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    Tom Dalpra

    Eagles of death metal singing with Duran Duran on TFI Friday. Ridiculous. “Thank f*** it’s Friday” any particular Friday?

    Quite. I’d not clocked that. 30th October, two weeks exactly to the day.
    That sounds about right. Get the promo going. These things may or may not catch on I guess? It’ll be interesting to see how the song does.
    They’re pretty ropey in that youtube aren’t they ?

    The View to a Kill Paris video that Nemesis posted earlier in the thread makes Duran Duran’s involvement look long-scripted, doesn’t it?

    Must’ve forgot he was in the bathroom too..

    It’s not the same guy is it Nemesis, if that’s what you meant there?



    It’s not the same guy is it Nemesis, if that’s what you meant there?

    My bad Tom, it wasn’t clear in that YouTube link who he was, thought they may have got the names mixed up, it wasn’t Julien, it was Pierre ‘This is the apocalypse’ guy.


    Pierre no-name.
    There’s a compresensive CNN list of “survivors” here:
    One which caught my eye –

    Maria Moore, 50, is a housewife and mother of two from Southampton, southern England. She was with her husband, Pat, 49, and a group of French and English friends who meet up at gigs all over the world because of their shared love of Eagles of Death Metal and other bands.

    “We were stood off to the one side, watching, and about five songs in they did ‘Save a Prayer,’ their new Duran Duran cover. I don’t like that song, so I took the opportunity to go to the toilet, which was up at the back.

    Well, Maria won’t be buying that one then.

    “We got out but realized our friend Brian Sanders wasn’t with us, so we turned back to find him.

    “He’d been caught in the crush and trodden on, and his shoulder was broken, his collar bone snapped. He was in so much pain that he thought, ‘I’m done for,’ but he managed to grab hold of a bar above him and haul himself up, and he got to the door just as we got back to get him.

    remarkable with broken shoulder and snapped collarbone…

    “As we were going up the street, I saw the singer [Jesse Hughes] and his girlfriend shoot past us, and he was saying ‘Run baby, run!’

    there were six or eight people on the curbside who had been shot.

    “Eventually an ambulance man suggested we walk to the nearest hospital; it took us about 20 minutes to get to St. Antoine. We were there about four hours while Brian had X-rays and was prescribed painkillers

    Moore said four of her friends were shot, including Mark Backwell, who was hit with two bullets. But all of them are “doing OK,” she said.

    “They’ve all got such a lovely positive attitude — we’ve even nicknamed Mark ‘Two Bullets Backwell.’

    “Queens of the Stone Age were due to play Somerset House in London on the day of the London bombings, and so we spent hours desperately trying to find each other and make sure everyone was OK. Over the 10 years, a really intense friendship has brought us ever closer together

    What garbage.

    Mark Backwell from London was hit in the left shoulder as he crawled on his hands and knees to avoid the rain of bullets fired by the gunmen.
    The 50-year-old hospital worker…Mark’s older sister Wendy, who lives near Fareham, said she first heard when her brother text to tell her he had been caught in the chaos.

    No damage to his texting finger.

    Maria with friends at the Bataclan

    Maria with the two Scots women,q.v.Mariesha Jack and Christine Tudhope.

    Why no photos of “two bullets” in the Bataclan?

    Anyway, here’s “two bullets”



    The risible “suicide bomber” at the Comptoir Voltaire.
    Russian Vids has picked up this nonsense, and France24 has been tasked with discrediting the expose.
    A suicide bombing is, like a fake death, a standard tool of the perpetrators because it can’t be independently verified. One might see the result of a bomb but we will never be able to see realistic body parts.
    The Comptoir Voltaire event falls into this hoax category.
    Check out the France24 Observer’s pathetic attempt [calls RV’s video an “ignorant rant” to square the circle from 2:00 onwards .

    Let’s see what was alleged to have happened – 15 people injured, including one seriously and the waitress “who was taking the bomber’s order”, which one assumes, is the same person.
    The witness paraded before Reuters is “David” 46, who works at a Paris hospital, a Sid James lookalike

    Wiring expert, “David”
    Check his drill quality CPR [a hoax certainty] at 0.17 in the video

    Among them was a man lying amid overturned chairs and tables. David, who asked to be called just by his first name, lay him down. The man did not look to have massive injuries, but appeared unconscious, so David began CPR, the cardiopulmonary resuscitation he’d been trained for.

    When he tore open the man’s t-shirt, David quickly realised that what he initially thought was a gas explosion at the cafe close to the Bataclan music hall where gunmen killed 89, was actually something far worse.

    “There were wires; one white, one black, one red and one orange. Four different colours,” he told Reuters. “I knew then he was a suicide bomber.”

    The man David was trying to resuscitate was Brahim Abdeslam,

    What an insane story – that’s what you call a light suicide bombing, one which kills you but leaves no visible trace when you start CPR.
    His bomb “didn’t explode as it should have” – total nonsense.

    In an amateur video obtained by Reuters, two men can be seen from outside the cafe trying to resuscitate a man lying on the floor. One is believed to be David, the other is unknown.

    Near them, another person lies wounded on the floor amid spatters of blood.

    “The first wire I saw was red. I think that was the detonator,” David said. “There was something at the end.”

    He had been having dinner with a friend that Friday night. When the waitress brought their dishes, the explosion went off.

    “There was a huge flame, there was dust,” he said. “I immediately thought it was the heaters. I screamed, ‘cut off the gas’.

    “He had a large opening on his side, about 30 cms (11.8 inches),” he said. “When you lift a t-shirt and you see wires, you know that’s not normal.”

    “”On the ground there was blood and I noticed the first bolts on the ground.

    Before unknowingly attempting to help the suicide bomber, David had already aided a woman by getting her to a safe position and then a young man who was conscious but bleeding heavily.

    Who writes this script?

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    Who writes this script?


    Who writes this script?

    Does that make Invasion EU a sequel or a prequel?

    Tom Dalpra

    Nemesis wrote:
    xileffilex wrote:
    Who writes this script?


    Guided by the star, Isis sailed to Paris.
    Or so legend has it…


    ”It was at the 2014 Grammys [January 26th] where Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse” was ‘unleashed’ upon the world, with the main refrain being: “Cause I’m comin’ at you like a dark horse (Like a dark horse)…Are you ready for…Ready for (Ready for)… A perfect storm” ”

    She came to our beaches…


    That’s not her represented on the back of that train carrying the MH17 bodies last Summer is it?



    Another agent – “Seb Snow” whose instagram video of the absurd sound of gunfire in a supposed EODM concert was quickly put up on the internet for the media to “find”.
    This clip turned up on November 16 after a strange delay…
    and this a day later…

    as if to reinforce the shaky narrative that there was indeed a capacity audience.

    Follow up November 26

    seb_snow…Whenever you’ll come back, we’ll be there, once again, Jesse! Peace, love & Rock’n’Roll! @eodmofficial @fatherbadass @vice #concert @lebataclan #lebataclan #attentat #peaceforparis #fuckterrorism

    Naturally he will.

    But, as we keep seeing, again to bolster up the narrative, “Seb” telegraphs his attendance at this odd gig by posting yet another photo of the entrance banner – no other fans in sight, as usual.
    Let the show begins…[sic]
    fehmilicious Thankfully you’re ok man i was at the Bataclan, too
    Well, he had his photo taken with Jesse H

    posted November 13 2015

    fehmilicious @eodmofficial is the Father OK?

    posted July 21 2015

    This one shows the box office, but was only uploaded on November 16 [why the delay?]

    For some reason, CNN has attributed the clip at 1:44 in the following video to Seb Snow but there’s no such footage on his instagram stream.
    In any case, the action is directly opposite Betjeman and Barton Tea Bar at 24 boulevard des filles du Calvaire
    The ambulances are parked outside La Royale Cafe which seems to be in use as a drill centre.,2.3669164,3a,75y,258.37h,86.64t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sZyYCTve6s6Rt2MSQERSSkg!2e0!7i13312!8i6656

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    November 19 2015 [again, a noticeable delay]
    It’s one of the well known and highly suspicious images of the “crowd” at the Bataclan from the stage, as analysed at here at CF

    fehmilicious It’s just having fun with the people i saw for the first time

    nnairam2015 I’m sorry you had to go through that. So happy you’re all right. Are you in this photo?

    No answer

    dbranco When was this photo taken?
    fehmilicious @dbranco just before eodm

    We get an answer this time


    ”It was at the 2014 Grammys [January 26th] where Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse” was ‘unleashed’ upon the world, with the main refrain being: “Cause I’m comin’ at you like a dark horse (Like a dark horse)…Are you ready for…Ready for (Ready for)… A perfect storm” ”

    Interesting cover from a Dark Horse Comic:


    Paris terror attack survivor Emma Parkinson is believed to have been offered at least $200,000 by the Seven Network to tell of her horrific ordeal inside the Bataclan theatre.

    The 19-year-old Australian, who was still lining up to go inside the concert hall, told friends that she was ‘lucky she wasn’t inside


    Trending now, Nemesis…

    less Oktoberfest, more Hoaxfest

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    I’ll bookmark this interview with Front of House manager of the EODM Shawn London

    if anyone has 38 minutes to waste on the tired narrative.
    It’s dedicated to Nick Alexander, as expected, plus Nathalie Jardin, 31 a steward or alternately stage and lighting manager at the Bataclan, allegedly, and also Thomas Ayad, 32, product manager for Mercury Records
    Tributes to Tom Ayad from Justin Bieber [no surprises there] Metallica and Keef


    This guy Seth Porges – an American who just happened to be in Paris – just oozes planted witness.
    Right up to being interviewed on the phone by Anderson Cooper and then out of the country, so it seems, the same night, back to the US.
    Cofounder: Cloth app & contribute to: InStyle, Maxim, Bloomberg, New York mag, Mashable, Forbes. On TV: Discovery/History/NatGeo/TravelChannel/MSNBC/Fox News

    New York, NY


    Seth Porges ?@sethporges Nov 13
    If in #Paris, stay the F away from canal side of La République area. A man w AK-47 just gunned down multiple people & on run. Yes I’m okay
    [9:16 PM UTC]

    Seth Porges Verified account ?@sethporges
    Huge crowd gathered at La Republique. Cops with guns drawn hiding behind vans. I’m getting out of here #paris
    1:17 PM – 13 Nov 2015 [9:17 UTC]

    Seth Porges Verified account ?@sethporges
    Sounded like maybe five shots. Reports are it was a Kalishnikov/AK-47 in a restaurant. Right by McDonald’s on Quai de Valmy by canal
    1:19 PM – 13 Nov 2015 [9:19 PM UTC]

    Seth PorgesVerified account ?@sethporges
    Saw blood dripped on sidewalk but cant verify related. Hearing either shooting was in car or restaurant &shooter on run #paris #larepublique
    1:21 PM – 13 Nov 2015 [9:21 PM UTC]

    He uploaded this photo at 12:21 AM

    His photo shows the Cafe Bonne Biere, where, it is clear, nothing happened

    Clearly not “independent” since it bears the seal of approval of AFP.

    His chat with Anderson Cooper of CNN is timed on screen at 1:21 AM UTC

    uploaded at 1:19 AM UTC
    “So I was walking out of the apartment building and I believe the shooting occurred. it must have been while I was in the elevator, I didn’t actually hear them. But as soon as I get outside, there’s a man crouched inside the gates of the apartment building with a bleeding hand and my first thought was this was a guy who had got into a bar fight or maybe punched a window, bleeding from his hand, dripping. I didn’t think too much of it and I kept walking. Some five steps later I see a whole bunch of police. Again it looked like normal police activity at this time. It was impossible to tell what was really going on….and then I saw cops huddled behind vanbs. It looked like a scene from a movie . Then about three dozen firefighters came out of nowhere, they blocked off all the streets round there for vehicle traffic. But still there were onlookers everywhere, they weren’t telling everybody to shoo just yet…” And then he introduces the “machine gun” and he leaves.”And I got out of it”

    Perhaps he wasn’t even in Paris. The twitpic of Paris “unusued Paris metro tickets” looks suspiciously like a prop. I think his role is to create the impression that the shooting scene was not sealed off beforehand. Despite all those emergency services suddenly turning up.

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    Fabrice Dubois, 46, France
    Described by friends as a “gentle giant”, 6ft 5in Dubois was an obvious easy target for terrorists who stormed the Bataclan as he stood in the moshpit. The design copywriter from Melan, who worked for the advertising agency Publicis Conseil, leaves behind two children aged 13 and 11, Paris Match reports.

    Fabrice Dubois laisse derrière lui son épouse Alexia, sa fille Iris (13 ans) et son fils Hector (11 ans), deux sœurs (Nathalie et Géraldine) et ses parents Gérard et Marie-Claude.
    So, the tallest got it first? He ought to stand out a mile in photos of the “mosh pit”. But I’m sure he’s not there. His sister Nathalie lives in Los Angeles.He was at the concert with several work colleagues including one of 20 years, Pascal Gayraud

    Two other media workers, including another ofPublicis are said to have died…
    big fans of EODM all I guess.

    Publicis, as well as other shops like Havas’ BETC, are praying there are no more victims among their employees. But sadly, according to news reports out of France, two other ad industry vets have so far been identified among the dead. Yannick Minvielle, a creative director at RED/Publicis, was reportedly killed at the Bataclan, as was François-Xavier Prévost, who joined LocalMedia in April after five years at Havas Media.

    “There were a lot of people from the industry at the Bataclan on Friday,” Ellen Broome, head of international communications at BETC Paris said in an email, citing the theater on the Boulevard Voltaire where one of the attacks took place. “The bar and restaurant attacked were a few minutes from BETC and where we all go all the time for lunch and drinks.”
    “I’m really shocked,” she wrote. “Up until a year ago we lived just by the Bataclan and the owners of the Carillon [bar that was the site on an attack] are friends as we go there all the time. Heartbreaking.”

    Here’s one of Pascal’s and Fabrice’s collaborations for Orange last Christmas

    Pascale doesn’t seem to have spoken about his lucky escape.

    For the last 20 years he formed an inseparable duo with Pascale Gayraud
    For the last 15 years, [Yannick Minvielle] shared his creative life with Pierre Viallaneix. Yannick was going to turn 40. He was an accomplished artist and sang in a Rock band. He was the father of a 7 year-old son.

    Three of our colleagues were injured: Stefan Cova, Developper at Publicis Nurun and Marjanka Magen and Guillaume Gouin, both editors at Relaxnews.

    We join the families in their grief and share their sadness. We extend a special thought to Pascale in particular, who lost her “daytime partner” and to Pierre who also lost his teammate.

    To emphasise the reporting of Paris Match on the gentle giant: Il était venu au concert avec quelques amis, dont Pascale, sa collègue depuis vingt ans

    She must then have been uninjured….


    This looks like it was a fun funeral

    November 14 2015

    Aurélie de Peretti loved music, played the guitar and piano, and reveled living near the beach in her hometown of Saint Tropez in the South of France, where she worked at a beach resort during the summers. And when Fall came in September, she began planning a weekend trip to Paris with a friend, in order to indulge one of her favorite passions—listening to live concerts in the city’s music venues.

    She seems to be travelling light.

    Here’s dad, Professor Jean-Marie of St Tropez grieving for the cameras in contrast with the fun coffin

    “I knew Aurélie was there, because she’d posted on Facebook that she wanted to go hear that group,”

    said her sister Delphine [a 35-year-old project manager who apparently lives in London]

    She began frantically calling her sister’s cell phone but there was no answer. Then she called her parents in Saint Tropez, but they had gone to bed early, and had not heard about the Paris attacks.

    Dad was quickly on TV

    “Nous savions qu’Aurélie était au Bataclan ce vendredi-là. Nous avons passé une nuit d’angoisse en suivant l’évolution de la situation en direct sur les chaînes d’info. Et nous étions extrêmement inquiets. Il nous a fallu aller reconnaître le corps à l’Institut médico-légal

    He’s a member of a press club, works for Var Matin

    Yes, fun all the way at the funeral, the band played “Hey Jude”.

    but it’s all the government’s fault for taking it easy after the Charlie Hebdo hoax in January, and he’s going to file a complaint. Hmmmm

    Notice how the story changes by November 26 – the father’s story does match his daughter’s!
    “Nous savions qu’Aurélie était au Bataclan ce vendredi-là. Nous avons passé une nuit d’angoisse en suivant l’évolution de la situation en direct sur les chaînes d’info. Et nous étions extrêmement inquiets.

    Now instead of being fast asleep, the parents knew that Aurelie was there all night. Hmmmm again. Who’s telling the truth? In all probability neither of them.
    I can’t find any projects managed anywhere by Delphine. I’d say she was called Delphyne ex Reporters sans Frontieres

    ?Rock In Peace? my beautiful Sista, my best mate, my partner in crime…
    Wherever you are now,
    you are still my half. I love you ?

    Another RSF collaborator, in addition to the other sister, Aurelie, was mentioned at an awards ceremony shortly afterwards in Strasbourg

    Tout au long de la soirée, Christophe Deloire, directeur de publication de RSF, a épaulé Bernard de la Villardière. Il a tenu à rendre hommage en introduction à deux collaboratrices de RSF, « tuées lors des événements de vendredi soir » : Anna Pétard-Lieffrig, abattue avec sa sœur au restaurant Le Petit Cambodge, et Aurélie de Peretti, morte sous les balles au Bataclan. Les applaudissements de la salle ont rendu hommage à ces victimes.

    Note, from the list of victims – Anna Petard Lieffrig, 24 ans, graphiste et sa sœur Marion Petard Lieffrig, 30 ans, musicologue.
    Petard translates as firecracker in google translate appropriately. Perhaps it’s worth looking at the Lieffrig sisters.
    Simon Shack has already noted to the high proportion of journalists allegedly killed in these Parisian events


    Seems that our grieving father Jean-Marie de Peretti [sorry, ignore the title professor I wrote above, he’s not, my mistake, just a journalist, a monsieur] has been under the fishy clinical psychologist who has been fingered at Cluesforum by Simon
    here he is in Hawaii-Five-O uniform
    Jean Pierre Vouche

    Cabinet de consultant pour Formation, Recherche, Études, Intervention :
    – pour entreprises (TF1, la RATP, le Printemps, Medica France, etc..),

    Two of the organisations involved in this staged drama – the bus company which drove away the crisis actors in their gold capes and the TV channel which was on the spot.

    dimanche 15 novembre 2015 05:30

    “Depuis plusieurs mois, notre fille Aurélie nous parlait de ce concert…”
    Une douleur d’autant plus forte qu’il n’a appris la nouvelle qu’à 14h le lendemain de l’attentat.

    La famille de Jean-Marie de Peretti redoute maintenant de devoir l’annoncer au reste de la famille car prévenir les proches, c’est une grande difficulté, témoigne Jean-Pierre Vouche. Les traits tirés, le regard fatigué, il n’a pas dormi de la nuit. Il était l’un des premiers psychologues vendredi soir sur le terrain.
    “Il y avait un homme qui venait de perdre sa femme et il ne savait pas comment l’annoncer à ses enfants. Je dois le revoir et sûrement je vais aller à domicile. Je suis en intervention pour le restaurateur, ce restaurateur qui a perdu sa femme. Je dois annoncer à un enfant de huit ans la mort de sa maman. J’ai pris en charge également plusieurs personnes de ce restaurant qui ont été choquées”.

    Another psychologist was brought in – no doubt to coach the participants

    Christophe Debien, a psychiatrist in a hospital in Lille. ….. We met more people that go very badly. ” Especially those at the Bataclan. “I have rarely seen people in this state.”

    Except perhaps in a real drama theatre.

    Listen to this acting

    De Peretti’s daughter [35 years old] was talking to her father about a gig involving the EOEM from California for months….which begs the question when the gig was announced. And did he really not hear about the attack until 2pm the next day, if I understand the French correctly? I also wonder if La sœur de Jean-Marie de Peretti who spent the night on the telephone according to the article ought to be the “sister of Aurélie”, Delphyne. [see previous post above]

    The psychologists seemed to have been drafted in

    Des équipes de psychiatres du Samu ont été mobilisés pour faire des maraudes dans le quartier. Objectif: repérer les personnes en état de choc, “les ramener à la réalité”, explique Christophe Debien, du Samu de Lille, venu en renfort
    November 14 2015

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    14/11/15 – 14 H 10
    Patrick Goldstein, boss of Lille SAMU,[service d’aide médicale urgente] tells his story..of the drill

    Dr. Patrick Goldstein was not on call. “But as soon as I heard what was going to Paris, I immediately returned to the hospital. Because I knew we would probably be asked to lend a hand to our colleagues in Paris and the Paris region…

    of course…

    “The Director General of Health has asked us to immediately send several teams to the capital.


    Four intensive care ambulances, Lille, Arras and Amiens, then took the road to reach Paris. Samu Lille also sent two helicopters medicalized. “We put a plan in place to be able to evacuate the wounded, outside the Paris region, in hospitals located along the A1 motorway,” says the ER.

    But in the middle of the night, this device has been lowered because of the terrible news from the Bataclan. “Around 3:00 am, Pierre Carli, my counterpart Samu of Paris called me to tell me that people still inside the theater were unfortunately almost all died. And all the people injured in the evening, had been referred to a hospital bed in Paris or the suburbs, “says Dr. Goldstein.

    sounds like a drill

    the Samu of Lille, 4:00 am, triggered his medical and psychological emergency unit. “We made from three psychiatrists and a psychologist. From 6:30 am, they were stationed in the town hall of the 11th district, “says Dr. Goldstein.

    Although the scale of these attacks is unprecedented in France, all hospital teams were prepared to deal with it.“Traditionally, we are trained in emergency medicine and disaster. But in recent years, we have learned to manage the consequences of urban terrorism. Because that is what happened in the streets of Paris: urban warfare acts we witnessed with gunshot extremely serious, “the doctor says.

    Regularly, rescue teams are rehearsals, in real conditions, to be fully operational in the event of attack. “This week we were practicing in Lens, with firefighters and police, in the context of the Euro football France. And I know that on the morning of the attacks, our colleagues in the Samu of Paris were, too, in exercise on a sadly prescient theme “Attacks multisite”. This shows how the alert level was highest, and he still is, “says Dr. Goldstein.

    “For now, I have not talked to colleagues who first, entered the Bataclan. But I guess they could see… for them, the psychological assault was major, “concludes Patrick Goldstein


    Smoking Gun at CF reminds us that an inquest was held on Nick Alexander in his former home county of Essex.
    Actually, the pathologist, if any, who allegedly carried out a post-mortem in Colchesterr , is not named here, but see below….

    As is usual in these psy-ops, identification is alleged to be carried out using DNA, dental records or, in this case, with fingerprints.
    I am sure visual identification would suffice.
    It is not clear whether the inquest is concluded or has merely opened and been adjourned as is usually the case.
    There are no obstacles now for the “funeral” to take place, the first duty of the inquest, that of identifying the “deceased” has taken place.

    On Friday[November 27] Coroner’s Officer Nick Hales confirmed Mr Alexander had been shot in the Bataclan on Friday, November 13.

    Warning Bells…

    A post mortem examination took place on November 25 at Colchester General Hospital conducted by pathologist Dr Nick Hunt.

    He gave the provisional cause of death as gunshot wounds to the chest and stomach.

    Nick Hunt seems to be operating “out of area”, as he normally operates in the Midlands/Oxford region

    Note also this fishy Knapman/Hunt one-two in 2002

    A safe pair of hands.

    We will remember Nick Hunt as the safe pair of hands entrusted with the Dr David Kelly, Iraq War suicide psy-op back in 2003.


    LE Parisian dredged up a liar to say a suicide bomber detonated himself at an unnamed Brasserie opposite gate D of the Stade de France [no such thing occurred] The liar is called Bley Bilal Mokono who saw both the “bombers”, North African, of course.

    He describes a woman with flesh and bone on her arm and hair.His absurd story involves him being separated from his son and searching for his clothes among the flesh…before being reuneited much later – the son escapes from the back in the manner of the EODM at the Bataclan.

    J’ai cherché ses vêtements dans les débris de chair, mais aucune trace./blockquote>
    Another paid actor.

    ils devaient être débriefés en présence d’une psychologue.

    This would be a psychologist who would train them in false memory recall.

    For the record, the complicit Brasserie which allowed its front window to be shattered for the drill was called EVENTS at 23, Avenue Jules Rimet, as seen in the Le Parisien video#
    google street view

    There was one “death” in the area of the stadium, easily retired off afterwards…
    Manuel Colaco Dias, 63 ans, chauffeur d’autocar, Portugais, vivait à Cormontreuil, près de Reims, et travaillait pour l’entreprise rémoise Regnault Autocars.

    A waitress at the Brasserie is alleged to have received 20 stitches after being struck by shrapnel – more lies. Psychological consellors were provided for children at two nearby schools for those traumatised by the non-bombs…

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