doors [were] off.’

    suuuuuuure,. What a chopper load of baloney.

    For the record, here’s the spook/useful idiot pprune forum on this fake accident


    The investigation into the above Bahamas crash “may take upto two years”

    i.e. two years to create a robust narrative for this abject hoax
    I also don’t see any connection with Barnstaple in Devon, UK which is being touted as the home of the Florida based pilot

    NASSAU, BAHAMAS – A local funeral home confirmed today that the bodies of six of the seven persons who were killed in last week’s helicopter crash in waters off Big Grand Cay, Abaco, were transported to Jet Aviation and flown back to the United States this afternoon (Tuesday).[July 9]

    According to the funeral home, the six persons included:

    Christopher Cline, 60, of New York
    Kameron Nicole Cline, 22, of Washington, DC
    Delaney Lee Wykyle, 20, of Washington, DC
    Brittney Layne Searson, 21, of Palm Beach, Florida
    Davis Jude, 57, of Kentucky
    Geoffrey Lee Painter, 52, of Barnes Staple [sic], United Kingdom (Pilot)
    Eyewitness News Online understands that the body of Jillian Nicole Clarke, 22, of Los Angeles, California is expected to be flown to the United States sometime tomorrow.

    Devon pilot killed in helicopter crash in Bahamas
    Geoffrey Lee Painter was killed in the crash alongside Chris and Kameron Cline and four others

    no address, no local neighbours quoted, nothing.
    Their last address in the UK was Brough, North Humberside, well known for its military activities, eg. British Aerospace Systems

    Prior to that, the address was the somewhat modest semi in Anlaby, Hull
    correspondence about the new secretary of East Yorkshire Conveying Systems Ltd to be directed to …
    Mr G Painter
    The house 72 Hamlyn Avenue HU4 6BU was subsequently sold for a modest £51,000 on 04 Nov 1998

    Later address 44 Common Lane Welton Brough HU15 1PT which was bought for £130K in 1998 and sold for £250K in October 2005 when, one guesses, the VIP “Cloud 9” helicopter business took off in Florida.

    Tom-DalpraTom Dalpra

    I thought I’d drop Flight 777 in here for now. A WW2 set – piece involving the apparent deaths of all 17 people
    on board including movie actor Trevor Howard.

    The big rumour was that Churchill was supposed to have been on the flight.

    Catchy flight number.
    I also noticed the plane was called Ibis – that ancient symbol of Thoth still held dear in Western esoteric tradition.




    All the usual hoax markers for flight 777. You don’t even need to produce any “wreckage” for such an event. Job done.

    “get me on flight 777…”

    Well suddenly I saw that we never ever would arrive
    He put the plane down in the sea



    Somehow I missed this recent fake crash from Russia
    19 March 2016

    And so it came to pass that the 1991 founded Interstate Aviation Committee [based around the former Soviet republics]
    took 3.5 years squaring the circle of the above staged crash to produce its report in true NTSB AAIB style

    Click to access report_a6-fdn_eng.pdf

    Who can say there is no global government overseeing all these hoaxes?


    From the Kreindler & Krindler master list

    United Airlines Flight 232 July 19 1989 – peak air crash hoax period. Denver to Chicago flight.
    Of the 296 passengers and crew on board, 111 died during the accident, while 185 people survived suuuure

    Fifty-two children, including four “lap children” without their own seats, were on board the flight because of the United Airlines “Children’s Day” promotion. Eleven children, including one lap child, died. Many of the children were traveling alone

    Let’s see the pathetic imagery

    Fire chief estimates 195 people died… [see above] Changing narrative – check!
    Looks like a precursor of the 2015 UK Shoreham “crash”.

    “parts of it were found in a farmer’s field miles away” – a rapid recycling of the Lockerbie sub-plot from less than 7 months previously.
    “We practised, we drilled”
    The children interviewed seemed to have loved being in a “fatal” plane crash!

    Heroes? Check! Aviation safety Changed Check! <Memorial -check!
    Official re-creation with “survivor” stories – check!

    note the charming museum exhibit to reinforce the “reality” of the crash at the Mid America Museum of Aviation & Transportation in Sioux City….
    quite a nice display of the United Airlines 232 crash in Sioux City.
    Memorial on the banks of the Missouri River “very nicely done

    The “crash path” as used at Kegworth UK also

    Just two years before, Gary Brown, the Woodbury County emergency management director who worked the crash in 1989, participated in a regional large plane crash drill.

    [Heroic Pilot Al] Haynes died Sunday in Seattle at age 87 after a brief illness. He spent the past three decades remembering those who died in the crash.
    An amazing but possible coincidence, almost just over 30 years from the “crash”
    source to round off the expected anniversary coverage in 2019
    Who should pay tribute, but SULLY!

    The pile of junk

    The big cranes [check!]

    The Lockerbie recapitation

    More piles of junk


    I’ve had enough of this hoax now.


    Meanwhile, in the cabin, goalkeeper Harry Gregg was regaining consciousness, thinking that he was dead.[41] He felt blood on his face and “didn’t dare put [his] hand up. [He] thought the top of [his] head had been taken off, like a hard boiled egg.

    Harry Gregg is an interesting subject…

    07 Feb 2008
    “The silence on the aircraft was punctuated by a nervous cough, then a snigger. Johnny Berry shouted, ‘I don’t know what you are laughing at, we’re all going to get killed here’. Liam Whelan piped up, ‘Well, if this is the time, I’m ready’.”Gregg later related those prophetic words to Whelan’s family, who found comfort in them.
    “As I watched out of the window, the wheels began to lift off the ground. Then bang! There was a sudden crash and debris began bombarding me on all sides. One second it was light, the next dark.
    “There was no screaming, no sounds, only the terrible shearing of metal. Something cracked my skull like a hard-boiled egg. I was hit again at the front. The salty taste of blood was in my mouth. I was afraid to put my hands to my head. An eerie stillness replaced the chaos, punctuated only by the interminable sound of hissing. All around was darkness, as if it was frozen in time.”
    Gregg noticed light streaming from a gap in the fuselage which he climbed through on to the runway. He went back into the aircraft, remembering there was a baby on a seat, couldn’t find her, heard a cry and pulled her from the debris, got out and handed her to George Rodgers, the flight’s radio officer.
    On going back for the second time, he found the baby’s pregnant mother, Vera Lukic. Sitting on his backside, he pushed her towards the gap with his feet and she too was taken from the aircraft, suffering from a fractured skull and broken legs.
    Gregg, searching for Jackie Blanchflower, stumbled across Bobby Charlton and Dennis Viollett, and hauled them by their waistbands away from the smouldering wreckage. He then found Matt Busby, crying ‘My legs, my legs’, lying between the wreckage and the unoccupied house which the plane had crashed into. Then, at last, he discovered Blanchflower, suffering from a severe arm gash to which he applied a tourniquet.

    Hmm, some quite modern themes in there. What do we notice? He only talks about surviving players. There is no mention of any who are said to have died. We also have the hero theme, the baby and a pregnant mother. It could be from 2001. The two separate hard-boiled egg quotes need checking.

    honorary degrfee july 1 2008

    And with the death aged 87 of this hero of the “Munich air disaster” the media has an excellent opportunity to reiterate the official narrative and word for word the trouser waistbands and baby rescue narratives.


    After his return home to Northern Ireland, he opened a hotel in Portstewart and in 2015 launched a charitable foundation aimed at encouraging young people’s participation in football and other health, lifestyle, educational, heritage and social inclusion activities.

    He made his final trip to Old Trafford in 2018, before being named OBE in the Queen’s 2019 New Year’s Honours.

    Gregg with Vera Lukic, wife of a Yugoslavian diplomat [so we’re told…] and the 20 month old baby…

    Same old routine. Here they are with Harry on a goodwill visit….


    First anniversary for the staged Ethopian Airlines Boeing Max [fakery] crash – time to bus in some grieving actors.

    “The first thing that struck me was that there was no visible sign of the plane wreckage..instead there was this big hole…and this was where the plane had hit the ground and then dug inside maybe 20-30 feet then exploded….one of the first things we saw were British passports… ”

    100 per cent hoax.

    I missed the warm-up act in February
    Joanna’s [Toole] partner Paul Kiernan says her death, and hundreds of others, was caused by ‘systematic de-prioritisation’ of the safety of the fleet.
    Paul, 36, said he couldn’t understand Boeing’s decision to keep flying the 737, rather than ground the entire fleet after the Java Sea tragedy.

    A full intel-crafted statement attributed to “Paul” followed, with photo of some “wreckage” which somehow didn’t fall into the 30ft deep hole…


    Nothing will be the same says dad Adrian Toole.

    Adrian Toole describes his daughter Joanna as a “star” destined to go on to greater things in her UN career. Suuuuure


    Anything else to keep the Boeing Max hoax running to the max? Suure!
    Boeing’s crisis-hit 737 Max jetliner faces a new potential safety issue as debris has been found in the fuel tanks of several new planes which were in storage, awaiting delivery to airlines.

    Strangely no grieving picture from Paul in Rome..

    Nothing since last year

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    Staying in Africa – from 1994, the “plane crash” which started a “genocide” of 800K people, allegedly. Transferred from the main blog
    2019 April 4
    Rwanda genocide: 100 days of slaughter

    It started, of course, with the staged shooting down of a plane

    “crash site” at 1.35 here:

    image below showing the usual neatly placed pile of junk with Rwandan tail marking fortunately preserved prominently for the camera in the above video

    100 pc hoax

    And this “plane crash” psy-op was still running in July 2020 after 26 years, producing a steady income for the lawyers.
    French court confirms dismissal of Habyarimana plane shooting probe
    July 3 2020
    with an even more brazen hoaxed plane crash image to illustrate it

    Read more: http://fakeologist.com/blog/2020/10/12/genocide-starts-with-a-smile/#ixzz6akjU6c00

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