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    Mark Devlin, Ken O'Keefe, Mark Passio, Derrick Broze
    Free Your Mind 4 Conference 2016, from left to right : Mark Devlin (Musical Truth), Ken O’Keefe (World Citizen Funding Campaign), Mark Passio (Satanic Epi-Eugenics), Derrick Broze (The Conscious Resistance)

    Both mainstream and alternative culture is created and managed by the Elite through the Mainstream Media and Alternative Media. Objectively there should be no surprise that Conspiracy culture, as part of Alternative culture, is equally manufactured and controlled by the Elite.

    As much as it appears straightforward to conclude that Conspiracy theory is an Elite created and controlled movement – it is hard for anyone part of this very community to be able to have the necessary objectivity to realise such a harsh fact.

    Of course, many members of the conspiracy theory community have strongly voiced how they suspect single individuals or communities of being contrived or lead by professional operators (also referred to as ‘shills’, agents or disinfo agents).

    Raising individual cases of false conspiracy figures is nevertheless inadequate for understanding the more foundational mechanics at hand. In a sense, when we suspect single elements on their own, we automatically will consider that these cases are exceptions. And if professional intelligence operators are the exception – then truthful, amateur researchers is by default the norm.

    Unfortunately, truthful amateur researchers are NOT the norm but in order to realise how Conspiracy culture as a movement is in fact a PsyOp on its own – we need to distance our focus from our current sources and look more generally at the Conspiracy scene in its multitude of flavors and variations.

    “There is nothing more deceptive than an obvious fact.”
    Arthur Conan Doyle, 1859-1930

    As we turn our attention to the numerous media-outlets for conspiracy material in all its different iterations, we will realise how much of the material is toxic and how the individuals that present such material are too. In fact – outside of our current conspiracy confort-zone – it will be quite obvious how other sources are voluntarily misleading if not unmistakeable intelligence operations.

    It is therefore unfortunate that we never admit as much – that Conspiracy Culture is a conspiracy in its own right – and an important one too.

    The fact the Elite has control over the known conspiracy theory outlets and its experts does not invalidate the topics that are raised. What we suffer from nevertheless is the inability to analyse the information we are fed through an appropriate filter as all available information comes served with an agenda that is clearly to mislead and confuse (if not immediatly, then further down the road).

    Many may have the impression they are fully able to discern information from disinformation. To hold such opinions seems quite misleading unless we recognize how all conspiracy outlets are part of a major intelligence operation in its own right, the Conspiracy Conspiracy.

    It is common procedure even in basic logics to eradicate misinformation and invalidate polluted media assets. When it comes to Conspiracy theory it seems we have a long way to go before we have safe ground in sight regarding toxic sources. The half-lie and long-term disinformation policies makes our assessment of information and their sources difficult. And even more difficult when we are unaware of the false construct in which we navigate, and the number of professionals that surround us – both as experts and as trolls.

    As we might be incredulous that the entire Conspiracy movement is itself a PsyOp, many will be focusing on the notion of who is an agent or not. My current understanding is that ALL the typical conspiracy ‘dudes’ are in fact agents and that what we have a hard time to put in images and words is in fact looking us straight in the eyes – since a long time back..

    The main Conspiracy figure heads ARE the typical paid Intelligence operators – and their look and sound is well-known to us all. Behind their hats, beards, sunglasses and redneck accents, they come in flavors such as Henrik Palmgren, Jan Irvin, Jay Dyer, Max Igan, Mark Passio, James Corbett, Ole Dammegård, Freeman Fly…
    A quick list of 50 intelligence operators hiding as trustworthy “truthers”
    Alan Watt – Cutting Through The Matrix
    Bob Tuskin – The Bob Tuskin Show
    Brandon Turbeville – Truth On The Tracks
    Charles Giuliani – Truth Hertz
    Clint Richardson – Red Pill Sunday School
    Crrow 777 – Crrow 777 Radio
    Curtis Davis – Occult Science Radio
    Dan Carlin – Hardcore History
    Dane Wigington – GeoEngineering Watch
    Deanna Spingola – Spingola Speaks
    Dennis Fetcho – Inside the Eye
    Dr Joseph Farrell – News And Views From The Nefarium
    Ed Opperman – The Opperman Report
    Freeman Fly – The Free Zone
    Gordon Duff – VT Radio
    Greg Carlwood – Higherside Chats
    Henrik Palmgren – Red Ice Radio
    Jack Blood – The Jack Blood Show
    James Corbett – The Corbett Report
    James Evan Pilato – Media Monarchy
    Jan Irvin – Unspun
    Jay Dyer – Jay’s Analysis
    Jeff Rense – Jeff Rense Radio
    Jim Fetzer – The Raw Deal
    John B Wells – Caravan To Midnight
    John Dvorak, Adam Curry – No Agenda Show
    John Friend – The Realist Report
    Johnny Cirucci – Resistance Rising
    Kevin Barret – Truth Jihad
    Kyle Hunt – The Solar Storm
    Mark Devlin – Mark Devlin Radio Interviews
    Mark Passio – What On Earth Is Happening (WOEIH)
    Max Igan – Surviving The Matrix
    Mel Fabregas – Veritas Radio
    Meria Heller – Meria
    Mike Williams – Sage Of Quay Radio Hour
    Nick Spero – Circus Maximus
    Ole Dammegård – Light On Conspiracies
    Patrick Henningsen – 21St Century Wire
    Pearse Redmond – Porkins Policy Radio
    Richard Dolan – The Richard Dolan Show
    Richard Grove – Peace Revolution
    Richard Syrett – Conspiracy Unlimited
    Sibell Edmonds – The Boiling Frogs Show
    Stefan Molyneux – Freedomain Radio
    The Dude [no name found yet] – Deep Thoughts Radio
    Timothy Kelly – Our Interesting Times
    Tom Secker – ClandesTime
    Vinny Eastwood – the Vinny Eastwood Show
    Webster Tarpley – World Crisis Radio
    The fact we have held it possible that just “maybe” one of these pundits are legit has given birth to a lot of undue uncertainty and doubt where no uncertainty is needed. We know who the intelligence agents are and we need to do our research based on this situation in order to assess the scale of the operation and to better handle these outlets, their information, half truths and lies.

    The Conspiracy Conspiracy (article)

    The Conspiracy Conspiracy (spreadsheet 150+ list)


    Excellent idea, UNreal
    Can I add to the spreadsheet, off the top of my head –
    Richard D Hall’s RichPlanet TV + all frequent guests

    Abel Danger

    There must be many more missing from the 150.

    The litmus test for me is always whether they accept or promote fake deaths, whether on a small or an industrial scale. It seems none of the above ever do. Perhaps that’s their function, to steer us away from #NDNGH.

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    Can I add to the spreadsheet, off the top of my head –
    Richard D Hall’s RichPlanet TV + all frequent guests

    Indeed, the ‘Conspiracy Conspiracy’ spreadsheet list is far from extensive and your addition (xileffilex) is a really good one.

    With the advent of video, there are of course a large number of video/TV/Youtube shows that fully qualify as comparable outlets to the audio shows that i’m most familiar with. It might even be worthwhile to make video/TV/Youtube into a proper category.

    Right now the spreadsheet is not yet “interactive”, but much like the ‘List of PsyOps’ or the more antique ‘PsyOp Histogram’ it could be worthwhile if someone like Ab or Faye could make the information available for all Fakeologists to participate.

    ichard D. Hall 2018 UK Speaking Tour
    Richard D. Hall 2018 UK Speaking Tour (Since 2011, Richard D. Hall has embarked on a number of UK wide lecture tours – details of 2019 tour will probably be announced in the autumn)

    There are many filters to apply to conspiracy theory, and i fully agree #NDNGH is strong one. The fact the list of conspiracy outlets merely highlight the hosts themselves will of course be quite an underestimation of the number of intelligence operators as each show comes with many more guests and regular ‘experts’.

    What is noteworthy both with Richard Hall and most other hosts is how well connected they all are and pop up on each others shows and also hold hands at conferences and speaking engagements. Despite the wide variety of opinions, the role model “truthers” still show up alongside each others and engage together in what what can only be considered a consolidated effort.

    I do find the “Richplanet UK Tours” particularly interesting as it well illustrate the organised, interconnected nature of the various conspiracy talking heads, much as we see from conferences such as the Free Your Mind Conference, Open Mind Conference, JFK Assassination Conference, Secret Space Program Conference or Flat Earth International Conference.

    Part Three of Richplanet 2018 Tour – Space : The Final Frontier
    Richard Hall – 26 jun 2018 – 1:14 (h:mm) – 52K views


    Interesting List.

    Why not add it to the fakeopedia?

    It’s actually John C. Dvorak, not Hans.


    It is a good idea to add the ‘Conspiracy Conspiracy’ and its list to the Fakeopedia – hopefully someone familiar with the Wiki interface* would be able to do so in a not so distant future.

    As the list is clearly incomplete*, it would be very valuable that any Fakeologist can be able to add to and correct the list of Conspiracy hosts and shows that has been put together so far. The ‘Psyop Histogram’ is a good exemple of how this could be done in my view as many members contributed back in 2013 as you (Ab) made a public spreadsheet with a link on the front page and an article about the ‘Histogram’ – and you also mentionned it on air, encouraging participation.

    *personally i’m not familiar with the wiki interface and how to organise an excel spreadsheet into a comprehensive article

    *the ‘Conspiracy Conspiracy’ list of audio shows now has 154 entries (there are additionally a number of discontined shows as well)


    As illustrated with the joint list of radioshows & podcasts above – conspiracy culture is largely an artificial movement that is encouraged for our particular segment of dissident individuals in order to keep us occupied (& entertained) with subjects and matters that in themselves does not cause any particular dammage to Elite nor threaten their position.

    After all, the Elite ARE the culture creators – and also behind the alternative movement and conspiracy theory as well. We only need to look back at major conspiracies of past such as JFK or 911 to discern how organised these movements really have been.

    Even if we have the false opinion that we develop our research independently, the truth is that the topics and intrigues that develop in the conspiracy commnity are all developped through outlets and experts that attempts to act and behave like grassroots, everyday conspiracy ‘amateurs’ – but they are of course just acting their role.

    When we look at the list of 150+ radioshows and podcasts, these represent merely a narrow selection of conspiracy culture as a whole. Nevertheless, each of the audioshows does by themselves contain a very considerable amount of content and potential waste of ressources for an everyday man as every single outlet will produce thousands of hours of audio with hundreds of guests.

    It is by studying in detail some of the individual outlets that we might begin realise how conspiracy theories are not developped naturally but rather promoted in an organised system that is carefully crafted to appear mostly homemade by genuine, honest cititzens who stands up to defend theirs and our interest.

    “None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.”
    Goethe, 1749-1832

    The psychological shrewdness of creating conspiracy cult figures that imitate the secret aspirations of a “genuine truther” is of course very efficient as most of the conspiracy public will be able to identify with their new “collegues” and “fellow truthers” who are in fact rolemodels and figureheads elaborated to fit us amateur conspiracy researchers as an audience.

    Of course – by detailing the time and effort the various conspiracy show hosts are able to master on their own we soon will realise that we are dealing with a professional type of effort and that the network these people have even from their inception on the scene is nothing short of unbelievable. And obviously – we should never believe in unbelievable facts and circumstances.

    Jim Fetzer interviewed by aspiring YouTube conspiracy theorist Paolo Fiora in march 2018
    Jim Fetzer interviewed from his ‘homestudio’ by aspiring italian conspiracy theorist Paolo Fiora in march 2018 (YouTube)

    As one of many showhosts in the ‘Conspiracy Conspiracy’ list of intelligence operators, we find Jim Fetzer who lends himself well as an exemple for a typical outlet in the long list of shows produced for our particular flavor* of conspiracy theory as Fakeologists.

    From the information available online (here), it has been possible to examine Jim Fetzer’s activity as a podcast host since 2009, which represents a 10 year survey which is decent period* for a study as it testifies to the professional production behind the intelligence operation we are familiar with as one single person, James Henry Fetzer*.

    Since 2009 Jim Fetzer has hosted 1.162 two-hour shows according to his own web-site, and interviewed 513 different guests.

    Now, i’m not sure if anyone realise the amount of material this represents and especially the effort needed to spend that much time spinning conspiracy topics in every way except in the direction of intelligeable answers. If spending 20 years being wrong on Kennedy isn’t enough, then the last 10 years he’s spent being wrong on 911 probably does go to show the point made : Conspiracy theory is a Conspiracy in itself, and a lot of time and effort is made to control our alternative movement.

    Conspiracy show host : Jim Fetzer (spreadsheet)

    Conspiracy Gatekeeping (article)

    *for other levels of conspiracy tolerance, the exemples might be Jack Blood, Mark Passio, Richard Grove, Kyle Hunt or Stefan Molyneux – they all have produced and interacted with the same amount of fellow operators and equally spent thousands of hours on air consciently lying about their person and ‘genuine’ research

    *conspiracy hosts and outlets (audio shows) all seem to stay around for at least 5-10 years and usually gets archived when they close down, change names or join forces with fellow intelligence supported efforts as a new radio show, news-site or even hold the banner of some new movement (or just write a “report” or book)

    *it is clear that as an intelligence operative, Fetzer has been ‘fetching’ conspiracy audiences a lot longer than since 2009 as his assignment seems to have been predominantly JFK up untill the 911 aftermath where he took stage quite early as the co-founder of “Scholars for 9/11 Truth” together with Steven E. Jones (wiki)


    To illustrate to what extent it takes hard work to be wrong about conspiracy consistently over decades, it is worthwhile to notice how such efforts are only viable in collaboration with numerous fellow professionals.

    Much like James Fetzer, the various guests and contributors to conspiracy shows also have to present the very same professional level of production of conspiracy material. They too have to volontarily ‘miss the point’ over long periods of time*, despite the significant amont of comitment it takes to write books, articles and do research, and especially so when the research is meant for deception.

    Of course this crowd of deceptive amateurs ARE the intelligence operatives and factually represent the significant budgets and manpower employed by the various intelligence agencies around the world. Their main disguise is not their hats, beards and phony private lives – it is the scale of the operation they are part of. The ‘Conspiracy Conspiracy’ is hidden by the ‘Big Lie‘.

    We need to look closely at what is clear as day once we gather the information and analyse our findings – like the number of James Fetzers ‘fellow researchers’ here below who all spin their own flavor of disinformation..

    Jim Fetzer guest list hereunder :

    Abraham Bolden, Activist Angel, Adele Edisen, Adrian Salbuchi, Aiden Wylie, AJ Clemons, AJ McDonald Jr, Aka Curtis, Al Whitney, Alan Avalon, Alan Ayoub, Alan B Jones, Albert D Pastore, Alberto Games Jr, Alex Powers, Alison Richards, Allan Eaglesham, Allan W Powell, Allan Weisbecker, Anthony DeFiore, Anthony J Hall, Anton Chaitkin, Art Olivier, Arthur Topham, Barbara Honegger, Barry Chamish, Barry Ernest, Barry Soetoro, Barry Trower, Ben Collet, Benton Bradberry, Bernard Wilds, Betty Martini, Bev Harris, Beverly Bronson, Bill Dougherty, Bill Fox, Bill Lueders, Bill Newman, Bill Simpich, Bill Still, Bob Fitrakis, Bob Fox, Bob Tuskin, Bonne Hoag, Bonnie Faulkner, Brad Friedman, Brad Olsen, Bradley Ayers, Brandon Martinez, Brian Ruhe, Brian Stavely, Brian Tuohy, Bruce Wick, Caleb Hitt, Carl Herman, Carolyn Yeager, Carter Lee, Catherine Bleish, Chance George, Charles Kroncke, Charles Ochelli, Charles Pegelow, Charlie Robinson, Chris Carter, Chris Emery, Chris Everard, Christian Toussay, Christina Blosdale, Christina Consolo, Christof Lehmann, Christopher Busby, Christopher Holmes, Christopher Strunk, Chuck Boldwyn, Chuck Gregory, Cilla McCain, Cindy Pikoulas, Clare Kuehn, Cliff Arnebeck, Coleen Rowley, Connie Kritzberg, Craig Eugene, Curtis Cooperman, Damien Duffy, Dan Christensen, Dan Fairchild, Dan Lefkowitz, Daniel Noel, Dann Gire, Darrell Hamamoto, Dave Gahary, Dave McGowan, David Arnold, David Cole (now David Stein), David Denton, David Fryett, David Goodman, David Gray, David Livingstone Smith, David Oates, David Ramsay Steele, David Ray Griffin, David Robinson, David Sadler, David Swanson, David Weiss, Dean Hartwell, Dean Ryan, Deborah Dupre, Denis Rancourt, Dennis Cimino, Dennis David, Dennis Morriseau, Diane Wilder, Dick Eastman, Dick Russell, Dimitri Khalezov, Don Adams, Don Fox, Don Meserlian, Donald Grahn (Truth vs News), Donald Jeffries, Donald Stahl, Donna Janeczko, Donny Buswell, Doug Dietrich, Doug Vogt, Douglas Horne, Douglass Auld, Dr Alan Salerian, Dr David Mantik, Dr Ed Ward, Dr John Johnson, Dr Nicholas Kardaras, Dwain Deets, Ed Chiarini, Edward Haslam, Elias Davidsson, Ellen Brown, Enver Masud, Eric May, Eric Sayward, Ernst Zundel, Ethan Book, Evelien Gilbert, Evi Martyn, Francis A Boyle, Frank Cellura, Frank Salter, Frank Vera, Franklin Johnson, Frater X, Fred Newcomb, Fred Smart, Fredrick Toben, Gary King, Gary Leuchs, Gary Mack, Gen. Albert Stubblebein, George Beres, George Lees, Gilad Atzmon, Gordon Bowen, Gordon Duff, Goyim Goystein, Graeme MacQueen, Grant Hall, Greg Burnham, Greg Felton, Greg Hallett, Greg Johnson, Gregg Hall, Gwyneth Todd, Hank Albarelli Jr, Hank Missenheim Jr, Harley Schlanger, Harmon Taylor, Henrik Palmgren, Howard Hughes, Howard Lewis III, Ian Fantom, Ian Greenhaigh, Ian Henshall, Ibrahim Soudy, Imran Nazar Hosein, Irish Radio, J Bartell, Jack Larson, Jack Strange, James Bacque, James Douglass, James Earl Ray, James Larson, James Mariano, James McCanney, James Morris, James Norvell, James Norwood, James Perloff, James R. Hanson, James Richards, James Tague, Jan Irvin, Janet Phelan, Jarrah White, Jasmine Saadat, Jason Erb, Jasper Garrison, Jay Weidner, Jeff Boss, Jeff Gates, Jeff Grupp, Jeff Hill, Jeff Prager, Jeff Rense, Jeff Sundquist, Jeffrey Sisk, Jennifer Lake, Jerome Corsi, Jeronimo Griego, Jerry Mazza, Jerry Pippin, Jesse Kozlowski, Jesse Ventura, Jesselyn Radack, Jim Condit Jr, Jim DiEugenio, Jim Lanthier, Jim Marrs, Jim Rothstein, Jim Tracy, Jim Viken, Joan Mellen, Joe Joseph, Joe Newbury, Joe Olsen, John Anthony, John Armstrong, John B. Wells, John Barbour, John Carman, John Costella, John de Nugent, John DiNardo, John Friend, John Hankey, John Hill, John Jenkel, John Judge, John Keller, John Kimber, John McCarthy, John Morgan, John Page, John Patterson, John Remington Graham, John Stokes, John Stoltenberg, John-Paul Leonard, Jon Rappoport, Jonathan Azaziah, Jonathan Moadab, Jones Harris, Joshua Blakeney, Joyce Reilly, Judith Vary Baker, Judson Witham, Judy Griego, Karen Hudes, Karen Quinn-Tostado, Karen Stewart, Karl Golovin, Karl Grossman, Karyn Holt Harcourt, Kate Slate, Katherine Hine, Kathryn Forrester Thro, Kathy Bracewell, Kathy Dopp, Kay Wilson, KD Ruckman, Keith Johnson, Kelly from Tulsa, Kelly Watt, Kenneth Anton, Kevin Barrett, Kevin Canada, Kevin MacDonald, Kevin McKeown, Killtown, Kristi Rosenquist, Kurt Baron, Kurt Haskell, Kurt Miller, Larry Hanrahan, Larry Harris, Larry McWilliams, Larry Nichols, Larry O’Daniel, Larry Rivera, Laurence de Mello, Lawrence Velvel, Len Osanic, Lenny Bloom, Leo Frank, Leon Smith, Leslie Raphael, Leuren Moret, Linda Minor, Linh Dinh, Lisa Pease, LJ Delsa, Lyle Slaughter, Lyle Wildes, M Wesley Swearingen, Maggie Roddin, Majia Nadesan, Marc Novitsky, Margaret Siegrist, Mark Dankof, Mark Elsis, Mark from Houston, Mark Gaffney, Mark Glenn, Mark Graham, Mark Lane, Mark S Mann, Mark Smith, Márton Gyöngyösi, Marvin Herndon, Mary Hartman, Mary Phagan, Mary Sparrowdancer, Matt Hoey, Mehmet Inan, Melanie Kramer, Meria Heller, Michael Billington, Michael Calder, Michael Collins Piper, Michael Costa, Michael Dell, Michael Herzog, Michael Jay, Michael Masters, Michael Metcaff, Michael Murphy, Michael Norvell, Michael Sussman, Michel Hoffman, Mike Harris, Mike Palacek, Mike Romigh, Mike Sparks, Mitch Henck, Mitch Santell, Mohamed Elmasry, Morgan Reynolds, Muad Dib, Nathan Folks, Nathan Laurenson, Ned Delaney, Nick Kollerstrom, Nico Haupt, Noel Glenn, Norman Butler, Ole Dammegard, Onebornfree, Pablo Novi Schanes, Pasquale Di Fabrizio, Paul Connett, Paul Craig Roberts, Paul Preston, Paul Taylor, Paula Gloria, Payze Duez (Payday Monsanto), Peggy Carter, Pete Hendrickson, Pete Santilli, Peter Feneht, Peter Janney, Peter Klein, Peter Lavenda, Peter Mooring, Phil Jayhan, Phil Restino, Phil Tourney, Phillip F Nelson, Popeye, PressTV, Preston James, Prof. Cemil Aydin, Prof. Ricardo Duchesne, Ralph Cinque, Raphaelle O’Neal, Reese Erlich, Reno St James, Rez Dog (Unsolicitied Opinion), Rhonda Sheer, Rich DellaRosa, Richard Charnin, Richard Dolan, Richard Hooke, Richard Howell, Richie Allen, Rick Adams, Rick Russo, Rick Shaddock, Rick Wilcox, Robert David Steele, Robert Faurisson, Robert Groden, Robert Morningstar, Robert Morrow, Robert Naiman, Robert O’Dowd, Robert Wilcox, Rock Cash, Roderick MacKenzie III, Rodney Shakespeare, Roger Stone, Rolf Lindgren, Ron Baiman, Ron White, Ronald Cole, Rory Ridley-Duff, Rosalee Grable, Rosalind Peterson, Roy Schaeffer, Russ Baker, Ryan Brooks, Sabine Grund, Saeb Shaath, Sander Hicks, Scott Bennett, Scott Forbes, Seamus Coogan, Sean Dix, Shallel, Sherwood Ross, Shirley Martin, Sofia Smallstorm, Splitting the Sky, Stanton Friedman, Stephanie Sledge, Stephen Brown, Stephen Francis, Stephen Kossor, Stephen Lendman, Stephen R King, Stephen Roberts, Stephen St John, Sterling Harwood, Steve Campbell, Steve De’ak, Steve Fahrney, Steve Martin, Steve Scalice, Stew Webb, Stewart Richlin, Stuart Jeanne Bramhall, Susan Lindauer, Susanne Posel, Syrian Girl, T Mark Hightower, Ted Yacucci, The Starving Artists, Thomas Gardner, Thomas Goodrich, Thomas Kimmel, Tim Anderson, Tim Donaghy, Tim Michels, Tim Watts, Timothy Noah, Timothy Rothschild, Tina Foster, Tom Cahill, Tom Mattingly, Tom Secker, Tomislav Sunic, Tony Farrell, Tony Green, Tony Mead, Tony Rooke, Tony Wilder, Torstein Viddal, Total Info, True Ott, Vaughn Klingenberg, Vicki Van Horn, Vince Foster, Vinny Eastwood, Warren Cuccurullo, Waterman Files, Webster Tarpley, William (Irish blog), William Dare, William Fox, William H. Warrick III, William Hathaway, William Kelleher, William Kroft, William Shanley, William Weston, Winfield Abbe, Winston Wu, Wolfgang Halbig, Yuri Felshtinsky, Yvonne Ridley, Yvonne Wachter and Zan Overall.

    *the intelligence operators also need to ignore information such as presented in this forum topic and paint its significance and proponents with deniability and ridicule

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    Tom-DalpraTom Dalpra

    Yes, but what about Junglesurfer, for example, UNreal ? You posted links to him multiple times on your EGI thread and there’s been no doubt in my mind he’s a wrongun for years. Have you looked at all the ludicrous claims he makes juxtaposed some credible, interesting stuff ?

    Russianvids would be another. A bunch of interesting stuff often, but delivered tainted when attached to strawman arguments like , ”I gotta tell you guys. Alex Jones is Bill hicks.”

    Junglesurfer and Russianvids have both made the mainstream media, quoted as conspiwacy theowists, (your mate Davej too, as it goes ). Do I think TPTB would have given these guys the exposure if they saw no benefit in it? No I don’t. Agents or not, they might as well be with what they produce.

    So yeh, this is all very well, but if you’re genuinely interested in outing the disinformation agents, then it might be a good idea to start looking at your own research.

    This would be an example of what I see – and think you should see too -as certainly partly, utter crap.

    Are Jungle Surfer, Russianvids and Davej all disinformation agents working for military intelligence (or Naval in Davej’s case ) ? I don’t know, but I think it would be naive to think that the ‘alternative’ side of Youtube is not actively participated in by some agents and these guys certainly fit the bill as far as I’m concerned. Because if they’re not agents, they certainly seem to behave like they are.



    Yes, but what about Junglesurfer, for example, UNreal ? You posted links to him multiple times on your EGI thread and there’s been no doubt in my mind he’s a wrongun for years. Have you looked at all the ludicrous claims he makes juxtaposed some credible, interesting stuff ?

    Looking at your comment above, i’m not sure i’ve been able to make myself clear. The analysis of the Conspiracy movement as a PsyOp in its own right is not linked to any particular subject or researcher. The ‘Conspiracy Conspiracy’ is a general Modus Operandi and require a very important network that is apparently so big in scale that it might be difficult to discern for grassroots researchers – which is why i’ve deemed it worthwhile to collect the data and present the data for any Fakeologist to evaluate and analyse.

    As i do mention in the introductory post on this topic : the radio and podcast outlets are merely an integrated part of the ‘Conspiracy Conspiracy’ network as a whole, and the individual truther outlets an even smaller part. Besides radio and podcasting there are numerous other segments that needs to be in place for this organised intelligence operation to work:

    Conspiracy books & authors
    Conspiracy news and investigative journalists
    Conspiracy documentaries and TV shows
    Conspiracy radio
    Conspiracy podcasts
    Conspiracy Vodcasts / Youtube channels
    Conspiracy blogs and online publishing
    Conspiracy conferences
    Conspiracy ’roundtables’
    Conspiracy Media and Broadcasting groups
    ../incomplete list for illustration/..

    Regarding Conspiracy YouTube outlets it is no doubt that they would be part of the ‘Conspiracy Conspiracy’, so if other members would have the possibility to do research on this segment it would be helpful for this topic as a whole. Personally i’m an audio person and spend little time on YouTube except when articles link to videos etc.

    As you (Tom Dalpra) seem hellbent* on attaching my person/research to referenced material by other researchers, i have to repeat that i never in any way have considered any of these researchers to be 100% correct or genuine – far from it. The material, video and comments that i do mention are not meant to “validate” any particular person or researcher but merely the material referenced.

    Although i have not done extensive research on the many YouTube channels and YT personalities, in my experience so far i have not encountered any particular YT conspiracy outlet that i find fully trustworthy : JungleSurfer, Dave Johnson and Russianvids included.

    *speaking of poor conspiracy sources, i have not yet well understood your (Tom Dalpra) position on the Annette A. Carrion case which has been well researched and debunked here in the Fakeologist Forums. To deceptively partake in an active PsyOps like John Adams have clearly demonstrated in the Annette Carrion case surely would require every decent Fakeologist including you Tom Dalpra to take a firm position and actually speak out for once ?

    More Carrion

    Tom-DalpraTom Dalpra

    UNreal said – ”Although i have not done extensive research on the many YouTube channels and YT personalities, in my experience so far i have not encountered any particular YT conspiracy outlet that i find fully trustworthy : JungleSurfer, Dave Johnson and Russianvids included”.

    Having read your EGI thread, I think you shoot yourself in the foot then, by giving credence to and posting certain other youtube characters highly dubious material.

    UNreal said: ”To deceptively partake in an active PsyOps like John Adams have clearly demonstrated in the Annette Carrion case surely would require every decent Fakeologist including you Tom Dalpra to take a firm position and actually speak out for once ?”

    Well, nice of you to call me ‘decent’, but ‘speak out for once’? Gimme a break. I’ve ‘spoken out’ plenty here at this site over the years as you should know. As it happens, I’ve long given my take on Carriongate on your favoured format, in audiochat. Here:

    In that audio I say I think it looked like an obvious set-up, hence I have to suspect John to be ‘attached to intelligence” (for want of a better way to put it).
    Seeing as it seemed such an obvious set-up, I just sat back and watched what was going on at the time, on that one. ‘Why rise to the obvious?’ was my thinking.
    It seemed a divisive tactic from the get-go by it’s nature.
    Some kind of test, perhaps…a drill ?
    Trying to divide the ‘followers’ from the pack ?

    Anyway, the question I always had with that was not, ”Is she really dead”, but ”why is John fucking with us?”

    In came Davej frothing at the mouth like Alex Jones and it all became a bit of a pantomime. All seemed very suspect.

    I’m not saying you’re an agent of the conspiracy conspiracy, but your thread would have been a part of the plan, whether you knew it or not. You know how it works.
    As I say, it seemed a divisive tactic and in view of the much larger series of Ops which were happening at that time, it was perhaps a good distraction to get people racing into the mountains after a leather clad biker girl.

    But hey, I don’t know, I’m open to whatever, I’m just giving you my take right now. You know, that thing I so rarely give!




    I think you shoot yourself in the foot then, by giving credence to and posting certain other youtube characters highly dubious material

    I’m surprised that you (Tom Dalpra) seem to have such a hard time to realise that there is a difference to make between the message and messenger. In any conspiracy there will be a mix of good and bad material – and in our far out fringes as Fakeologists, the intelligence operatives will need to give out very little bad information in order to remain credible.

    In the few referenced video’s from Junglesurfer i am of the opinion his input is valid* – and i’m aware you and others disagree. Any single case will not change that are Elite individuals that both openly and secretly practice transgenderism. As before – any debate on this should be done in the dedicated thread (here).

    Regarding your position on the Annette A. Carrion case you sure did not express much of solid stance on air with Faye – i will not call ‘maybe’ anywhere close to a firm position or speaking clearly. It can not be two ways with John Adams – the Annette A. Carrion case does not allow any reasonable doubt to any invested Fakeologist who can read and think independently.

    In a way, the case of John Adams being an intelligence operator makes my point above even more clear. In all his contributions, John Adams rarely behaved deceptive and patiently discussed valid topics with valid arguments in order to gain trust and audience for his podcast. Exposing Adams as an intelligence agent does not invalidate all the research he has presented over the few years he was active – clearly replacing Marcus Allen who was no better than Adams (or Kendall for that matter).

    The most dangerous attacks on our community does not come from the outside in the form of Junglesurfer or James Fetzer – it comes from within when enough trust is built in order for our defenses to come down and our critical mind suspended, falsely believing to be in safe surroundings. It is not – and not even on this site. And John Adams is a good example and reminder of how we should not give away trust but stay on topic and be skeptical continuously.

    The entire notion of the ‘Conspiracy Conspiracy’ clearly demonstrates how the Elite are indeed willing to give away excellent information in exchange for our attention and trust. And just as the manpower and budget to fund the entire Conspiracy movement is tremendous, so is the result : total control over every significant conspiracy outlet and talking head.

    *in regards to EGI there is a separate thread, and the research presented therin and on my blog is mainly based my own research and does not rely heavily upon the research or analyses of others. I find the incessant critisism on EGI willfully misleading when it is adressed out of context and to discredit points made on other topics

    Tom-DalpraTom Dalpra

    UNreal said : ”Regarding your position on the Annette A. Carrion case you sure did not express much of solid stance on air with Faye”

    UNreal, I said that I thought John Adams was ‘probably connected to ‘intelligence’.
    What more can I say, really ? Other than ‘it obviously looked like a set up’, which I also said. I reject your take on it. I understand English is your third language and accept this as an understandable explanation for your lack of clarity on the issue.
    I shall endeavour to make my points, more clearly, in future.

    So, we can agree then, that I am indeed making a relevant point on this thread ?
    I am talking about agents in the alternative.

    My point re. Junglesurfer I believe, which is still relevant to this thread too, is that, in my book, he is an agent. He’s part of your Conspiracy Conspiracy.

    That is all.



    So, we can agree then, that I am indeed making a relevant point on this thread ?
    I am talking about agents in the alternative.

    Yes, we agree on the agents. They are present in every type of media – YT included. With regards to YouTube i suspect there to be possibly even more agents that falsely pretend to be grassroots, which closely fit JungleSurfer’s profile. It would be helpful with more research on the topic of fake YT truthers as personally this is an area where my knowledge and insight is limited*.

    To be precise about language, i have to emphasize that in order to make a strong point, it does not allow for a “probable” position but do require a definite stance according to my limited english skills.

    Regarding the ‘Conspiracy Conspiracy’ it is a subject open for interpretation at this point, and more data and research is clearly needed. The difference this angle of research makes lies in the effort to look at the macro-level of the many micro-incidents that seem to camouflage the bigger picture : that alternative culture is under complete control and subsequently also conspiracy theory and all its mediated figures and narrow fucused material.

    The fact that even central figures at our level are compromised is in my view significant elements that needs to be evaluated as facts, not “probability”. The only probability part would be residing in how many sock puppet accounts and fake members that deceptive grassroots truther agents come packaged with. And here we have a good indication in the list of members suddenly departing when faced with facts surrounding the evident Annette A. Carrion hoax.

    *my experience on YouTube is mostly EGI and Animal Species Hoax centric


    Lift the Veil is still around. Nathan Stolpman.
    Here’s two for the price of one – Nathan on with Adam Green [Know More News]


    The Fetzer list does seem to indicate the inability of Fetzer to cross the pond, although Alex Jones does manage it….watch the first moments of this BBC puppet show.

    which is the trigger to bring in …..Tony Gosling who is one of the go-to “independent” conspiracy researchers and commentators whose job, as always, is to steer the sheep away from #NDNGH.

    Aaronovitch, btw, is a mainstream journalist gatekeeper.

    The UK/Ireland “truth movement” for 9/11, 7/7 and other major hoaxes was fronted by “former” intelligence officers Machon and Shayler
    Scholars for 9/11 Truth ireland are pleased to announce:


    in CORK on Tuesday 27th February 2007
    [the “truth” lecture tour]

    Machon on whistleblowing in 2016 – Oxford University podcast

    Another interesting “alternative” voice is “ex” Diplomat Craig Murray who as expected, will never go as far as to label a suspicious event #NDNGH but to lead us down various semi-plasible rabbit holes.

    For instance, the Novichok “poisonings” in Wiltshire, UK, get the Murray treatment here… he hopes the latest “victims” recover. Well there was nothing to recover from, even though one allegedly died.

    The Amesbury Mystery

    The BBC has its own “Conspiracy Files” hangout series to deflect the masses from any unwelcome #NDNGH thoughts.
    click onto “series 1” for further hoaxes. In fact the cream of hoaxes in recent decades.


    The BBC has its own “Conspiracy Files” hangout series to deflect the masses from any unwelcome #NDNGH thoughts.

    You touch on a very important point with the presence of “legit” mainstream outlets and individuals that equally have their light version on conspiracies.

    When we analyse how conspiracy theorist speakers and podcasters are part of a controlled intelligence operation*, we might sometimes lose sight of what we already are aware of which is that Mainstream Media is an intelligence operation as well. In this sense, it is now straightforward to understand why the Maninstream and the Alternative mix so well together,,, Same difference.

    One of the main selling points for Alternative Media is of course that it exposes the Mainstream Media, but in reality these two currents work synergestically hand in hand. Just as the left and the right in Politics.

    I fully agree that NDNGH (No-one Died, No-one Got Hurt) is a powerful filter as it seems that most conspiracy outlets are supposed to keep this NDNGH gate closed. Nevertheless, in the few conspiracy outlets that DO accept fake deaths as a standard operating procedure in PsyOps, many pundits are still contrived – ie Jay Dyer, John Adams, John Friend etc.

    The good old “whistleblower” fantasy drum sure was beaten hard with Machon & Shayler, now i think Annie Machon still is an active operator (website) while David Shayler turned mad, christian and transgendered (article), what a joke…

    Annie Machon RT
    Annie Machon still going strong on RT – Russian TV)

    *the controlled intelligence operation on alternative media and conspiracy culture as a whole is of course referred to here in this forum topic as the ‘Conspiracy Conspiracy’


    The ‘Conspiracy Conspiracy’ list of radio shows and podcasts is a work in progress and already has 200 entries (below).

    Aaron Franz • Trans Resister Radio
    Adam Reagan Sayne • Conspirinormal
    Alan Park • Conspiracy Queries
    Alan Watt • Cutting Through The Matrix
    Alex Jones • Alex Jones Show
    Alex Tsakiris • Skeptiko
    Alfred Adask • Financial Survival radio
    Andrew Carrington Hitchcock • Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Show
    Andrew Hoffman, Tim Kilkenny • Revelation Radio News
    Andrew Jenks • What Really Happened
    Andrew Steele • 9/11 Free Fall
    Andrieh Vitimus, Jason Colwell • Deeper Down The Rabbit Hole
    April Boden, Virstyne Henry • Truther Talk Radio
    Ben Bowlin, Matt Frederick, Noel Brown • Stuff They Dont Want You To Know
    Ben Kissel, Marcus Parks, Henry Zebrowski • Last Podcast On The Left
    Ben Stone • Bad Quaker Podcast
    Bob Tuskin • Bob Tuskin Show
    Bonnie Faulkner • Guns and Butter
    Brandon Turbeville • Truth On The Tracks
    Brett Veinotte • School Sucks Podcast
    Brian Ruhe • Brian Ruhe Show
    Carlos Morales • Truth Over Comfort podcast
    Carol Rosin • Carol Rosin Show
    Carter Roy, Molly Brandenburg • Conspiracy Theories
    Casey Morell • Global Journalist Radio
    Chance Garton • Innerverse Podcast
    Charles Giuliani • Truth Hertz
    Chris Geo • Truth Frequency Radio
    Chuck Ochelli • Ochelli Effect
    Clint Richardson • Red Pill Sunday School
    Clyde Lewis • Ground Zero Media
    Crrow 777 • Crrow 777 Radio
    Curtis Davis • Occult Science Radio
    Dan Carlin • Hardcore History
    Dan Schultz • New Culture Radio
    Dane Wigington • GeoEngineering Watch
    Daniel Brigman • Power Hour Radio Show
    Daniel Ott • The Edge Broadcast
    Danny Sessom, Chris Neandrathal • The Crypto Show
    Dave Gahary • Who’s The Bad Guy?
    Dave Hodges • The Common Sense Show
    Dave Schrader • Beyond the Darkness Radio
    David Boyle • Conspiracy This Week
    David Duke • David Duke Show
    David Whitehead • Way Of The Truth Warrior
    Deanna Spingola • Spingola Speaks
    Dennis Fetcho • Inside the Eye
    Derek Gilbert • View From the Bunker
    Dion WehrWolf • Radio Wehrwolf
    Don Black • Stormfront Radio
    Doug McKenty • The Shift
    Doug Owen • Blacklisted Radio
    Douglas Bolles, William Morgan • 42 Minutes Podcast
    Douglas Dietrich • Critical Omissions
    Douglas Hagmann, Joe Hagmann • Hagmann Report
    Dr Joseph Farrell • News And Views From The Nefarium
    Dr Michael Lynch, Mike Wilkerson • Conspiracy Agents
    Dr Stan Monteith • Radio Liberty
    Ed Opperman • Opperman Report
    Elijah Johnson • Finance and Liberty Interviews
    Eric Altman, Marie Samuels • Beyond the Edge Radio
    Eric Draitser • CounterPunch Radio
    Eric Gajewski • TradCatKnight
    Ernest Hancock • Declare Your Independence
    Everett Hicks, Eric Hicks • Surreal Talk
    Farren Shoaf • The Alternative Media
    Fiona Barnet • Pedos Down Under Radio
    Frank Williams • Dark Waters
    Freeman Fly • Free Zone
    Garland Nixon, Lee Stranahan • Fault Lines
    Gary Null • Gary Null Show
    Gene Steinberg • The Paracast
    George Noorey • Coast To Coast AM
    Gordon Duff • VT Radio
    Gordon Rochford, Neil Rochford • Those Conspiracy Guys
    Gordon White • Rune Soup
    Graham Dunlop, Darren Grimes • Grimerica
    Greg Anthony, Nicklas Arthur, Tom Friess • First Amendment Radio
    Greg Bishop • Radio Misterioso
    Greg Carlwood • Higherside Chats
    Greg Hunter • USA Watchdog
    Greg Kaminsky • Occult Of Personality
    Greg Wood, Chris Wilcox • Woody and Wilcox Show
    Haneul Na’avi, Mike Bielawski • The Last Defense
    Henrik Palmgren • Red Ice Radio
    Isaac Weishaupt • Illuminati Watcher
    Ivan Oyola Jr • Free Your Mind AZ
    Jack Blood • Jack Blood Show
    Jacob Isbell • The Dignitary podcast
    James Clary • KSGF 104.1
    James Corbett • Corbett Report
    James Evan Pilato • Media Monarchy
    Jan Irvin • Unspun
    Jason Lindgren • Secrets Of Saturn
    Jason Louv • Ultraculture
    Jason McLure • Global Journalist
    Jay Dyer • Jay’s Analysis
    Jeff Berwick • Anarchast podcast
    Jeff Rense • Rense Radio
    JG Michael • Parallax Views
    Jim Duke • Jim Duke Perspective
    Jim Fetzer • Raw Deal
    Jim Goddard • Goddard Report
    Joe DeMarco • False Flag Nation
    Joe Rogan • Joe Rogan Experience
    Joe Rupe • Lighting The Void
    John B. Wells • Caravan To Midnight
    John Dvorak, Adam Curry • No Agenda
    John Friend • Realist Report
    John Gibbons • Alchemy Radio
    John Moore • John Moore Show
    John Odermatt • Felony Friday
    John Stadtmiller • National Intel Report
    Johnny Cirucci • Resistance Rising
    Jordan Maxwell • Jordan Maxwell Show
    Karl Mamer • The Conspiracy Skeptic
    Kate Willens • Backstory
    Kay Carswell, Chad Riley • Deception Detection Radio
    Keith Harmon • Keith Harmon Snow
    Kerry Cassidy, Bill Ryan • Project Camelot
    Kerry Lutz • Financial Survival Network
    Kevin Alfred Strom • American Dissident Voices
    Kevin Annett • Radio Free Kanata
    Kevin Barret • Truth Jihad
    Kyle Hunt • Solar Storm
    Kyle Philson, Cam Hale • Expanded Perspectives
    Lana Lokteff • Radio 3Fourteen
    Lance Bowman • Living Outside the Box
    Lance White • Fireside Chat with Zany Mystic
    Laura Maxwell • The Mind Renewed
    Lee Camp • Lee Camp
    Len Osanic • Black Op Radio
    Leon Pittard • Fairdinkum Radio
    Lew Rockwell • Lew Rockwell
    Marc Clair • Lions of Liberty
    Marco Janssen • Janssen Report
    Mark (The Dude) • Deep Thoughts Radio
    Mark Devlin • Good Vibrations Podcast
    Mark Passio • What On Earth Is Happening
    Mark Willison, Scott Paton • Secret Truths
    Marty Leeds • Mathemagical Radio Hour
    Marz Theron • Conspiracy Theory News
    Max Igan • Surviving The Matrix
    Mel Fabregas • Veritas Radio
    Meria Heller • Meria
    Micah Hanks • Gralien Report
    Michael Decon • End of Days Radio
    Michael Welch • Global Research Newshour
    Miguel Conner • Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio
    Mikael LaChance • Ugly Truth Podcast
    Mike Cannon • DeepInside the RabbitHole
    Mike Clelland • Hidden Experience
    Mike Williams • Sage Of Quay Radio Hour
    Miles Lewis, Mack White • Psi-Op Radio
    Moe Bedard • Gnostic Warrior
    Nathan Stolpman • Lift the Veil
    Neil Foster • Reality Bytes
    Nic Edwards, Pat Edwards • True Crime Garage
    Nick Bernabe, SM Gibson, Lavonne Mireles • Anti Media Radio
    Nick Spero • Circus Maximus
    Niko House • Mi Casa Su Casa
    Ole Dammegård • Light On Conspiracies
    Patrick Henningsen • 21st Century Wire
    Pearse Redmond • Porkins Policy Radio
    Pete Santilli • Pete Santilli Show
    Rahul Buttar, Bill Church • Free Your Mind Podcast
    Randy Maugans • OffPlanet Radio
    Richard Dolan • Richard Dolan Show
    Richard Grove • Peace Revolution
    Richard Heathen • Liberty Machine News
    Richard Syrett • The Conspiracy Show
    Richie Allen • Richie Allen Show
    Rick Wiles • TruNews
    Ricky Varandas • Ripple Effect
    Rob McConnell • The X Zone
    Russ Baker • Whowhatwhy
    Russel Brand • Under The Skin
    Ryan Cristian • The Last American Vagabond
    Ryan Dawson • ANC Report podcast
    Ryan Sprague • Somewhere In The Skies
    Sam Chaney • We Are Change Fresno
    Sander Hicks • Deeper States Of America
    Scott Horton • Scott Horton Show
    Scott Teeters • Far Out Radio
    Scotty Ledger • Dangerous Conversation
    Sean SGT • SGT Report
    Seth Shostak, Molly Bentley • Big Picture Science
    Sheila Zilinsky • Sheila Zilinsky podcast
    Sibell Edmonds • Boiling Frogs Show
    Sophia Smallstorm • Sofia Smallstorm Podcast
    ST Patrick • Midnight Writer News Show
    Stefan Molyneux • Freedomain Radio
    Tarrah Beth • Harvesting Truth
    Tim Binnall • Binnall of America
    Timothy Kelly • Our Interesting Times
    Tom Secker • ClandesTime
    Tony Sweet, Dean Ryan • Truth Be Told
    Vinny Eastwood • Vinny Eastwood Show
    Walter Hendricks • The Solvinur Event
    Webster Tarpley • World Crisis Radio

    The Conspiracy Conspiracy (spreadsheet, updated 200+ list)

    The Conspiracy Conspiracy – article


    Annie Machon still going strong on RT – Russian TV)

    Indeed. But it seems that Tony Gosling is no longer welcome at AP for his Apercus.
    PublicEnquiry video – **

    Here’s Tony recently appearing with Alex Thompson [“Ex” GCHQ Intelligence], who in turn regularly appears with … Brian Gerrish’s UK Column</> daily podcast [Brian is “ex-Naval officer”.

    Talking of podcasts, here’s Tony G again
    chatting recently with.. Richie Allen on the first anniversary of….the 2017 Aria Grande Manchester #NDNGH hoax. Except in podcast such as those, “PDPGH”

    ** What’s Public Enquiry?
    Documentary makers are the only public interest investigators left in the NATO zone. From the top down, our mainstream media, police & intelligence services are being compromised by Secret Societies and Mafia. Key people intimidated by psycopathic black magic types and their drones who will even kill to take over positions of power? Just search for “John Scarlett” and “Dodgy Dossier” and you’ll see what I mean.
    Register here and join us in the discussion as we wriggle free of the psychopaths, back to sanity

    Aaaaah. Let’s just have a look….picking at random the “Novichok poisonings” in Wiltshire UK

    Lead author Tony Gosling, taking us down the PDPGH rabbit hole,but questioning the official narrative, obviously.

    Out of interest, here’s the first UK 911forum capture, 2008

    Incidentally, a key media actor in the daring and quite brilliant Westminster Bridge London #NDNGH attack, March 22 2017 was from RT [ex- Russia Today] news channel – Afshin Rattansi who previously worked at another controlled station PRessTV and used to host a “current affairs” Sky TV show with the allegedly very spooky Yvonne Ridley and brother of Shihab Rattansi, CNN, Al-Jazeera, from a boat moored on the River Thames Embankment.
    shows –

    The comments in this Aangirfan blog are fascinating

    Yvonne seems to have turned to facebook for her campaigns
    Here she is, for example, failing to expose the Novichok “poisonings” in Wiltshire for what they are – elaborate government hoaxes

    • This reply was modified 5 years, 10 months ago by xileffilexxileffilex.

    Correction – I obviously meant Tony Gosling had been dropped by RT not AP [Freudian slip]
    Do click on the various archived links from the 911 truth moment 2008, link above – all your favourite truthers who are still knocking around.
    Gerrish, Ian Henshall [of Reinvistigate911 ***] Shoestring [who still blogs and tweets], Gosling…[the last two seem closely aligned]

    The meetings seem an early pre-podcast way to bring in the gullible “truth seeker” e.g. the Bristol Meeting, the weekly “RED PILL RENDEZVOUS” [lol!] “We are being lied to by the mainstream media…”
    Rrriight… and 10 years down the line they’re still swallowing all the MSM BS and repackaging it for the Conspiracy Curios Crowd.

    where, a 2006 Bristol “red pill” talk by David Shayler is archived and can be listened to What a hoot.

    *** all your favourite, familiar faces…Matt Campbell, Richard Gage, Niels Harrit, Tony Gosling…etc etc

    For further amusement here’s the first US 911 truth capture

    • This reply was modified 5 years, 10 months ago by xileffilexxileffilex.

    The meetings seem an early pre-podcast way to bring in the gullible “truth seeker” e.g. the Bristol Meeting, the weekly “RED PILL RENDEZVOUS” [lol!] “We are being lied to by the mainstream media…”

    The Red Pill theme still seems to be around, and after Red Pill rendez-vous, and Red Pill roundtables, none other than the Jekyll himself, G. Edward Griffin, just recently launched the Red Pill Expo..

    G Edward Griffin • Red Pill Expo

    As you rightly point out, Conspiracy culture has been encouraged through various media and looking back it is clear there were many more truth tours, ‘rendez-vous’, lectures, roundtables and conventions.

    UFO culture is probably the best exemple of a very organised group effort to convene the public on site in associations and public forums with an important direct follow-up through expositions, conferences and lectures.

    It seems that older conspiracy theories more often than not will be elaborated through more direct communication than today. In this sense your exemple of the many 9/11 truth groups is very much to the point as it shows how the many intelligence operators convene and regroup as a collective thus better demonstrating the organised and cooperative nature of conspiracy theory.

    The ‘Conspiracy Conspiracy’ can be clearly discerned from the ‘9/11 Truth Alliance’ that is typical of older PsyOp management. As mentionned in your post (xileffilex) we do see many recurring names pop up from the list (herunder) of ‘endorsements’ of this controlled 9/11 conspiracy research communty that claim to go back to 2002.

    Kyle F. Hence (Co-founder) • Unanswered Questions
    Tom Flocco (Co-founder) • Unanswered Questions
    Mark Nemeth • The Peoples’ 9/11 Investigation
    Carol Brouillet • Community Currency
    Derek Mitchell • Center for Cooperative Research
    Nikos Levis • 9/11 Skeptics Unite
    Carol Schiffler • Fallout Shelter News
    Brian Salter • Questions Questions
    Robert Ptak • Global Free Press
    Nico Haupt • Ground Zero Forum
    Catherine Austin Fitts • Solari Inc
    Prof Peter Dale Scott • Berkeley University
    Prof Mark Crispin Miller • New York University
    Kevin Danaher • Global Exchange
    Ian Woods • Global Research Centre on Globalization
    Michel Chossudovsky • Global Research Centre on Globalization
    Chris Sanders • Sanders Research
    Daniel Hopsicker • Mad Cow Morning News
    John Paul Leonard • Tree of Life Press
    Bob Fertik • Democrats
    Roy Harvey • Snowshoe Films
    Meria Heller • The Meria Heller Show
    David Ratcliffe • Ratical
    Bernard von Nuthaus • Liberty Dollar
    John McCurdy • Hamilton Public Inquiry Into Sept. 11
    Mitchell Cohen • Green Party USA

    Regardless of the vast number of different group efforts around 911 “truth”, we can already establish how each of these outlets, here the 9/11 Truth Alliance, all represent a significant number of agents flocking together and validating how Conspiracy theory is in itself a conspiracy or ‘Conspiracy Conspiracy’ if you will.

    Kyle Hence -
    Kyle Hence was the co-founder of the 9/11 Truth Alliance and later writer and executive producer of the documentary film 9/11: Press for Truth

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