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    People like the Hopkins are the equivalent of the Harley man, rushed out to paint a picture in the viewers’ and listeners’ minds when there is little or no evidence for what they are describing.
    Another key perp who was hawked around the studios was ’emergency paramedic’ Russell “Rusty” Clarke. His strapline was Chernobyl [lol!]

    “it was like I’ve seen the Chernobyl mini-series there was just, everything was just blanketed in ash”

    Here he is again,being taken over the jumps with carefully crafted questions from Lisa Owen to elicit the correct response [if he can remember the script without fumbling!]
    From about 7:25, but especially 9:00 onwards…

    “I would have to describe it as Chernobyl, erm you know, looking at the scene, the mini series, erm looking at it, it was just a complete absolute white out of the area involved…”
    Could you see people?
    No, so I couldn’t see anybody. there was just a couple of people on the edges of the beach there, there were obviously a few boats that were starting to arrive in the bay there, I didn’t see any people myself, no.

    Could he see people? No, yes, no.

    Dr John Bonning, president of the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine was also in on the hoax [start of the above video] said what a good job Whakatane hospital had done. LOL! Draws parallels with the [fake] Christchurch terror attack [lol!] These experts couldn’t possibly lie about what went on at White Island, could they? More generalities from Bonning. He didn’t see jack. “apparently like a war zone” “coped remarkably well”
    Pure drill speak.

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    Here’s another untrustworthy report – ABC’s embedded journo on the Ovation of ther Seas, Donna Field again who had just gone on a walk on her own, thought the “plume of ash” was from a fire [LOL!!!]

    She only knew that a volcano had erupted from her children. “The penny dropped. I checked to see whether that was a tour option for people on the ship and sure enough it was…”


    The recent 2013 White Island eruption is quite reminiscent and similar to the 2019 “natural” disaster.

    GeoNet – White Island eruption 20 August 2013 5x speed
    GeoNetNZ – 20 Aug 2013 – 02:17 mm:ss – 4K views


    Another one, not dissimilar to Field, was roped in to shore up the ropey narrative – a Canadian actor called Sylvain Plasse from Toronto
    Another who just happened to go walking, oblivious to the fact that there was an alleged tour to the volcano from the cruise ship…
    Plasse thought the smoke was from stacks from a factory.
    suuuuuure he did

    Plasse described the experience as “just surreal.” as usual…

    Plasse said he had drinks with the couple ** the night before ***.
    ** Matt and Lauren Urey, US honeymooners….now badly burned, allegedly. :et’s check the Urey’s GoFundMe – latest update Dec 15 2019 from ‘organiser’ Aaron McKendry
    I know that everyone is anxious to know about the status of Matt and Lauren, but I am going to continue to respect the family’s request for privacy. I will say that they are both progressing well in their treatments, but that the treatments are going to be going on for months.
    Nearly $50K raised.

    *** any idea what they talked about, allegedly? Some clues here
    He returned to the Royal Caribbean ship to find out that there had been a tour to White Island that day.

    so, the Urey’s didn’t mention it? Looks like gatekeeping to me.
    Plasse, who has been on 105 cruises with Royal Caribbean, had met newlywed couple Lauren and Matt Urey the night before, and they had told him they were planning to take a fun excursion the next day. His mind flashed to them immediately

    Fun excursion? Suuuuure. No further questions.

    View this post on Instagram

    Now that I’ve returned Home, I’m reviewing pictures and videos that I captured during the days following the #WhiteIsland #NewZealand #Volcano and stumbled upon a recording of #Captain #HenrikLoy’s announcement early on December 10th where #Help and #Counselling was offered to all guests on #OvationOfTheSeas. Some people trying to #capitalize from this unfortunate event have accused @RoyalCaribbean of not offering this couselling until several #DAYS after the incident. #NotTrue. I have the #time #stamped #original video proof. @ROYALCARIBBEAN @ROYALCARIBBEANBLOG @ROYALCARIBBEAN_AUNZ @royalcaribbeanmexico @royalcaribbeanblog @royalcaribbeanuk @royalcarribbeaninternational

    A post shared by Sylvain Plasse | ACTOR (@sylvain_plasse) on

    Gatekeeping? Not much.


    An important part of the narrative behind the credibility of the 2019 White Island eruption, is the scientific status of White Island as an active volcano with frequent eruptions.

    Major volcanic activity in recent times occurred in 1981–83 when eruptions transformed the islands landscape burning the existing forest, and in 2000 three new volcano-vents (vents) covered the island in fine grey powder, and a new crater* formed that contains the crater-lake which today seems to be the major tourist attraction.

    In 2012, the White Island volcano regained activity with a minor eruption august 5th eruption, followed a year later by a ten minutes eruption on 20 August 2013 that produced mostly steam according to news coverage and scientists.

    New Zealand Herald – 2013
    Eruption on White Island

    New Zealand Herald – 2013
    Volcanologist on the White Island eruption

    Stuff – 2013
    White Island erupts

    Wired – 2013
    Eruption at White Island Captured on Video

    Scoop – 2013
    White Island Eruption – Volcanic Alert 2, Aviation Code Red

    As much as the 2019 White Island eruption has been proven to be an intricate death-hoax using the natural volcano activity on the island as a pretext, the motivation behind it is clearly not much different from any other death hoax which is to create public interest, emotion and empathy (shock and awe).

    When we look back at the events of 2013, we no longer have any victims or habitual media-fakery angle to the eruption – which means we here are confronted with what is merely a natural event according to all experts and scientists.

    In other words, no media-fakery is needed for the White Island 2013 eruption, and even the press paid little if no attention to what scientifically was a “minor” that was expected according to experts surveilling the volcano activity.

    So – what does it mean if science uses fake images to document such an event ?

    And yes, the “live” footage from the August 20th 2013 eruption (video) is all fake… As can be seen from hereunder in “official” images from the official source of geological hazard information for New Zealand – GeoNet (here). Pictures from the crater rim all hoaxed up with official and scientific backing…

    White Island 2013 eruption picture taken with GeoNet Crater Rim camera – clearly fake from the Error Level Analysis (documentation here)


    Contemporary reports of the 2013 “eruption” of White Island refer to a column of steam, not ash. [links above]

    Now, the emphasis is on ash [which never seemed to fall] in the similar 2019 ‘eruption’.
    This gatekeeper at 3:45, volcanic geologist Graham Leonard is taken over the jumps by Lisa to estimate 10-20 cm of ash was left lying on the volcano. Suuuuure it was

    This is essentially a plot device to account for the tantalising non-discovery of two alleged people on White Island – i.e. a “sediment wave likely flushed the two bodies down the stream into the ocean” Suuuure Highly likely, not.

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    It’s a strange volcano which only covers the landing stage area in fine slurry yet the surrounding crags remain dark in this high res photo also allegedly from Auckland Rescue

    If there is any truth in the bodies being washed out to sea after heavy rainfall [lol!] then one would expect our aerial spotters to have taken some images after the rain, showing a tongue of discoloration where the stream meets the bay. Which we will never see.
    high res photo which purports to have been shot by Auckland Rescue immediately after the “eruption”, before the rains.

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    Here’s a compare and contrast…

    The eruption of Mount Tavurvur volcano on August 29th, 2014. Captured by Phil McNamara.

    White Island eruption taken from images of the GeoNet Whakatane camera, 20 August 2013. Compiled from 1 second images, the video is sped up by a factor of 5.

    The first video, Mount Tavurvur volcano, would appear to be real footage, a flash-bang measurement (5 seconds gap = 1 mile) of 13 seconds meaning the person filming is just over 2.5 miles away from the eruption. We can see the local clouds are blasted away just after the explosion, and although there is wind noice throughout, the boat jolts as the sound wave hits.

    So, while the event is real, is it an actual volcano eruption or a man-made detonation with the cover story of an eruption? Three boats in the area would suggest they knew exactly when the mount would blow. Scientist would explain that one by the idea that volcanos are constantly monitored, the scenario played out in many volcano disaster films. They really want that fact embedded in out subconscious, so what does that suggest? Considering the logistics involved, it has the usual hollow ring about it. Would it not be more reasonable that scientists know exactly when to turn up and film because they are the ones with the trigger button.

    But back to my main point. If we now compare the second video, the White Island eruption, we firstly catch the explosion complete, and there is no movement in the nearby cloud. In fact the white cloud that is directly above the eruption stays in place and turns to the same grey. With regards to the grey, it could be shadow, but this seems unlikely as the shadow starts from the wrong place – the bottom edge of the cloud moving up instead of the top edge of the cloud moving down. It seems more likely the cloud above the eruption has been coloured over to match the exploding cloud so it didn’t have to be removed. And it is very odd that the top of the exploding cloud has more definition than its base. Plane con-trail watches will know this is at odds to the way they expand drift and become transparent. It reminds me more of the following video, but the quality of the above video, it is hard to tell for sure.


    The first video, Mount Tavurvur volcano, would appear to be real footage, a flash-bang measurement (5 seconds gap = 1 mile) of 13 seconds meaning the person filming is just over 2.5 miles away from the eruption.

    Looking at the hyper-real reflections in the sea, the footage from the Tavurvur volcano eruption in 2014 by Phil McNamara look very much like more of the same – CGI.

    Analyzing an image still taken from Phil McNamara’s video footage – it is no doubt that we yet again are being given hyper-realistic 3d renderings that are severely altered when analyzed by Error Level Analysis (ELA).

    It is fastidious to need to check every bit of information we dispose in terms of examples of what is real – but again it is all the more apparent the Elite are indeed hoaxing volcano eruptions at least in these two locations – White Island (2019 & 2013) and Tavurvur (2014).

    To be exacting here, the alterations in the footage that is presented as real in the above instances (White Island 2019, 2013and Tavurvur 2014) are so severe in the forensic Error Level Analysis (ELA) there is no error margin possible – this is faked imagery.

    Mount Tavurvur volcano 2014 by Phil McNamara
    Mount Tavurvur volcano 2014 by Phil McNamara – not real, not live

    The equally post-produced image from the GeoNet Crater Rim camera in 2013 is analyzed above – and the picture is among the images used in GeoNet’s video referenced in your (Rachel) post above and my post before that (here)

    Regarding the Mount Tavurvur volcano eruption in 2014, there is quite a lot of even worse 3D renderings of the very same “eruption”, some pictures (exemple) really is recognizable 3D just by a glance and need no ELA analysis.


    It’s a strange volcano which only covers the landing stage area in fine slurry yet the surrounding crags remain dark in this high res photo also allegedly from Auckland Rescue

    The Auckland Rescue Helicopter Service “photo” is in reality a very poor 3D render, it is hard to understand how the image could be presented as “real” but the NZ Herald’s sure does cite the CGI image as a “photo” in their article (here) – quite curious, but many clearly are in the know about the recent White Island eruption being staged.

    Looking a bit on the Auckland Rescue Helicopter Service website, one is left to wonder about their dramatic feats intervening in a range of media-fakery prone incidents that might not all be any more real than their role in the White Island volcano eruption “coverage”.

    Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust – Articles

    Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust White Island eruption
    The above computer render (referenced by Xileffilex) of White Island is of particularly poor quality yet feature as a “photo” in the NZ Herald (here)


    Looking a bit on the Auckland Rescue Helicopter Service website, one is left to wonder about their dramatic feats intervening in a range of media-fakery prone incidents that might not all be any more real than their role in the White Island volcano eruption “coverage”.

    Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust – Articles

    These air rescue/air ambulance outfits are reliable attendees at any psy-op, stuffed as they are with ex-military pilots. Yet we the people are constantly bombarded by their exploits, many of them staged, to generate respect, admiration and revenue for these “heroes”. Perhaps the reality is that there is very little utility in these operations and they are little more than a vanity/news creating project. A cost-benefit analysis would be inconvenient.

    I note that Russell (Rusty) Clark and Russell Clarke are two separate paramedics in the NZ Westpac operation who were both wheeled out with their rehearsed stories.

    I started a thread after noting the [frequently pointless] omnipresnce of these air ambulances at media hoaxes. Their helicopters and orange suits sure make it look “real”, providing plenty of photo opportunities for the MSM.

    Air Ambulances and their role in psy-ops

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    On further reflection of Mount Tavurvur volcano 2014 and Whakatane camera 2013 footage above, I would place myself on the side of both being genuine, the error analysis Unreal points out, it could be simply down to the video compression used.

    The Whakatane video is a time laps running at x5 speed, so could easily be more of a kettle boiling effect. I’ve read related analysis about clouds and how different cloud types appear to exist at particular altitudes, suggesting the sky is built up of layers. It’s curious, because it does seem towards the end of this video, the cloud released is beginning to do exactly that, split into the layers of the existing cloud levels.

    This is off-topic so I won’t continue to pursue it here. But neither of the videos seem to fit the image portrayed by the propaganda surrounding volcanos. The first would seem to be a man-made detonation, the second, a geyser type eruption.

    Old Faithful Geyser erupts on a clear winter day in Yellowstone National Park (Credit: Jacob W. Frank, National Park Service. Public domain.)

    If a couple of the classic eruptions portrayed as real on the following channel are clearly cgi, what does that tell us about the entire content of this channel and our ability to discern fact from fiction?



    Another pair of agents/insiders I missed, perhaps because only CNN eventually picked up the planted photo.
    Here’s the tee-up from an <a href=”Donnacha Ó Súilleabháin
    Awesome solutions for tricky problems
    Bay of Plenty, New Zealand”>Irish local and NZ government employee who doesn’t often tweet
    Donnacha Ó Súilleabháin
    Awesome solutions for tricky problems
    Bay of Plenty, New Zealand

    then picked and commented upon, with the all important photo, by someone who didn’t even tweet about it in his own feed/ although he was happy to promote the Schade insider video

    They followed the usual melee of invited media hacks to request use of the image which somehow they found
    #whiteisland just erupted ten min ago.
    We was here at 13:15?

    sent at 2:32 PM local time.

    At 2:52 someone asks Jon Arrieta whether he were on the boat in the web cam shore photos. No answer.

    Another little exchange –
    StoryfulNews @StoryfulNews
    ·9 Dec 5:27 PM NZDT
    Thanks so much Jon – did you happen to take any video of the eruption as well? Glad you’re OK!

    zurraspismo @Littlejon_81
    ·9 Dec 5:29 PM
    No, only some photos

    StoryfulNews @StoryfulNews
    ·9 Dec 5:30 PM
    If you have any more you’d be happy for us to use, can you email them to editor@storyful.com or follow us for a DM?

    zurraspismo @Littlejon_81
    ·9 Dec 5:32 PM NZDT
    No, sorry, that is my best photo

    Arrieta of Bilbao provided no further details about his trip [alleged] to White Island or what he was doing in New Zealand. He appears to have given no interviews to the media outlets asking for one. He just appears then vanishes. Ergo we cannot trust his image.

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    Meanwhile the hoaxed death narrative proceeds erratically, a victim succumbing in hospital in NZ, allegedly, named in the USA but not in other countries…
    Mayuri “Mary” Singh, who was traveling with her husband Pratap “Paul” Singh, died at Middlemore Hospital in South Auckland, New Zealand from treatment complications, which included skin grafts on burns covering 70 percent of her body, a family friend told local outlet 11Alive.

    Paul was burned on 40 percent of his body and remains hospitalized, says the New York Post. [rather than the “family friend”]

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    Hoax management of this phoney event ctd. In order to prolong the news coverage, it emerges that the previously anonymous ‘victim’ has been named as “father of three” Chris Cozad from near Sydney, who, allegedly had died on December 14, but his “death” was announced only 10 days later. It was alleged that he and his family were on the “cruise” but there is no need for any of them to have been anywhere near the good ship Ovation of the Seas.
    How did it emerge? Facebook, of course.
    An Australian man died in a Sydney hospital last week after being transferred. [Dec 22 2019, 7News.com, Australia]
    Who he?
    The daughter ** of a newly-identified victim of the New Zealand volcano eruption has made a heartrending tribute to “the best dad”.
    Sydney father-of-three Chris Cozad, 43 ***, was identified earlier this week as a victim of the December 9 disaster, for which the death toll now sits at 19.
    Cozad and his family were aboard the Ovation of the Seas, celebrating his 20th wedding anniversary with wife Bianca ++, when the tragedy unfolded.
    He alone was on White Island at the time of the eruption, his wife and two youngest daughters remaining on the ship with other family members

    ++ “learning and well-being officer” at a school in NSW at Springwood, west of Sydney, east of Katoomba.

    ** https://www.facebook.com/emily.cozad.3
    **** nice bearded photo ex-Facebook for the MSM ….give him a shave and you wouldn’t recognise him sitting next to you on a bus.

    It doesn’t seem like Emily was on any kind of cruise…
    Emily Cozad is with Lauren Morris *** at Goodthings Festival.
    December 8 at 6:43 AM · Sydney, NSW, Australia ·

    *** partner

    Some anodyne volcano eruption “solidarity” posts after 12/9 don’t mention any family members being on any cruise until the “narrative facebook post” from Dec 21 for the MSM to “find”

    A funeral was held on Sunday. [Dec 22]
    which nobody seems to have attended or mentioned. Check!! Is this a “nuclear” family? I wouldn’t bet on it.

    So far, so standard psy-op fare.

    Finally, notice the emotive, suggestive clip at 1.10 in the video below
    showing how bodies could be washed out to sea. An excellent piece of CGI to accompany the “real” story.

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    GoFUNDthem…. CHECK!
    December 26 2019
    More than $400,000 has been raised for victims of the White Island volcanic eruption that claimed the lives of 19 people and left 25 people with horrific burns.
    These range from
    So far, $125,347 has been raised for [Jake] Millbank [19] **, who has burns to 80 per cent of his body and now reportedly breathing on his own.
    A Givealittle page for a second tour guide, Kelsey Waghorn, has raised $98,562. She has been a tour guide on White Island for five years and suffered burns to 45 per cent of her body….

    down to
    ….A GoFundMe account has raised $11,205 for [Chris] Cozad.
    …the problem with arriving late at the GoFundMe party. Unfortunately I can’t locate any GoFundMe for Cozad.
    ** the winner


    An often encountered sub-routine in psy-ops is the creation of indignation among the population at large – such as memorials being desecrated [by agents] or the alleged stealing of funds from victim support charities or robbing of victims’ houses when they ‘are in hospital’ – to prop up a shaky narrative.
    In this case, a clearly obvious simulation of a volcanic eruption created 8 years ago was tweeted. Whether this was accidental or deliberate is unclear, but the earliest generic tweet I found is this from Dec 20 in India

    Amay Kubal (B+)
    New Zealand’s White Island volcano eruption on 9 Dec 2019. Please wait for 24 seconds when nature’s roar begins and most importantly.. another 24 seconds after the blackout – completely lifeless.
    This happens at very Short Warning.
    #RIP Victims. ??

    Here’s the original

    Who knows how computer simulation without the unnecessary ejection of solid objects has progressed since 2011…
    And here’s the faux outrage – fancy trusting ‘social media’ rather than the MSM…

    Strangely, the StuffNZ gatekeepers only refer to Dec 29 ** retweets.

    The response to the woman ** who Tweeted the video was quick in fast with many calling it “despicable”, “insensitive” and “in poor taste”.

    Job done again – it was REAL

    Also REAL the contents of the caskets…when three of a family were “farewelled”

    I’m not sure how it can be a triple funeral if one of the bodies *** has allegedly not been found.
    Winona [Langford’s] *** older brother Jesse, 19, survived the blast and is being treated in Sydney’s Royal North Shore Hospital for serious burns.

    On Monday, he watched the funeral for his entire immediate family via video link from his hospital bed.

    The ‘drive-by”

    It was a real farewelling…


    ..very quickly er noticed a lot of people sprinkled throughout the crater floor People were in all different er positions A lot of them were starfished, a lot of them were lying down, no-one was standing, there was people sitting.
    Some people were able to say briefly a couple of things and just sit dazed
    The injuries were, er, very horrific

    [he and two other pilots rescued 12 people from the volcano but not all survived]

    Helicopter pilot Mark Law who took the place of emergency services who would NOT be landing [compartmentalisation of the drill]


    And another reciting of the narrative from Geoff Hopkins

    As people came on they were just calling doctors , first aiders so we went out, we’re first aid trained and just started to help people as they come on Everyone that come on [sic] just had varying degrees of burns, er just the very, some severe and critical/ We just did what we could to stabilise, to keep people comfortable, to reassure..”

    Having just left the island only minutes before the ‘eruption’ PAUL KINGI went back to rescue 20 people No interview from Kingi…

    Sea operations manager at White Island Tours


    No recent posts,
    but a new boat in “ash grey” was delivered in 2018

    It doesn’t resemble the mystery boat UNreal took a screen shot of from the Schade video

    Larry Zhou Hi, Mr. kingi, are you the skipper of Phoenix? If so, I must say thank you for saving my mom. She is brought back by boat Phoenix from White Island.
    [Dec 18 2019, rather late to the game, our Larry]
    who just happened to upload his “profile picture” on Dec 11 after a long absence

    yup, that’s our Larry.

    — but what’s this, he’s a friend of Geoff Hopkins now

    Larry Zhou is with Lani Hopkins and Geoff Hopkins.
    December 28, 2019 at 2:24 PM ·
    Wonderful and meaningful Christmas lunch. Thank you.

    and now Larry can recreate the timeline… on Dec 31. Suuuuure

    Larry Zhou
    December 31, 2019 at 9:52 AM ·
    Dec9 White Island eruption, checked into Waikato Hospital’ ICU.

    Dec29 discharged from the ICU, transferred to HDU.

    Dec31, finally, after almost 4weeks, as a survivor from the White Island Eruption, my mom can speak now.

    Still a long journey ahead, my prayers are with other survivors, passed, and their families.

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    More on Kingi
    2006 Started New Job at White Island Tours – Volcano Adventure Tours, New Zealand

    Notice how Kingi’s story is told through a “friend” – the implication is that’s it’s Kingi in the inflatable dighy in the Schade images, heading towards the island
    source RNZ, Dec 10 2019

    Mr Kingi recounted the experience to friend and former employer Rick Pollock, a former ** charter boat operator.

    Mr Pollock spoke to RNZ about Mr Kingi’s incredible actions *** in the most challenging and tragic of conditions.

    “He actually wasn’t the skipper of the boat [at the time] and that’s really quite fortuitous because had he been the skipper he wouldn’t have been able to co-ordinate things as well as he did. And his input was absolutely vital at that time,” Mr Pollock said.
    “Had he been the skipper he would have had that responsibility too and he couldn’t have spread himself too thin. But Paul, being a free agent, was able to get back on the island and pretty much perform all the heroics.”
    Mr Kingi got into an inflatable dinghy and made his way back to the erupting island.

    “He just charged back into that crater and was just pulling people off left right and centre – I think he pulled in excess of 20 people out.”

    Just as he was giving up hope of finding any more survivors, Mr Pollock said Mr Kingi saw a figure through the ash.

    “He said that the atmosphere was acidic, acrid and just horrible and he was really starting to get concerned for himself when he saw him,” Mr Pollock said.

    “That was the last person he rescued. And that man, he said, had a full inch of ash all over him.
    [as per photo in the video, previous post]

    Fakery at every turn.
    ** former?
    *** a hero who didn’t want to tell his story?

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    Also REAL the contents of the caskets…when three of a family were “farewelled”

    The invite looks like a bad paste-up to me…

    fotoforensics agrees, the text being as real to the image as the copyright mark at the corner…

    Link to analysis here…

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