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    Afshin Rattansi who previously worked at another controlled station PRessTV and used to host a “current affairs” Sky TV show with the allegedly very spooky Yvonne Ridley and brother of Shihab Rattansi, CNN, Al-Jazeera

    The exemples of Tony Gosling, Afshin & Shihab Rattansi and Yvonne Ridley well illustrate how the Mass Media and the Alternative Media work hand in hand and mutually benefit from the polemics their interaction creates. The Mainstream Media set us up, and the Alternative Media handle the fall out dissidents.

    The case of journalist kidnap victim Yvonne Ridley is particularly interesting as she worked for many national newspapers before she entered Afganistan “illegally” end of September 2001, and was caught as a “spy” when her donkey stalled and her camera fell out.. Not surprisingly she was held hostage 11 days..

    “Ridley revealed that she had kept a concealed diary inside a box for a toothpaste tube and in the inside of a soap wrapper. She had been on hunger strike throughout her captivity… During her captivity she was asked by one of her captors to convert to Islam; she refused, but gave her word she would read the Quran after her release. She converted to Islam in the middle of 2003…”

    It could be tempting to use the expression “You can’t make this stuff up” – but i’m afraid it is very possible to make such stories up – and even more likely. In any event, Ridley quickly made the jump from mainstream to the alternative and got her memoir “In the Hands of the Taliban” into bookstores only two months after her Taliban October release (December of 2001). Planned MSM obsolescence it would appear.

    Yvonne Ridley 1990
    Yvonne Ridley as young – before kidnapping, Islam conversion and 5 marriages – Ridley was nominated for the Muslim Woman of the Year in 2014

    It is no coincidence that the Mainstream all the more encourage and bring up conspiriatorial opinions, nor that the same journalists can operate on both platforms. Of course, when intelligence operators (often labelled “investigative journalists”) switch sides, they usually antagonise the media they leave behind in what appear to be a cunning hamsterwheel procedure that bolster both Mainstram and Alternative audiences through polemic. The public now would have to get acquainted with both sides of what in the end is the same story : the Media (mainstream and alternative) is a propaganda tool, and propaganda is warfare which explains who are in charge and pay – military and national intelligence services.

    Contrary to what we are told through movie narratives, intelligence field agents are not hiding inside phony drug kartells or spending years infiltrating a non existent Mob. An intelligence operators job is to make us believe there are agents that do all this type of work, and who better for such deception than a journalist, investigative reporter, ex agent, whistleblower or,,, Conspiracy theorist ?


    On FAK 207 Ab and Xileffelix discussed various Youtube channels as possibly being deceptive and part of the ‘Conspiracy Conspiracy’ list of intelligence backed & financed intelligence outlets and field operators.

    As an audio person, i have not followed the YouTube scene very closely. It does appear that YouTube is a particularly toxic environment and that much like Conspiracy Radio and Podcasts, most channels are intelligence operated.

    Herunder is a beginners list really of the many suspect video outlets that mostly appear to be part of the Conspiracy Psyop. So far there are only 25 video outlets on the ‘Conspiracy Conspiracy’ list – so clearly it would be helpful if @everyone could possibly add new entries and suggestions.

    A beginners list of 25 Conspiracy video outlets
    Abby Martin • Breaking The Set
    Adam Green • Know More News
    Ben Liashenko • Russian Vids
    Dan Dicks • Press For Truth Live
    Daniel Liszt • Dark Journalist
    David Jay • Jungle Surfer
    David Knight • Real News
    David Weiss • DITRH
    Derrick Broze • The Conscious Resistance
    Ed and Ethan • Ed and Ethan podcast
    Elissa Hawke • Elicit Talk
    Jeran Campanella, Bob Knodel • Globe Busters
    Jim Hogue • House At Pooh Corner
    Joe Rogan • Joe Rogan Experience
    Jon Humanity • Jon Humanity
    Jonathan Christopulos • The Morgile
    Matthew Procella • ODD TV
    Michael Lebron • Lionel Nation
    Patricia Steere • Flat Earth & Other Hot Potatoes
    Peter Kusznir • Peekay Truth
    Prince Avery • Self-education Radio
    Rick Wiles • TruNews
    Sam Tripoli, Ryan Davis • Tin Foil Hat
    Steve Rose • Anarchist Standard
    Vin Armani • The Vin Armani Show

    One of the difficulties often encountered gathering YouTube and Video references is the obscure names of the individuals behind such outlets. As much as any name can be invented, it is somehow more natural (for better understanding) to be able to list radio & video hosts by their names rather than often hard-to-pronounce aliases and accronyms.


    Returning back to the OP briefly, we see the seductively named Light On Conspiracies chats of Ole Dammegård.
    As I noted elsewhere, the interesting Manchester based forensic researcher UK Critical Thinker [who concentrates on the Aria Grande staged event] was interviewed by Ole on December 13 2017, nearly 7 months after the event. As I suspected, Ole [and UKCT for that matter] never venture anywhere near the elephant in the room, that the deaths [and injuries] are all faked. Ole just loves to steer things back towards preparatory drills and false flags when in reality [!] the “multiple fatality” event itself is the #HRDPAR

    But oh lookeee…. Ole has done a show with Jim Fetzer just ONE MONTH after the staged event…

    They start chatting about Aria Grande from about 10.35, but after 17.00, here comes Ole with the diversionary tactics…

    “I’m still very confused…. around how they did it…I can say one thing for sure, the official story [is] absolutely not true…”.[Jim- “Oh I agree absolutely,Ole, absolutely 100 per cent”]

    So far so good….
    The footage [shot at the pre-event drill] Ole goes on to suggest is used later as “live footoage”. This might be possible in a closed “black box” psy-op which Manchester effectively was, Bataclan and indeed the majority of #HRDPARs, but a few other events, like Boston or Westminster or the Vauxhall helicopter crash are bold one-take rehearsed film events in broad daylight in busy areas. However….

    Ole – “There is something happening at the time of these so-called events but it’s not what we’re being shown. So maybe something went off there, maybe there was an explosion maybe some people got killed there but not the way we’re being told”

    He returns to Machester at 52.30

    From 57.15 they move onto the Grenfell Tower staged event. He sets up an open goal to call it as #NDNGH and….
    “Where are all the dead people” he asks. indeed.
    No, rather, where are all these

    “Could it be a possible scam”, asked Jim “with phoney tenants”
    Ole – “these buildings more or less empty…the people waving…were saved…there’s no-one there that needs [the donated items]…”
    I think Ole is on the money there

    “You’re onto a lot here, Ole” says Jim. Bingo.

    £10m to set the building up is a fraction of the GCHQ annual bill

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    As I suspected, Ole [and UKCT for that matter] never venture anywhere near the elephant in the room, that the deaths [and injuries] are all faked

    Indeed, Ole Dammegård is the typical up and coming intelligence oprator. Dammegård set out as the Olof Palme murder specialist and have gone the rounds of close to all murder, terror and CIA conspiracy theory podcasts and radioshows.

    In the case of Dammegård, he actually started out with a long interview series on Red Ice Radio where he divulged after four hours of suspense that Palme wasn’t shot but got Aids and left Sweden to die in peace. Lol.

    Of course – every other murder was real from Kennedy to John Lennon, but he might have changed his tune slightly by now. Same difference, Ole Dammegård is a schoolbook example of how to make a heavy hitting grassroot truther and this has been made with a book, some Yoga and a very heavy conspiracy tour on a lot of intelligence outlets like Jim Fetzer, Kerry Cassidy, Henrik Palmgren, etc.

    It should be no surprise that Ole Dammegård’s popularity is best explained by the ‘Conspiracy Conspiracy’ and we must assume any show Dammegård has been promoted on, and every guest he’s invited are part of the same intelligence effort that aims to lead the fringes of controlled opposition in regards to the Elite.

    Max Igan, Frank Rasmussen, James Corbett, Ole Dammegård and Hugh Newman
    Open Mind Conference debate 2017, from left to right : Max Igan, Frank Rasmussen, James Corbett, Ole Dammegård and Hugh Newman

    As can be seen from the “Open Mind Conference” Dammegård and his fellow intelligence operators seem to wine and dine well together. Of course, everyone in the above photo are active intelligence operators, all spinning scripted narratives to credulous audiences who cash in to get their dose of disinformation – just like on pay-TV.

    Herunder the guests that have been on with Dammegård on his podcast “Light On Conspiracies” as according to his own subscription based website and the available iTunes Store information.

    Alexander Scott, Andy Young, [Anynomous London Terror witness], Barbara Honegger, Bernhard Guenther, Charlotte Iserbyt, Chip Tatum, Cody Snodgres, Conny Andersson, Cyril Wecht, Dave Meiswinkle, Dennis Fetcho, Désirée Röver, Field McConnell, Jason Holmes, Jasvinder Sanghera, Jim Fetzer, John Barbour, Judyth Vary Baker, Jytte Fredholm Ferreira, Kerry Cassidy, Mark Bajerski, Mark Devlin, Marty Leeds, Max Igan, Michael Tellinger, Mike Williams, Nalanie Chellaram, Peter Kusznir, Robert Ussery, Robin C. Weigel, Sandra Fecht, Shush [Apache Nation], Suzy Meszoly, UK Critical Thinker, Willem Felderhof

    The Light On Conspiracies podcast is not yet very extensive as it only dates back to the summer of 2017 and is published sporadically (37 iTunes items). However, the many fake conspiracy narratives promoted by Dammegård and the list of usual suspects he invites on as guests tells the story pretty clearly : Conspiracy Culture is a PsyOp controlled by intelligence operatives and as fake as can be.


    Interesting exchange around 19:55 between Peekay and Ole. Peekay attempts to correct Ole’s false flag mania, saying if #NDNGH, it’s a hoax.

    Peekay Truth, Part 1

    Here’s another layer to the conspiracy conspiracy –
    [it’s not Peekay, btw]

    They* show their hand with the frequent use of the term ‘auto hoaxer’

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    [it’s not Peekay, btw]

    I’m not sure to understand what you mean regarding Peekay. From what i’ve looked up, Peekay also goes by the name Peter Kusznir and has at least two YouTube channels from what i can establish : Peekay Truth and Peekay Talks – both channels come with the same logo featuring Peekay in at least part of the clips.


    Interesting exchange around 19:55 between Peekay and Ole. Peekay attempts to correct Ole’s false flag mania, saying if #NDNGH, it’s a hoax.

    Fully agree that the clip with Peekay from the “Light On Conspiracies” podcast by Ole Dammegård is quite curious. It would seem that the confusion arise as a longtime salesman of death and destruction (Dammegård) meets the difficulty of co-existing with the fact Nobody Died and No-one Got Hurt (Peekay).

    As you rightly emphasize, when we see prolific ‘truthers’ who still can not admit to NDNGH in PsyOps, we might conclude that such conspiracy theorists must be paid to still hold such views, and thereby are part of a very big family with a large bank account – the ‘Conspiracy Conspiracy’.

    There is another segment of the interview with Peekay that is telling of the common lies we are fed by intelligence operatives as Dammegård brings up his old, trusted friend Chip Tatum (now believed dead) – an Ex-CIA deep undercover agent and whistleblower…(from 21m45s into the clip)

    Light On Conspiracies: Truth Fighter Peekay, Australia, Part 1
    Ole Dammegard – 30 may 2017 – 59:13 (mm:ss) – 5.6K views


    Just to clarify, that particular “Peekay Truth” channel is one of the channels of Michael Resznicki, complete with Kusznir’s avatar, nothing to do with the real Peekay.
    Here’s the home channel –

    Quite where this “everything in the news really happens” channel fits in with the Conspiracy conspiracy which it attacks mercilessly I have no idea.


    Wow – sounds pretty deceptive already if Michael Resznicki of the “Michael Reszneki Trolling4Truth” channel openly plagiarise Peekay to this point…

    Do you know what channel is the “official” one for Peekay – is it “Peekay Talks” ?


    Do you know what channel is the “official” one for Peekay – is it “Peekay Talks” ?

    I think that’s correct.
    As noted in the Happy New Year 2018 video


    As i try to familarise myself with the more modern presentation ov conspiracy material on video, it seems that the truther movement is “speeding up” as channels open and close and pseudonyms and aliases changes.

    The recent phenomenon of closing “truther channels” has had a major impact on the available information and material. Not only does this ban scare-tactics encourage the audience to feel percecuted, it also allows the various truther pundits to recycle their material under new identities and make information scarce and cult-like. An efficient conspiracy culture tactics, not much different from yesterday truther assasinations and suicides in its effects.

    With YouTube becoming more restrictive (clearly on purpose), the current mix seems to be made of high profile YouTube channels (ie We Are Change, Globebusters, Infowars, RT) who remain accessible, while more obscure channels ‘struggle’ and constantly change names and gets locked down. This YouTube purge has made other video platforms pop up that i have not yet looked at, like Bitchute or DTube.

    Regardless of the new video format and presentation, the backbone of the conspiracy theory outlets remains the same, and it is obviously 99% disinformation. As our mileage wiwll vary, some otlets will appear to get at least part of what we as Fakeologist will agree upon which is the apparent fakery and false victims, but the bulk of YT shows and topics is disinformation – which exactly fit what is recogniseable from the Radio and Podcast outlets examined. The ‘Conspiracy Conspiracy’ is as big on YT as it is on MP3.

    Novice YT list of 50 Conspiracy video outlets

    Aaron Dykes, Melissa Melton Dykes • Truthstream Media
    Abby Martin • Breaking The Set
    Adam Green • Know More News
    Andrew Johnson • Check The Evidence
    Antonio Subirats • Antonio Subirats
    Ben Liashenko • Russian Vids
    Bro Sanchez • Bro Sanchez TV
    Dan Dicks • Press For Truth Live
    Daniel Liszt • Dark Journalist
    Darryle Marble • D Marble
    Dave Murphy • Allegedly Dave
    David Jay • Jungle Surfer
    David Knight • Real News
    David Weiss • DITRH
    Dean Fougere • Titus Frost
    Derrick Broze • The Conscious Resistance
    Ed and Ethan • Ed and Ethan podcast
    Elissa Hawke • Elicit Talk
    James Munder • James Munder
    Jeran Campanella, Bob Knodel • Globe Busters
    Jerome A. Kroth • Kerry Kroth
    Jim Hogue • House At Pooh Corner
    Joe Joseph • Joe Joseph
    Joe Rogan • Joe Rogan Experience
    John Cardillo, Ezra Levant • Rebel Media
    Jonathan Christopulos • The Morgile
    Karen B Endecott • Karen B
    Kenneth Webb • Change Da Channel
    Kev Baker, John Sinclair • Kev Baker Show
    Kyle Curtis, Steve McRae • Non Sequitur
    Luke Rudkowski • We Are Change
    Mark K Sargent • markksargent
    Matthew Procella • Odd TV
    Maurice Herman • 108morris108
    Michael Lebron • Lionel Nation
    Nathan Oakley • Live Flat Earth Debate
    Owen Shroyer, Roger Stone, Mike Cernovich • War Room
    Patricia Steere • Flat Earth & Other Hot Potatoes
    Peter Kusznir • Peekay Talks
    Popeye Dtrh • Federaljacktube
    Prince Avery • Self-education Radio
    Richie [name unknown] • Richie From Boston
    Rick Wiles • TruNews
    Rob Skiba • Rob Skiba
    Robbie Davidson • Celebrate Truth
    Robert Ussery • Side Thorn Journalist
    Sam Tripoli, Ryan Davis • Tin Foil Hat
    Steve Rose • Anarchist Standard
    Tarl Warwick • Styxhexenhammer666
    Vin Armani • The Vin Armani Show

    There is of course overlap between Radio and podcasts with all the video-presence which for now means some outlets does both video and audio. With time many outlets will probably go all video, but the situation with YouTube and video distribution might make such a transition a bit slower*.

    *of course, WordPress websites will with time integrate video portal capacaties and the hosting offer will soon reflect the coming video reality.


    For the purposes of this forum thread and the associated research on video content, the lack of background information and written material often makes the research more laborious as it is difficult to connect names to the various channels and better understand the relation and history between the many YT conspiracy outlets and characters.

    Hereunder are a number of YouTube channels that are popular and produce much content, but where it is hard to know who is in charge – some of the voices even sound familiar from other channels or shows..

    Truthseeker’s Path
    UK Critical Thinker
    A Call For An Uprising
    Shaking My Head Productions
    Hacking the Headlines
    Conspiracy Scope
    The Sky is Falling
    Paul on the Plane

    Making coherent lists out of the huge number of conspiracy outlets is a big undertaking when we combine both video and audio productions. Judging from the research done so far it seems there are well over 500 different, active conspiracy outlets. Each of the outlets will comprise numerous guests and authors, with around 100 interviewees and co-hosts as an overall average*.

    If we consider many of the guests to visit several shows, we are still talking about 10.000 to 25.000 individuals* who act in their professional, paid capacity and part of the concerted, international effort to control Conspiracy Culture on the outer fringes of the controlled opposition to Mainstream Propaganda.

    It is easy to understand that there is a very good rebuttal that comes included with such observations : “get real – this is way too many people involved”.

    Yes – there are too many people involved for amateur researchers to comprehend at what scale a successful intelligence operation is executed. The principle of ‘The Big Lie‘ is nevertheless as efficient today as it was a hundred years ago.

    You are invited and welcome to go through the lists of outlets and hopefully find any single good source – it will be a pleasure to strike at least a name of the lists. From the research done so far – i can guarantee you it will be quite hard..

    The Conspiracy Conspiracy (spreadsheet, updated 250+ list & 50+ video list)

    *shows like Fetzer, Corbett or Red Ice Creation will come in with over 500 different guests, while newer shows or more topical broadcasts will have less guest appearances.

    *if we consider most guests will be on two or more shows, the overall number (500 shows x 100 guests) is 50.000 which divided by 2 shows for each interested party will amount to 25.000 different individuals for a high estimate. The low estimation would consider each guest and author to do 5 different shows, and thus amount to 10.000 intelligence assets in some form or capacity


    One further avenue we haven’t explored yet is the google conspiracy hangout. I suppose the one time Australian Round Table, involving JLB, Peekay and others was an example.
    One which springs to mind [and which had JLB himself as a guest] is the “CONHWC” series, which, of course, to draw people in, has Conspiracy in its title [Conspiracy Or Not, Here We Come [lol!] who, of course, self label as “Truth seekers”.
    The hangouts, as uploaded to youtube, seem to pop up in various places.
    e.g this one – in which episode, we play that wonderful “truther” game of hunt the shill

    other #CONHWC acolytes include

    As would be expected, Ole Dammegard has been “on” already, more than once in fact. File under hamsterwheeling


    One further avenue we haven’t explored yet is the google conspiracy hangout. I suppose the one time Australian Round Table, involving JLB, Peekay and others was an example.

    Great remark – indeed we should make a separate category for “conspiracy hangouts”, “conspiracy roundtables” and other forms of coded group discussion.

    As a general observation, it is already difficult to find single, genuine researchers, so when there are several around a table or at a conference it becomes self-incriminating by deductive reasoning. If we have a hard time to find one genuine researcher, then when we have several conspiracy theorists colluding as a group, the chances become null..

    The coded conspiracy language is quite telling as well as you (xileffilex) rightly point out. This is clearly the legacy from the intelligence origin of all widely publicized Conspiracy Culture. The various Conspiracy figures have much in common as they are all part of a wider dissimulated agenda and clearly cooperate to hamsterwheel public interest and support.

    Not only website templates and graphical charts are similar, but also the Modus Operandi where the different talking heads convene at conferences together, discuss in groups live on air or on panels or round tables.. Conspiracy Culture is a big club too, and we’re not in it.

    •The Sage of Quay (Mike Williams) joins Sofia Smallstorm, David Weiss and Jeran Campanella for a round-table discussion about the Flat Earth (here)

    Regarding the fact John Le Bon became popular through well visited round tables is of course no coincidence as the research in this forum thread shows. With 95+ percent of intelligence operatives, it seems that it is closer to 99% intelligence around Flat Earth – and Australia is big on intelligence operations in general – moon rocks, dinosaurs, singing white whales..

    *most often the round-tables conspiracy pundits gather around are square of course, probably adding to their deceptive pleasures (reminiscent of the square ring of boxing)

    *the best way to keep a secret is to keep it in the intelligence operative family and misinform others. In-fighting and “debunking” is of course part of such a plan, CF and DBA strategy included


    Statistically, any researcher that pretend to be legitimate would be very isolated cases and nourish few relationships with the general conspiracy scene as it is almost completely covered by intelligence agents.

    When we look for solid conspiracy theory research, it should therefore be a warning sign that genuine researchers are such a rare sight. When we see several conspiracy researchers convene together – there is no chance we are dealing with anyone genuine.

    If we would like to know what the intelligence operatives look like and how they interact with their public, there is no such thing as a good old Conspiracy Conference.. In this setting we can see the consorted effort of the contrived truther mvement very clearly as the different conspiracy sub-culture poster figures parade and handshake.

    Normally, most conspiracy theory amateurs would be most invested in their current research and might not find conspiracy tpics such as ufology, ancient aliens, paranormal phenomena and more very interesting.

    Nevertheless, all the various fields of conspiracy culture do convene together on many occasions playing ball just fine – the Conspiracy Conspiracy is big, organised, systematic and made in a group effort – just as we can see from the numerous conferences and conventions..

    Close Encounters – 50 conferences with Live deception

    Allan Rees • Deep Truth (conspiracy)
    Amy J Lamb, D Roads • Secret History of Australia (alternative)
    Andrew Collins • Origins Conference (new age)
    Bob Tuskin • Free Your Mind Conference (conspiracy)
    Brian William Hall • Conspiracy Con (conspiracy)
    Darren Nesbit • Flat Earth Convention UK (conspiracy)
    David Lindsay • Dulce Base UFO Conference (ufology)
    Doug Hamp, Rob Skiba • Quest4Truth Conference (new age)
    Dr Peter Resta • Mysteries of Space & Sky (ufology)
    Duncan Roads • NEXUS Conference (alternative)
    Edgar Cayce ARE • Ancient Mysteries Conference (new age)
    Eli Si, Robin Arca • The Ufology World Congress (ufology)
    Frank Rasmussen • Open Mind Conference (conspiracy)
    G Edward Griffin • Red Pill Expo (alternative)
    Gary Heseltine • Ufo Truth Magazine Conference (ufology)
    Hugh Newman • Megalithomania (new age)
    Ivan Oyola Jr • Truth Mind Reality Conference (new age)
    Jan C Harzan • Mufon Symposium (ufology)
    Jeff Berwick • Anarchapulco (new age)
    Jenny Berg • McMenamins UFO Festival (ufology)
    Jeroen Van Straaten • Secret Space Program Conference (conspiracy)
    Jim Hill • UFO Festival Roswell (ufology)
    Jordan Pease • Architects of the New Paradigm (new age)
    Judyth Vary Baker • JFK Assassination Conference (conspiracy)
    Julian Palmer • Science Conscience Ancient civilisations (new age)
    Karen Brard • International UFO Congress (ufology)
    Ken Kaufman • New Living Expo (new age)
    Lachezar Filipov • Contact With Extraterrestrial Intelligence (ufology)
    Lee Carroll • Science & Spirituality Conference (new age)
    Linda Smith, Richard Smith • Human Origins Conference (new age)
    Lorien Fenton • UFO Con (ufology)
    Lou Farish • Ozark Mountain UFO Conference (ufology)
    Malwina Stach • Conference for Consciousness & Human Evolution (new age)
    Melissa Anelli • AlienCon (ufology)
    Michael Austin Melton • Experiencers Speak Conference (ufology)
    Michael Tellinger • Ubuntu Fest (new age)
    Mitchell Rabin, Sasha Stone • Breakthrough Energy Movement (new age)
    Neil Gaur • Portal to Ascension (new age)
    Paola Leopizzi Harris • Laughlin UFO Symposium (ufology)
    Paul Andrews • Contact in the Desert (ufology)
    Pino Morelli • X Congress (new age)
    Robbie Davidson • Flat Earth International Conference (conspiracy)
    Robert Quicksilver • Conscious Life Expo (new age)
    Roland Pargeter • The Glastonbury Symposium (alternative)
    Scotty Roberts, Micah Hanks • Paradigm Symposium (new age)
    Stu Bundy • Alien Cosmic Expo (ufology)
    Suzy Meszoly • Multiple Realities (new age)
    Travis Walton • Awakening UFO & Conscious Life Expo (ufology)
    Trevor Eivers • Open Minds Conference Ireland (new age)
    Walter W Cruttenden • CPAK Conference (new age)

    Red Pill Expo 2017
    The “Red Pill Expo” is a good exemple of how conferences allow us to admire and study the poster figure intelligence operatives while at work.

    Every conference in the list will have multiple editions (Mufon Symposium goes back to 1975) and numerous speakers – all part of the not so selective club of Conspiracy Culture intelligence operatives.
    ( List of the 2017 edition of the Red Pill Expo speakers herunder )

    “The Red Pill EXPO is the major annual event of Red Pill University, founded in 2017 to help truth seekers better understand how the world really works – contrary, in many cases, to commonly held illusions. The visionary behind the University is G Edward Griffin, author of the famous exposé of the Federal Reserve, The Creature from G-kill Island. The mission of the University and the EXPO is to bring together world-class experts to set the record straight on fake narratives, fake history, and fake news.”

    Alex Newman (Crimes of Educators), Anthem Blanchard (Cryptocurrency), Cynthia McKinney (Whistleblower), Dan Happel (Connecting the Dots), Dan Johnson (The Tax Revolution), Daniel Brigman (Reality Solutions), Debbie Bacigalupi (No to Agenda 21), Edward Goodliffe (Freedom Force), G. Edward Griffin (The Road Ahead), Harriet Hageman (Property Guard), Holly Swanson (Schools Watchdog), James Corbett (The Corbett Report), Jeannette Finicum (They Killed Him), Jeff Berwick (The Dollar Vigilante), Jerry Day (Smart Meter Detective), Jim Beers (Whistleblower), Joel Salatin (Philosopher Farmer), John B. Wells (Caravan to Midnight), Jon Rappoport (Matrix Revealed), Josh Sigurdson (Hardball Reports), Lord Monckton (Climate Debunker), Mike Adams (The Health Ranger), Millie Weaver (InfoWars Reporter), Patrick Wood (Technocracy News), Richard Gage (9/11 Truth), Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad Poor Dad), Russell Gray (What I didn’t know), Sherry Jackson (Tax Warrior), Ty Bollinger (Truth About Big Pharma)

    The Conspiracy Conspiracy
    (spreadsheet, updated 250+ list, 50+ YT list, 50+ Conference list)


    The fact that Conspiracy Culture is a PsyOp in itself does not in any way “validate” the Mainstream Media who actively participate in popularizing “wild conspiracy theories” as they use negative promotional tactics to entice the public’s interest.

    In order to “validate” the many misconceptions around conspiracies, the Elite has a quite significant ‘science’ program in place headed by doctors of psychology and social studies.

    In the same vein as intelligence control the many public venues put in place to popularize conspiracy theories, so is there an official, academic counterpart that presents material to discredit the conspiracies and logics that fuel the conspiracy community.

    All sides of the debate are as usual in the hands of the same think tanks as (imo) there is no control if it isn’t total.

    Why People Are Attracted To Conspiracy Theories Like Flat Earth – And Why They’re Dangerous
    Tech Insider – 8 mar 2018 – 03:50 (mm:ss) – 64K views

    Skeptics in the Pub Amsterdam – Jan Willem van Prooijen
    Skeptics in the Pub Amsterdam – 14 oct 2015 – 52:09 (mm:ss) – 419 views


    One of the first examples of mainstream misdirection in the printed word which I came across was this book by a well known UK journalist who manages to get himself onto every serious “highbrow” radio and TV chat show imaginable… Voodoo Histories: The Role of the Conspiracy Theory in Shaping Modern History by David Aaronovitch
    Don’T laught yet.
    All our favourite #NDNGH hoaxes are found within… JFK, 9/11, Dr Kelly, Diana…I smiled my way through the Guardian review, a good example of mutual black slapping. The 2009 hardback was succeeded by a 2011 paperback. Excellent use of the JFK motorcade image too.

    David Aaronovitch’s exhaustive inquiry kills those and other popular conspiracy theories stone dead….conspiracism is a kind of faith, a belief in a higher order of truth that transcends evidence. It absorbs rebuttal and reconfigures it as proof of more conspiracy.

    While the resolute believers are a lost cause, Voodoo Histories should persuade the casual sceptic **. Anyone who has toyed with suspicion over the accidental nature of Princess Diana’s death, or the self-inflicted nature of David Kelly’s, will have that flirtation brutally curtailed by Aaronovitch’s caustic rationality

    ** the intended project
    Along the same lines, to save Aaronovitch writing a second edition, we have
    Suspicious Minds: Why We Believe Conspiracy Theories by Rob Brotherton, also with a yellow cover, interestingly, who

    decodes the psychology, history, and consequences of conspiracism, and delves into the research that offers insights into why so many of us are drawn to implausible, unproven and un-provable conspiracy theories.

    “Rob” was kindly interviewed for the useful liberal idiots among the Guardian readership

    What’s the wildest conspiracy theory you have come across?
    One of the most kind of colourful and extensive is [that of] David Icke…

    Brotherton takes it a step further…things have moved on since 2009, as more people wake up or start to query MSM reported events, the counter offensive has to be more subtle…

    “Conspiracy theory books tend to come at it from the point of view of debunking them. I wanted to take a different approach, to sidestep the whole issue of whether the theories are true or false and come at it from the perspective of psychology,” he says. “The intentionality bias, the proportionality bias, confirmation bias. We have these quirks built into our minds that can lead us to believe weird things without realising that’s why we believe them.”

    “Whenever anything ambiguous *** happens, we have this bias towards assuming that it was intended – that somebody planned it, that there was some kind of purpose or agency behind it, rather than thinking it was just an accident, or chaos, or an unintended consequence of something.

    *** generally every manufactured news item

    Brotherton seems to have stopped tweeting since Novermber 2017
    Do I detect a conspiracy?

    There seems to be a whole academic industry of Conspiracy…perhaps one can take a degree in it. These are Rob’s sidekicks, Dan Jolley explores the social psychological consequences of conspiracy theories. Specifically, he employs experimental methods to explore whether conspiracies are just harmless fun, or if they have significant harmful effects.][, Mike Wood [lecturer in psychology, [twitter a/c ATdisinfoagent lol!!]and one alluringly known only as “Christopher” who is is a PhD Researcher and Associate Lecturer for the Anomalistic Psychology Research Unit at Goldsmiths, University of London, studying conspiracy belief and persecutory delusions. The aim of his research is to explore possible psychopathological links to conspiracy belief, and also to place conspiracy theories into a wider political and social context. He is ThresherX on Twitter.



    Who’s funding all this “research”?


    Dr Mike Wood [photo above] has just been on the road…

    Dr. Michael Wood: “Sense, Nonsense, and Everything in Between – The Psychology of Conspiracy Theories”

    Dr. Michael Wood: “Sense, Nonsense, and Everything in Between – The Psychology of Conspiracy Theories”

    WHEN: July 3, 2018 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
    WHERE: Salisbury Rugby Football Club

    An ideal place to hold it, venue for the world famous 2018 “Novichok poisoning” outbreak hoax.


    Hello xileffilex, nice to interact.

    I’ve got to say, having worked in a university responsible for setting up video conference interviews and interacting with a lot of real lecturers, I have a hard time believing of a shortlist of say eight people, this person got the job.

    Since the £9000 tuition fees were introduced in England, university’s main focus is bums on seats. I can’t imagine this subject ever being discussed as per video, and I had a stint in Comms and Media.


    Logically, the academic study of conspiracy culture would predate the conspiracy theories in themselves. It is improbable that any large publicly staged event or manipulation would not first be tested theoretically and in experiments on many levels : and not only by military and state intelligence.

    Academia is a constant purveyor of whistleblowers, excluded & break-out professors that convert into conspiracy theorists with success as they appear on the various podcasts, radio-shows and feature as guest speakers at conferences and the like.

    David Aaronovitch, Rob Brotherton, Dr. Michael Wood, Jan Willem van Prooijen and Joseph Uscinski are quite interesting to observe and analyse as they in different manners ostracize the public who take the slightest interest about any conspiracy theory.

    From watching the above mentionned psychologist, doctors and professors it is clear that Conspiracy Theory is in part scripted to be offensive and outrageous. The best exemple her might be David Icke who is most remembered by his reptile theory moreso than for the many plausible subjects he brings up.

    So exagerration and crazy are absolutely the best ammunition for Academia as they can water down factual discussion and logic and instead convince by appeal to ridicule and rest their case based on common belief fallacies.

    While it might seem ridiculous how Academia are able to rebut the fake moonlandings or alternative JFK assasination theories – we might loose sight of the fact that the most popular conspiracy theories are as bad as the official narratives.

    David Morris Aaronovitch
    Insight with David Aaronovitch: Deconstructing Conspiracies
    Frontline Club – Aug 23 2012 – 1:15 (h:mm)

    Robert Brotherton
    “Suspicious Minds: Why We Believe Conspiracy Theories”
    Center for Inquiry – Jan 5 2018 – 27:24 (mm:ss)

    Michael J Wood
    “The Psychology of Conspiracy”
    LegaliseFreedom1 – Jul 27 2013 – 53:32 (mm:ss – audio only)

    Joseph E Uscinski
    “Conspiracy Theories are for Losers”
    Pitzer College – 7 nov 2017 – 53:55 (mm:ss)

    Jan Willem van Prooijen (video featured above)
    Skeptics in the Pub Amsterdam – 14 oct 2015 – 52:09 (mm:ss)

    David Aaronovitch – 5×15 On Conspiracy – Jan 14 2014 – 18:59 (mm:ss)

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