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    Tom Dalpra

    Hey Den. Some mad stuff going onfor sure.
    Hope you’re well.
    I’d been meaning to say. It’s the ’22 footy season, Liz’s platinum anniversary too and I think man will be united again in May. All-in!


    in reply to: Fake Aviation Crashes and other Helihoaxes #858262
    Tom Dalpra

    I thought I’d drop Flight 777 in here for now. A WW2 set – piece involving the apparent deaths of all 17 people
    on board including movie actor Trevor Howard.

    The big rumour was that Churchill was supposed to have been on the flight.

    Catchy flight number.
    I also noticed the plane was called Ibis – that ancient symbol of Thoth still held dear in Western esoteric tradition.


    in reply to: THE MILLENIUM FALL-CON 2001 (satr wars clues) #858179
    Tom Dalpra

    as I said, Ive really looked at the videos.I really have. Those videos are the reason I’m here.
    I only got into this mad world of “what’s really going on?” through 9/11.
    Watching the towers collapse very much brought me here, is the truth,years ago…before you were even born.
    (Levity intended ).

    You still have no argument on the models

    If you’re suggesting I’m being arrogant,sorry, please don’t take it like that mate. You know me.
    We get on fine.
    Yeh I’m taking the piss a bit, but respect and all that. We know full on disagreeing on some points of yours here, but we can agree to differ. No worries.
    But you’re my mucker, so I can only join in as myself.

    Just for the record. The first I ever heard of you saying the word ‘ Braintarctica was after I came up with it in Discord.
    You may have talked about it before, I don’t know, but as I said. I coined that term and had the impression you’d come up with your idea then.Certainly you now have a word.
    What did you call it before?
    And you certainly weren’t around here in 2015 as far as I know.

    Anyway, whatever. Catch ya later.


    in reply to: THE MILLENIUM FALL-CON 2001 (satr wars clues) #858177
    Tom Dalpra

    Hey Denny,
    your fertile imagination finds some neat things. ‘Pancake Tuesday’, I like it.

    On the model idea, the only support you’ve given your argument on this thread is to say ”use your Eyes’ ‘ Ha!
    I’m saying, I’ve used my eyes and I don’t see models.
    If you have no other supporting evidence as an explanation (to footage I spent years looking at obsessively,day after day, night after night) then I can’t take that particular claim seriously?
    If you’ve no argument other than. ” use your eyes”haha, then how can I?

    Is Satire War Clues, the third in a trilogy of great works of disinformation? September Clues and Flat Earth Clues, being the others?

    Ha, I’m jesting. Yours is surely misinformation. A bit bonkers and confusing but cuddly, just like you.

    Personally, I call it a kind of genius. You could do with an editor, but there’s some original stuff there and who am I to hinder creativity?

    Braintarctica…sorry, I have to apologise, it was me who came up with that term.
    Definitely a fair idea worth mentioning in view of the Vaticans’ design with its Pineal Courtyard. Antarctica being the brain in the head of Earth.

    But hey, that’s got nothing to do with Satr Wars Clues.
    Are you alluding to the word satyr, by the way? That alone, a little hoot every time I read it and imagine little lustful, drunken characters running amok.

    Just like you, ya little lover boy.

    The ‘poison’ is the good weed these days, I believe. That stuff needs treating with respect too, especially for us with voracious appetites.
    I’ve wasted a chunk of time being mad on that shit,man.
    Go fuckin easy. It’s great being high, but all the time and things get messy. Well they do with me, anyway.
    When you say ” Spliff! ” I wince, haha.
    I remember saying that proudly…and what a twat I am.

    Anyway. Keep being creative and productive. It’s healthy, whatever.


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    Tom Dalpra

    We’ve all seen footage of the collapses of the Twin Towers many times.

    The footage doesn’t really make any sense as it’s surely impossible for a single jet aircraft to have brought down such steel framed structures in the manner we saw.
    IE, the collapse footage is a big red flag.

    If the footage was all faked, with the use of models or whatever, I have to ask. Why the fuck did they make it look so suspect?

    I don’t buy the idea.

    We know the Twin Towers were demolished on that day. Wouldn’t the simplest and safest way to portray it just be to film the actual demolition?
    That’s what it looks like and I suggest that’s what we saw.


    in reply to: War as a hoax #858119
    Tom Dalpra

    My understanding is that it’s not uncommon for shrapnel, post blast injury, to be left in the body and be fairly harmless. Apparently it’s quite common among veterans to have bits of metal in them.

    The only question I have is how did Gimbert really get his shrapnel injuries?

    The photographer braving wartime censorship and then hitch hiking to London with his photograph to make the mainstream news does look like a tidy story.
    But it’s difficult to gauge for me. It was a different time and I don’t know how likely that would have been back then.

    This story has become a small part of WWII history and has been kept alive over the years as every now and then a a broadsheet newspaper might re-hash it.

    One thing that strikes me about it within the context of ‘War as a Hoax’ is that it was, on the face of it, a terrible accident, not a case of death in combat.

    It could be said that the hyping of this incident could actually support the notion of War hoaxing, in that it shows no evidence of death by combat.
    It was one of the most famous wartime incidents in the Fens of East Anglia but, guess what, it was a big accident.


    in reply to: War as a hoax #858109
    Tom Dalpra

    Ah,yes. The Soham explosion. I’ve often wondered. My family moved to Soham in 1973. I went to school there. In, I think, 1974 the train driver Ben Gimbert came to my infants school and I was one of only a select couple of children who met him.

    We’d been told the story in class and I’d been fascinated.
    Funnily enough I still remember the meeting with some clarity.He was there with his wife and his medal and was sweet but seemed quite old at just the 71 years he would have been then, as I remember it. He talked about his side of the story. His guilt and the bravery of the other guy he sent back to uncouple the trains and then about all his extensive injuries. He was ‘lucky to be alive’. I remember him showing me the shrapnel that was still under his skin. You could touch it.

    Now I assume nothing, but I certainly welcome a chance to have a little re-look at that incident.bgimb

    Though I don’t go for the hyped terminology, “War is a Hoax” that doesn’t mean I don’t think war is a deception.
    It’s the exact nature of that deception I still wonder about.

    With this Soham event. We accept that deaths do occur in the military but so often from accidents.
    Could this explosion simply have been the wartime accident that it looked like, which was then blamed on sabotage and was a chance to further hype the War effort in the fens and glorify these actually accidental deaths?

    I don’t know, just a thought.
    Old Ben Gimbert didn’t seem like a bullshitter back then, but I was seven.


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    • This reply was modified 2 years, 7 months ago by Tom Dalpra.


    in reply to: THE JOE COX MURDER – BIRSTALL UK 16TH jUNE 2016 #858065
    Tom Dalpra

    “interview with TV mathematical celeb Rachel Riley

    That is literally a pretty, good liar.

    Riley – lieyR (“Riley” is an exact phonetic anagram of “liar”)

    Encoded names are of course quite common, and it is difficult to lend too much weight on these literary “coincidences”. “

    Well,I’m glad you said that last bit Unreal. I would say it’s certainly difficult to lend any weight to the ‘fonetic anagram’ Riley-lieyr.
    I would ask, why mention it in the first place?

    Is Rachel Riley really being a liar here, anyway? To be lying about deaths in the holocaust she would have to be fully informed as to the false nature of what she’s talking about and the figures she’s been told to quote.
    Is Rachel Riley clued-in to the con of the Holocaust. I doubt it.

    Her smiling replies that Xillefilex calls ‘Duping’ are also possibly explained to me as simply how Rachel Riley might act when feeling in a slightly uncomfortable situation. In this case being asked by a director to talk about the holocaust and abusive messages.
    She perhaps hasn’t had direct experience of what she’s talking about but she’s been told to talk to us in those terms.
    She’s kind of acting hence the smiling tell.
    But does this make Rachel Riley a liar per se?
    No.Not in my book.
    She’s just being used to put across someone else’s script.


    in reply to: Voice Disguise Deception #856641
    Tom Dalpra

    er, didn’t Terran Downvale kick off the accusation that Ab was Paulo Waulo on
    November 21, 2018 at 2:08 pm, Tom?

    Ah thanks xileffilex, that’s sloppy on my part. I fell into the trap of letting my bias rule my clear research there. I was ‘expecting’ UNreals timing to have been thus, which is to my fault.

    That said. Did Terran’s accusation then inspire UNreal to make his post?
    It suddenly seems fashionable.

    UNreal, the only thing I’m calling nonsense are the palpably wrong accusations.

    Felix again, I must return to those Psyopticon audios when I have time and listen with interest!


    in reply to: Voice Disguise Deception #856625
    Tom Dalpra

    A full two months passed on this thread after it’s initial little flurry of posts.
    Then, on 22nd November UNreal posted a piece called ”Suspicion of live Voice Morphing”.

    The next day, Terran Downvale accused ab of using voice deception in being Paolo Waolo on a Brian Staveley call and Johnny Clues, back for a second go, apparently fell for it and had a meltdown.

    Good timing on the post, wasn’t it !?

    Hey, there’s more people on this tack, it seems quite the rage.
    Calcified Lies has even joined in.

    The thing is, apart from not sounding like him, Chris has also done audio with

    Who started this nonsense?


    in reply to: FAK super skeptic scrutiny #856624
    Tom Dalpra

    There’s no proof here, at all, that I’m lying.

    Ab and I are fine. I was wound up and having a rare moment. He knows that, it was ages ago.
    As I said here. I apologise if I’ve said anything personal. From this point I intend to go forward taking care not to. I don’t want to be rude.

    The thing is, we have to call the information as we see it.
    If I think research is ridiculous, then I can only say so. I’d want someone to tell me if they thought my research was ridiculous.

    Surely one thing we can be around here is honest?


    in reply to: K shooting #856595
    Tom Dalpra

    And I answered you there

    On bully-like behaviour, all I can say is that in these areas of research, I think it’s our duty to call bullshit when we see it.

    I apologise for anything personal I’ve said, fair point, text bickering can be so catty, however, in the main, what I’ve been calling bullshit on is the information and latterly what I’ve been doing is defending my honour.
    You are directly calling me a liar.

    Let’s meet in audiochat and talk it out? Anytime.

    I’ll certainly be civil and merely want to defend my honour and make, what I think, is a valid point and perhaps a worthwhile lesson for us all, in this field of research.


    in reply to: FAK super skeptic scrutiny #856594
    Tom Dalpra

    For the record with the possibility someone finds themselves reading this thread, I just want to assure you that I actually do know the person who plays pornstar, Jasmine Jae ! She was the girlfriend of the Best Man at my wedding and I was good friends with her and spent a lot of time with her for three years, ’99 -’02.

    Regardless of that, UNreal shows himself to be a pretty weak researcher here as he jumps to the conclusion that I’m lying having found a newspaper article stating the girl’s name is Jennifer.

    Now, woah there a moment, whilst this doesn’t prove I’m not lying, it certainly doesn’t prove I am lying
    and if UNreal is a researcher worth his salt, he should know this.

    I knew that girl well, as Lorraine, 16 years ago when she was just starting work at the Spearmint Rhino Strip Club. I haven’t seen her since.
    If I was a pornstar, I’d change my name too.
    I suggest it’s common practice. It appears she’s got her obviously contrived pornstar name and then she calls herself Jennifer for things like a Mainstream newspaper articles.

    This strikes me as quite understandable in that line of work (it’s common across show business, of course) and I’m just slightly bemused that UNreal, who I thought was intelligent, can’t seem to grip that simple concept and rather rushes to make the bold accusation that I am obviously lying.

    This is palpably bad form and not the behaviour of someone truly investigating these things in an intelligent manner.

    I’m always impressed when people can converse and research in a second, sometimes third, language. UNreal does a great job of communicating his thoughts in English as I have often commented.
    I can’t excuse UNreal with the language card here, though. What he’s done here, though, I think, is not take-in the story properly and gone jumping to a false conclusion, based on the evidence of his false impression.

    I originally put up a picture of Jasmine Jae on the EGI thread. I’d just found out that it was someone I knew and in looking at pictures of her I was struck that she looked a little quirky. Satire with a message was my intention.
    I posted her picture and said something like ”mmm broad shoulders, male hands..”

    UNreal took me seriously, i think, saying it was good to see me coming round to his way of thinking and that she did indeed look like a prime candidate for having been Gender Inverted.

    At that point, I announced that I knew her and that she was definitely a girl.
    UNreal instantly said ”No you don’t, what’s her name then ?” and I said , Lorraine. He then produced the newspaper article in which the person is called Jennifer and claimed proof that I was lying.

    This can really boil down to one simple question.

    Does a newspaper article which names a porn star Jennifer, prove that I’m a liar, when I say that she’s a girl I know as Lorraine from 16 years ago ?

    Come on. There’s intelligent people around here. It doesn’t does it ?

    If I’d wanted to lay a trap to expose UNreal’s shortcomings, I couldn’t have made a better job of it, could I? It wasn’t my intention, but it seems to have happened, as far as I can see.


    in reply to: K shooting #856592
    Tom Dalpra

    Did you read my post properly ?

    If you want to continue to reference me in this thread, I shall continue to answer you.

    I’m defending my honour.

    As I said, to be clear. If you genuinely want me to stop posting on this thread.



    in reply to: K shooting #856588
    Tom Dalpra

    I’ve already explained in detail where to take your grief and falsehoods – yet you still continue derailing in this topic, thrice*.

    Fuck that. I helped build these forums here at Fakeologist, I don’t need your
    suggested censorship.

    You accuse me of openly lying. I’m not.

    If you want a highly motivated person on your case pulling apart your crap, then just keep winding me up and I’ll just keep saying how I see it.

    This is your last warning here, from me, UNreal.
    Shut the fuck up with your false accusations that I am a liar or I’ll actually really start getting on your case. I really don’t like that sort of false accusation.

    Don’t mention me again on this thread and I’ll leave it alone.
    Is that clear ?

    I repeat, don’t mention me again on this thread and I’ll leave it alone.

    You have falsely accused me of lying and then shown no sign of any value at all, as a real honest researcher, by completely ignoring the fact you’re wrong about something.

    You failed the test UNreal.

    Now, as I said. Shut the fuck up about me being a liar, and I’ll leave it alone. This will be my last word on this thread unless
    you wanna drag this out. If you want to, fine, I’m highly motivated and I’ll be all over you like a rash.

    Your choice, fool.


    in reply to: K shooting #856583
    Tom Dalpra

    Just by responding to Tom Dalpra with this post i’m sure response will be longwinded and cover a wide range of non-related arguments in order to defend the alternative honour of poor Tom, who will feel unreasonably “attacked” by coming into this thread about Kham offering no personal research and faulting at nitpicking on

    The thing is, UNreal, you called me a liar. You brought it up. There’s no need for a long winded reply, here. It’s really simple.

    You’ve got something provably wrong, that you’re stubbornly not backing down from and that you’re still trying to use against me.

    Oh dear. Not very good.

    Fill your boots with your weirdly titled ‘K Shooting’ thread. I’ll gladly not post here again.
    I’m not here to disrupt, I’m here to try and have an intelligent conversation.

    Clearly you’re not capable of that.


    in reply to: K shooting #856578
    Tom Dalpra

    *transcript of the public discussion where Tom Dalpra openly lies about knowing British porn star Jasmine Jae can be found on Discord (#EGI thread dated 10/10/2017) or downloaded here or discussed in the FAK super skeptic scrutiny Forum thread here

    [ in essence Tom Dalpra much like K Hammad gives “personal testimony”, in this case of being a private friend of an adult movie actress whose private name is verifiable (business record & press) but that Tom Dalpra missed completly – unless Jennifer sounds like Lorraine to you… “Opinion” may vary, facts less so.. ]

    UNreal, you’re wrong. You accuse me of ‘openly lying’. I’m not.
    What this accusation does expose though, is that you’re not a very good researcher who is quite capable of conjuring up spurious allegations if it suits your world view.

    To be clear. One time again. In my clearest English.
    For three years from 1999 – 2002, a close friend of mine called Charlie who was Best Man at my wedding and who I saw at the pub virtually every night, was going out with a girl called Lorraine.
    During that period, I saw Lorraine every weekend and during holidays and spent many hours in her company happily chatting away.
    We got quite close and I’d definitely say that we were fond of eachother and good friends.

    Charlie split up with Lorraine around 2002. Right at the end of their relationship
    Lorraine, who had been dabbling with singing and modelling as a possible vocation, began Stripping at the Spearmint Rhino Club in London. This was one of the reasons Charlie split with her. He’s not a fuddy duddy, but he does ultimately prefer what you might call a ‘wholesome girl’. Lorraine was lovely but in the end they weren’t exactly right together.

    The very last conversation I ever had with Lorraine was about her new job being a stripper. I was interested. She told me that the club she was at called Spearmint Rhino was a ‘high class’ strip club and the environment was very protective of the strippers. She was making fantastic money and that’s what she was going to do now.

    Roll on 16 years and I happened to click on a video on Pornhub (i was doing research i think 🙂 and there was this girl, Jasmine Jae. It’s an interesting thing when you haven’t seen someone for 16 years and they turn up as a porn star.
    I couldn’t quite believe it. It was a case of ”naaah, it’s not her is it?” at first and I didn’t linger on it. But when I came back to look again, it seemed like it had to be her, it was uncanny, otherwise. And actually, it made some sense.

    To confirm this, I spoke to Charlie, who now lives in Brooklyn, New York, and he confirmed my definite hunch. Yes, it is Lorraine, his ex girlfriend.

    Now, when I playfully posted a picture of Jasmine Jae on your EGI thread, I was intrigued as to what might say. She’s a pornstar and she looks a little quirky.
    You duly claimed she was likely gender inverted. ”Tom Dalpra is coming round to my thinking”, you said. Ha!

    Then, when I said, ”Ermmm, no, she’s a girl I know called Lorraine” you instantly called ”liar” and produced a newspaper article where Jasmine Jae, was pictured at home with her husband. Her name, as given in the article, was not Lorraine, it was Jennifer.

    Now, UNreal this is quite a simple concept that you might do well to take-in and understand. Sometimes, people, particularly in showbiz, change their names.
    Yeah ? You understand that, yeah ?
    Because if you don’t, then I can’t really help you.

    I am not a liar, but unless you apologise for falsely accusing me of being one, you will certainly prove yourself to be not only a poor researcher but one without any humility.

    Come on. This is a test UNreal. This is your opportunity to, at least, show some class.

    You owe me an apology.


    in reply to: K shooting #856566
    Tom Dalpra

    Thanks Terran, we’re not so far apart in our thinking. Yes, it’s exactly how I see psyops would be set up: to benefit several practical outcomes.
    It was the idea of The Creator having given us them that I had issue with.
    They’re practical, and at the end of the day, they’re all about control.
    It’s a control system, is how I see it.
    The details here are potentially fascinating, but it still doesn’t mean it came from God, is my point.

    I certainly haven’t fully absorbed this story yet and was just mildly alarmed in passing as I started reading the thread, here. I welcome the chance to try and express myself and clear up your position in my mind, a little.

    Quickly, on Paolo. Yes, yes, I get it. Particularly right from the start of that Staveley audio. ”Hi Brian!”, it sounds like Ab doing a voice. Yes, it does to me too. But it’s simply like staring at visual imagery of people. We can look similar.
    I took the time to listen to 15 minutes or so , of Paolo talking on that audio and with my ‘professional musicians ear’ I really didn’t have the impression it was ab. I wonder how many people actually listened to minutes of the guy talking?

    Now, the whole idea made some sense of course, but it’s a BIG accusation and Johnny Clues, for one, seemed to pick up and run with the idea to the point of effectively banning himself from the site having ranted about prosecuting Ab for fraud! It appeared you triggered that, Terran. Are you comfortable with that ?

    It reminds me of the EGI thread here at Fakeologist, you quoted earlier, which is replete with utterly spurious speculation that x is y.

    Staring at pictures, imagining people are ‘gender inverted’ or intently listening to voices, imagining it’s someone pretending to be someone else, are not healthy past times, in my opinion. They seem like good traps in alternative research that we repeatedly see people falling for.

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    in reply to: K shooting #856561
    Tom Dalpra

    Hey, Terran. Remember it was you and I that found the Golden Triangle via the union of Isis and Thoth and discovered the idea of an etheric Temple before witnessing the Grenfell Tower fire right smack dab in the eye of said triangle ?

    So, you understand I appreciate that there’s more things going on with that fire beyond a mere Health and Safety Op.

    Really, it’s just the idea that God (or The Creator as you put it ) gave us PsyOps, that I’m not buying there.

    This, on the other hand, is a spitting image for kham! Well found!
    What with finding Paolo Waolo was Abirato last week (not), you’re on a roll, I reckon! ”Several similarities” indeed ! The blonde hair for one and the…erm…well she’s female! Kham is the Zombie!

    Sorry, for the sarcasm, but you’ve got to admit that idea (true or false!) is worth a smile, in passing.


    in reply to: K shooting #856545
    Tom Dalpra

    So is this how the occultist controllers rationalize their psyops? The Creator gave the game of media hoaxes to humanity as an alternative to actual bloodshed/sacrifice? As silly as it may sound to some of you, this is something I’ve been seriously considering when thinking more deeply about the possible “whys” of media fakery.

    Yeh, it does sound a bit silly Terran because it’s a fairly straightforward example from an old civilisation of how sports, in general, grew. Those in power, control and promote sports to this day for the reasons you suggest. It’s better than actual fighting. That’s messy and a nightmare to control.

    As a far as who created sports go it’s got to be ‘us’, hasn’t it ? The people.
    Leave people around in groups long enough and they’ll come up with games to amuse themselves. The power comes along, sees the game and thinks ”Ah, that’s popular and seems to be holding people’s attention, we’ll use that.” Games are good and they were born naturally.

    In the case of stickgame, the people were told it was God given to help them get behind it. Of course in that old society that’s what you’d say if you wanted to promote the game. i’m sure quite a lot of things came from the Creator, in that society.

    As far as ‘media fakery’ goes, if you’re still having to think deeply about the possible ”whys” of it, I’m amazed.
    You’ve been around this scene a while. I thought you understood certain things,
    i.e. all the media fakery and ‘play’ we see is devised and employed by those in power to control us. To shape the way people think and to manage outcomes. And faking bloodshed is part of it – far better than actually killing people which again is incredibly messy and likely to become unmanageable.

    The motives are purely practical and ultimately, it seems,The better way, is the least murderous way. This is good news and perhaps something we can have some kind of faith in.

    We should have faith in ourselves. We created sport and we created psyOps.
    Well, ok, not exactly you and I, but you get me ? People, human beings.

    You speculate that a Creator may have given us media fakery as an alternative to bloodshed.
    You’re kind of saying – ”God gave us PsyOps”, aren’t you ?
    You could possibly sell that idea to military intelligence, Terran. I
    reckon it’s a money maker.
    ‘Power’ has,for some time, of course, aimed to be Godlike.

    The truth is, though it’s us. Have faith, in human beings, that’s my advice.




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