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    Jovan Byford is from a family of media insiders. His father Timothy Byford was a director in the late 1960s of the bourgeois BBC children’s programme “Blue Peter”. Perhaps helping with those infamous episodes promoting the lunar landing hoax! Either way, brainwashing the minds of impressionable British youngsters. In collaboration with the Tavistock’s in-house team of mind-bending social psychologists embedded in White City.

    Byford Sr. moved to Belgrade where he met Jovan’s mother Mila Stanojevic. Unrelenting of the NATO bombardment and break up of Yugoslavia, Byford continued to make children’s TV programmes in Serbian which give the appearance of being parodies of the Borat spoof movies.

    in reply to: Suspicious train crashes #1537235

    Yes, why did they run that southbound 06.19 service which reportedy passed the crash site(-to-be) at 06.44? Just 16 minutes before the staging.

    Though did the 06.19 run as a genuine passenger service? Or was it just carrying insiders? Easy enough to announce it “out-of-service” while keeping all doors closed at intermediate stops. Ensuring no outsiders tumbled aboard unhelpfully.

    Though running it at all seems unnecessary. Restricting the window of time for staging the disaster. Perhaps it was used to check for all clear on the tracks? And to remove psyop participants discreetly? Some of whom were perhaps working at the stage scene many hours before time zero?

    Haha! Useful joining-of-the-dots with “Niamh nic Daéid”.

    A shapeshifter. Born 1967 Dundee. Ms nic Daéid (with or without the é acute) draws a blank at BMDs. She Irish-ized her name following her mother, scientific consultant Dr Eileen (Caroline) Maguire / Mhig Uidhir / Mhic Daéid / Mac Daéid / Mac Daibhéid / McDade(?)

    Click to access 46_daeid4.pdf

    View post on

    Affirmed globalist our Niamh (or is that Neve?). Advisor and journal editor for Interpol and vice-chair of the scientific advisory board to the sham International Criminal Court.

    In the blood for Nic Daeid; from a close-knit family of forensic fire investigators / insiders:

    I was born in Dundee and grew up in Ireland in a family of scientists. My parents were scientists involved in the investigation of fires. From an early age I knew that women could be successful scientists and that science could be used as a real world practical problem-solving tool from which you could earn a living. Indeed, my brother and I used earn our pocket money by sticking our parents’ fire scene photographs into reports – this was long before digital photography! Now, I am an academic and a forensic scientist undertaking casework in fire investigations, terrorist events and the illegal manufacture of drugs.

    Her companion/partner, Gillian “MacRdhu” Urquhart:

    Another feather in the Nic Daeid / McDade cap is the notorious case of celebrity arsonist Mick Philpott.

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    in reply to: Suspicious train crashes #1531718

    Good spot Felix, and welcome psyop relief from the tedium of the #coronahoax claptrap.

    The all-important loco number (43030) neatly framed in the photo.

    A Class 43 powercar. From the historic InterCity 125 series. Close to 50 years old now. One of the oldest locomotives still rolling. Or was. Well past its useful service life, costly to maintain, and “due for replacement by the Hitachi Super Express”, according wiki.

    One of 55 Class 43 HSTs under lease to Dutch-owned ScotRail by owners Angel Trains, the rolling stock company (ROSCO) which confesses this of its Class 43 fleet:

    life expired with no further economic value attributed to them

    Click to access Investor%20Report%20-%20Year%20Ended%2030%20June%202019.pdf

    Click to access SN03146.pdf

    Perfect choice of loco for a flaky rail fiasco. Waste not want not in these austere times.
    No tears over this loss from the Fat Controller.

    A donor for spares, maintaining the last few Class 43s. Specimens already in rail museums. “Most will likely meet the cutters torch though, sad but inevitable.“, laments one rail buff. Dramatic end-of-the-track narrative for poor old 43030.

    Viz the victims of this wee rail tragedy, the ratio of deaths-to-injuries is as fishy as ever. An extraordinary 1:2. At the trackside, three pronounced dead. But just six injured.

    The three fatalities: train driver Brett McCullough, 45, grinning-to-his-grave train guard Donald Dinnie, 58, and passenger Christopher Stuchbury, 62.

    For the families of both Dinnie and Stuchbury, the Stonehaven disaster is a double heartbreak.

    “The 62-year-old [Stuchbury] had previously lived in Blairgowrie with his wife Helen and two children, Neil and Faye…he returned to the northeast and settled in Aberdeen more than a decade ago, after Helen died suddenly in 2006.”

    Stonehaven crash: Passenger who died was heading to Fife for shift as tug boat master

    Stuchbury’s son Neil, a photojournalist and media insider, is bearing up remarkably well, at losing a second parents so dramatically. Even conjuring a movie quote:

    Whereas for the Dinnie family:

    “The latest heartbreak comes just weeks after [Donald’s] parents Edwin and Yvonne lost their daughter Karen, 59, in June.

    Sister Karen, who was from Sauchen, passed away suddenly at home on June 11.

    An obituary to the “devoted and loving daughter” said she would be “sorely missed” by her entire family.

    Sister Elaine McKechnie made the tragic revelation on social media while paying tribute to Donald.

    She wrote: “Your in the arms of an angel. Karen will look out for you RIP Bro.

    Touching. Brother and sister re-united. Wherever that may be.

    Donald could also boast some friends in high places, from his time clipping tickets. Creepy ones too.

    Top forensic anthropologist, Professor Dame Sue Black DBE FBA FRSE FRCP FRAI, was the first to open the twitter tributes to him.

    [from wiki: “forensic anthropologist — identification of deceased individuals whose remains are decomposed, burned, mutilated or otherwise unrecognizable, as might happen in a plane crash.”]

    ..or even a train crash?

    Swiftly followed by accolades from Professor Niamh Nic Daeid, director of Leverhulme Research Centre for Forensic Science, University of Dundee.

    Plus eulogies from the usual media flunkeys – two BBC Scotland journalists Laura Maciver and Laura Maxwell of Good Morning Scotland. Followed by a fond farewell from TV thriller scriptwriter David Jewell.

    And a tribute from Dr Sue Brechin, consultant on the #coronahoax to Public Health Scotland.

    All of whom knew Donald personally from travelling with him along the tracks. Fancy that. Friends in all the right places.

    One of the big hat-tips from the terror-on-the-tube hoax of 7.7.2005 was the problem of missing trains.
    FOIA requests revealed that the trains purportedly carrying the bombers never actually ran.
    The services were cancelled before. Unravelling the logistics of whole terror shebang.

    What about ScotRail’s fateful 06.38 service from Aberdeen to Glasgow Queen Street on 12.Aug 2020?

    The HST reportedly derailed at 07.00 at Carron Water Bridge, West Carmont,.

    A very remote stretch of track. Hidden behind dense woodland. Unmanned intermediate stations and signal boxes, no official observation points. The track controlled from Aberdeen Signalling Centre, nearly 20 miles away.

    Only the second train of the day to pass that point.

    The earlier 06.19 Scotrail southbound service from Aberdeen to Montrose passed without incident through the ‘crash site’ at 06.44.

    Perhaps that earlier 06.19 was requisitioned by the psyop team for final reconnaisaince / logistical purposes?

    Either way, the fact that the 06.19 ran, belies the “severe flooding” grounds for cancelling the 05.39 northbound from Dundee that would have passed the ‘crash site’ at 06.45½.

    With the northbound train cancelled at its Dundee origin, that neatly cleared the way for the 07.00 ‘derailment’.

    in reply to: Fake Aviation Crashes and other Helihoaxes #857143

    Hmm.. good find, Felix! The “crash” happened (i.e. was staged) at Little Baldon Farm, Nuneham Courtenay, Oxon. The farm, at the time, was owned by John Donald “Jack” Barclay, ex-RAF and noted motoring sportsman. It seems that all his farm hands were in-on-it too.

    Arthur Ware, the farm swineman (who, predictably, was feeding his pigs at the time) gave a comprehensive eyewitness statement. As did housewife Evelyn Ware, 54 (busy with her washing). Evelyn told the Birmingham Post that she muttered to herself as the plane flew overhead: “You fool: you are too low”, seconds before it crashed.

    Mr. George Powell, aged 54, the foreman on the farm, which is owned by Mr J. D. Barclay, one of the first on the scene, said: “I was just coming round the corner of a building when I saw it about 100 feet up. It was on its back and falling fast into the ground. There was a terrific explosion and flames leapt up. We rushed into the field but there was nothing we could do.”

    Peter Pring, the farm’s head gardener (busy trimming a hedge), said “I heard an explosion inside the plane when it was in the air.”

    Miss Gwyneth Barnes, aged 18, daughter of [Fred Barnes] the farm manager, of Little Baldon Farm, was on her way home from convent school when she saw the crash: “The plane exploded in the air and caught fire. It crashed into the barley field in flames and then a pall of black smoke went into the air”, she said.

    “I was one of the first there”, she said. “There was no hope of anyone being alive. I rushed home to telephone to the fire brigade, ambulance and police.” (Birmingham Post; front page, Weds 7 July 1965)

    Mrs. Dennis Tutty, wife of the cowman at the farm, said: [of “the hundreds of sight-seers trying to reach the scene of the air disaster”] “It is absolutely disgraceful. You would think people who have a lot more respect for these poor dead boys.”

    <hr />

    Also from the Daily Mirror, we’re told that Coronation Street actress Lynne Carol [aka Josephine Harber], reportedly lost her son, parachute instructor Sergeant Michael Palmer, 27, in the “crash”. Although no mention of this in her Wonkpedia obit.

    The day after, Trevor Henry of the Birmingham Post was taken up in a plane to view the “crash scene” from above. Rather candidly, describing his great difficulty in believing a crash had ever happened. Due to the lack of plane wreckage, and implausible debris field. Scepticism shared by the Post’s own pilot.

    Newspaper images

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    in reply to: Fake Aviation Crashes and other Helihoaxes #856790

    Another aviation slamdunk for the fakeologists’ compendium.

    The Kegworth Air Disaster of 1989 — 30th anniversary on January 8th. The fateful day that British Midland London Heathrow-Belfast flight FD092 crashed into the embankment of the M1 motorway, killing 47 souls. And coming just 18 days after the Lockerbie psyop.

    Aboard the Boeing 737 was pro-duping death-cheater, Leslie Bloomer, now 57, who lost two friends Rodney and Jean Burrows in the crash. Bloomer has re-lived the horror ever since, in dozens of media interviews, lately for BBC TV news.

    An isolated and easy-sealed stretch of motorway around J24. Surrounded by open farmland. One more tick for the fakery checklist, Felix!

    Throw in a smattering of professional witnesses and job’s done. Including career-cop Clive Sparling. Strangely, Sparling, a one-time traffic officer, doesn’t even mention Kegworth on his linkedin profile. Instead, he pedals an equally incredible tale. [of commandeering an ambulance, and driving it [blues-and-twos?] to hospital while paramedics worked on patient within. Gong for that one, naturally.

    Ably assisted at the crash scene by a lifeboat crew of able seamen who, by happenstance were driving up the M1 at the time. Ahem.

    “A lifeboat crew, from Withernsea, Yorkshire, were travelling back from a training exercise when they saw the plane coming down.

    [Lifeboatman] Barry Bingham, who with his colleagues helped with the rescue, said “A lot of sparks came out from the engines and that was the point where one of them blew up.

    “The wreckage was in three parts. There were flames coming up from the engine.”

    Mr Bingham said the only person they saw “was a chap who was wandering around the motorway in a uniform”.

    “It was only later I realised it was a steward out of the aeroplane, he fell out the back,” he added.” “

    The RNLI, more used to faking it on the ocean waves. Nevertheless proving just as safe for any transportation psyop. Travelling back from a “training exercise”, indeed.

    From The Times (London) front page, “Surgeons carried out operations, including amputations, within yards of the crash”.

    Eugh! Sawing-off limbs on the hard shoulder? It’s all about the rhythm, yasee – like rowing a boat. Is that where Hoaxing Helmsman, Barry Bingham, put his oar in?

    Local eyewitness, Peter Wragg, an industry insider (fire-retardant textiles for aerospace et al) – gave an astonishingly slick eyewitness account on BBC TV, reporting “live” as the tragedy unfolded. Hmm..

    Click to access TRAVEL-FEB-2018.pdf

    Another insider-eyewitness, Loughborough-based showman Joe Weston-Webb, a trust product of the media. “known for his outdoor shows and organised stunts.”

    [From his obit on in 2012, “As Joe began to earn money for his shows, he started to draw attention from the media. Soon he was providing stunts and ideas for many TV and film adverts, and even appeared on TISWAS several times.”

    <hr />

    The usual “discrepancies” weaved into the “developing“ narrative, for that extra credibility factor. The Boeing 737-400 wrongly identified, in “early reports”, as a McDonnell Douglas DC9. Plus a variety of initial “theories” for the cause – “wiring fault”, “autothrottle failure”. “fuel leak”. Before settling on “engine fire” and “pilot error” (pilot turned off wrong engine, clumsy dolt).

    Captain Kevin Hunt, his co-pilot and crew originally received “universal praise” for their handling of the disaster, but later were “sacked”, i.e. early retired, with generous compo to keep-lips-sealed. Meanwhile the death-toll incrementally nudged ever skywards as the “full horror” unfolded.

    The “crash scene” tucked between the A453 and the steep embankment of the M1 northbound between J23 and J25. How did they stage that? The fuselage debris delivered under tarps on a low-loader to the M1 below? With a winch or crane on the A453 carriageway above [A453 pre-sealed from the Kegworth Interchange to the Finger Farm roundabout?], used to haul the aluminium junk into position? Ready for the awaiting meeja teams of stooge cameramen?

    A complex op, but evidently achievable with adequate planning. Thousands of man-hours at the whiteboard stage, for just 30 minutes of action? — ‘slow-time thinking to quick-time doing’, as they say?

    The front pages from the days that followed..

    An unusual roll-call and photo op for the “medical heroes” of Leicester Royal Infirmary. The team of life-savers who treated, “with textbook skill”, the fictims of Kegworth ‘89 :- Dr Michael Pepperman, head of critical care; Mr Derek Barton, senior A&E registrar; Mr Gautam Bodiwala, head of A&E; Mr John Jones, consultant orthopaedic surgeon; Miss Liz Hewett, nursing officer; Mr David Watkins, senior consultant surgeon. Plus of course, the impromptu hospital tour from royalty (Prince Charles this time).

    Six years later, the insurance settlement – aka “sheering of the sheep” – undisclosed damages split across multiple insurers of bmi and four unnamed companies. Industry-norm: spread the claim widely, imperceptibly heaping it on numerous underwriting Names. Filch a little from the many; not a lot from a few.

    From The Times (June 10 1995)

    The damages are to be paid by British Midland Airways and four other companies responsible for the supply and construction of the engines of the Boeing 737-400 which crashed near Kegworth. They all admitted liability.”

    Among the Kegworth fictims, a total of 25 army and MOD personnel serving in N.Ireland. Safe hands for easy hoax management.

    Another “survivor” was passenger Miss Mary McHugh, 26-year old solicitor from the Ormeau Road in Belfast. Visiting friends in London with boyfriend John Loughlin. Subsequently called to the Bar in 2001, McHugh did very nicely out of the Bloody Sunday Inquiry. Earning a blistering £424,524 by representing “The [Fictims’] Families”. Keeping her out of mischief.

    Leaving just the Official AAIB Report to publish. Dotting the ‘i’s and crossing the ‘t’s. And granting another team of perps their own good suck on the bountiful titty bottle.

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    in reply to: Nov 2018 – Fuel tax protests in France #856409

    In a more recent fuel scare psyop, the tanker drivers’ union (TGWU/Unite) showed its true colours; an expendable puppet of Government and Big Oil.

    If you recall back to March 2012, the price at the pump had soared to its highest ever (around £1.50/litre). To the point that motorists were cutting back on all but essential spending on fuel. Tanker loads of gasoline were apparently laying stockpiled and unsold outside the refineries (rows of tankers shown at Milford Haven).

    That’s when the scare / hysteria started. Cameron was the PM. No.10 announced, clearly with the connivance of the (controlled) TGWU leadership that a tanker drivers’ strike was imminent.

    Word to motorists was stockpile as much petrol as possible. Naturally provoking panic-buying at the pumps. The pumps soon ran dry. And soon afterwards, we’re told the strike had been “narrowly averted”. Fancy that! This was another mission accomplished! The stockpiles of fuel were cleared – sold in the panic at the highest ever price!

    No doubt with healthy profits from the futures market, where 100 times as many “paper barrels” are bought and sold via derivative instruments, than ever exist, at any one point, in the supply chain.

    Another psyop highlighting once again that the ‘opposition’ is controlled. In this case demonstrating that the trade union leadership is just another plaything, batting on the same side as the industry chiefs it professes to hate.

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    in reply to: THE JOE COX MURDER – BIRSTALL UK 16TH jUNE 2016 #856028

    I’m sure the Referendum was rigged. As are all electoral polls in the western world. This time, rigged to present it as close-run thing. Nail bitingly close perhaps to provide wiggle-room for a second (fake) poll if the withdrawal doesn’t go to plan, the City gets cold feet, or economic circumstances dictate otherwise.

    So with that basic premise that the poll was rigged anyway, no great need to fake the murder of Joke Ox to swing the poll through a sympathy vote for Remain.

    In hindsight the “murder” was probably just a bit of pointless theatre. To entertain the masses. Like the bizarre clowning from faux billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk. Mindless drivel just to titilate and fill the news slots.

    in reply to: The 1993 London Bishopsgate bombing and other attacks #854662

    I.R.A. murder victim David Heffer (b.29 Sept 1962). Pictured days earlier, grinning with pet bunny. Hope it survived the “blast” too?

    Heffer had “travelled the world”, recalls story-telling aunt Ann Heffer (via Lynda Lee-Potter of the Daily Mail).

    While girlfriend Robin (never a surname) “was an Australian teacher”.

    Heffer’s wheezy background:

    “He’d been chronically ill with asthma as a child, and spent much of his life in oxygen tents. His parents had been informed his growth might be stunted because of the medication he’d had over the years, but he grew into a handsome six-footer.
    At times as a small boy he could scarcely breathe. He certainly hadn’t had the strength to kick a football but still worshipped Charlie George and Arsenal.
    He spent two years in a sanatorium and his early suffering gave him empathy with those who needed help.

    Says Mum Lesley:

    “He always carried a donor card and they were able to use all his organs, except his lungs because of the asthma. At least three and possibly four people are living now because of David. So the IRA haven’t won, have they?
    They’ve murdered one good man and four have lived. We said goodbye to him in hospital.”

    — Well it’s farewell David & Robin before you bolt down your new warren, with or without wabbit.

    Airline tickets? Check! Passports? Check! Entry visas? Check!

    The Heffers were “life-long family friends” with pub landlord Peter [Granville?] Rooke, 48 of Luton [d.2003 Bedford?] Neatly squaring that one.

    The Sussex had a winebar in its cellar which fortuitously closed on Mondays. Imagine the carnage otherwise. Where did landlord Rooke go after his close shave with death? To the hospital, to say his goodbyes, too?

    Hmm… Heffer could be anywhere (were he still alive). Somewhere warm and dry. To subdue that asthma. India? Australia? Two possibilities the Telegraph hints at:

    “Commander George Churchill-Coleman head of Scotland Yard’s anti-terrorist squad, said angrily: “Make no mistake, this bomb was aimed at killing and maiming. We didn’t stand a cat in hell’s chance of stopping it going off.”

    Churchill-Coleman, “the public face of Scotland Yard’s battle with the IRA in the 1980s and early 90s“, died 2015 “in a car accident“.

    Only natural it would be an “unnatural” despatch for him too.

    “Appointed head of the Metropolitan police’s anti-terrorist branch in 1985 and national coordinator of terrorist investigations in 1990, he was at the forefront of the investigations to find those responsible for such incidents as the murder of Margaret Thatcher’s close friend Ian Gow MP (1990), the mortar attack on Downing Street (1991), and the City bombings targeting the London Stock Exchange (1990) and the Baltic Exchange (1992).
    The arrival on the scene of the tall, upright figure of Commander Churchill-Coleman, in immaculate white shirt, was an indication of the seriousness of an event.”

    Attending Heffer and his faltering pulse, with “very grave concern”, was A&E Consultant Howard Baderman.

    Baderman became a luminary in countless other psyops, including the Mid Staffs Hospital Scandal. “1200 preventable deaths due to poor clinical care”. The pretext for closing down Mid Staffs, in favour of a new PFI in Stoke.

    in reply to: Fake Aviation Crashes and other Helihoaxes #854530

    Good find, xileffelix, we all love a good nail-biting air disaster! [incidentally new season of Air Crash: Disasters Uncovered on BlazeTV ]

    Lyndsey Elliott [13] visited by Prince Charles

    What became of orphaned 13-year old Lyndsay [Christine] Elliot b.1971 Wirral]? The poor mite who suffered the triple tragedy of losing her single-mother Barbara Elliot née Gartland plus aunt and uncle [Joyce and Leslie Oliver] in the horrific blaze on the airport tarmac.

    Despite all the odds, young Lyndsay pulled through with a miraculous recovery. And we’ve only got the Royals to thank for that.

    In a fairytale ending almost cut-and-paste from Brothers Grimm, the Prince & Princess of Wales maintained a bedside vigil beside orphaned teen Lyndsay until she roused from her “coma”. Awwww! :-

    From The Times, (Aug 28, 1985) :

    Miss Lindsey Elliott aka Lyndsay Christine Elliot

    Meanwhile father Derek Elliot, estranged from late wife Barbara, immediately jetted-in from the USA, visiting daughter Lyndsay in Wythenshawe Hospital. Taking over the bedside vigil from Prince Charles & Lady Di.

    Curiously, no mention of Lyndsay’s elder brother Andrew Paul Elliot [b. who would have been 18 at the time.

    So where are they all today?

    Mother Barbara’s dead. Obviously.

    Dad Derek Elliot is still out in USA – Clermont FL (via Springboro OH). Playing the quintessential English lager lout (aged 76)!.

    Never-mentioned orphaned brother Andrew stayed out in Ohio, pressing buttons at IBM..

    Joyce and Leslie Oliver’s two orphaned sons – (Lyndsay’s cousins) – Christopher [b.1960] and David Oliver [b.1965] – still live on the Wirral; David “inherited” the old family home at Venables Close, Spital; while brother Christopher is in nearby Thornton Hough.

    While not-so-teeny-these-days, Lyndsay [now Dourdin-Elliot] surfaced 2015 in Lille, France [via Florida, Ohio and Rotterdam].

    Since 2015 she’s been Professor Lyndsay Christine Dourdin-Elliot, Head of Humanities / Professor of International Relations & Critical Thinking (haha!) at Catholique Univ. in Lille, France.

    #PRAY FOR MANCHESTER : - Lyndsay Dourdin-Elliot.  Indeed. But which Manchester? #Manchester2017 ? Or #Manchester1985?

    #PRAY-FOR-MANCHESTER : – Professor Lyndsay Dourdin-Elliot. Indeedy. But which Manchester? #Manchester2017 ? Or #Manchester1985 ?!

    Bet that #Pray-For-Manchester parallel meme triggers a well-earned duper’s chuckle!

    Huge gaps of decades in Lyndsay’s linkedin profile. Where’s she been all those intervening years?? Graduated Andrews School for Girls, Willoughby OH in 1989. And then vanished until 2014 for her Master’s at Erasmum, Rotterdam. Some lacuna.

    And Ooh! See her linkedin photo — spot the poster behind! RMS Titanic!
    Fancy that! Imagine the tales that Professor Elliot could tell us about (fishy) transport disasters!!

    TRANSPORT DISASTERS -- Lyndsay Dourdin-Elliot

    in reply to: Towering Inferno London June 13 2017 #849848

    As usual, great sleuthing, Felix!

    This Susan B Caro [b.1957 Cheshire; mother Hutchins]…

    Described as a film producer, but almost no history on; just one movie Pao in production now, adaptation of 2012 novel by Kerry Young, a story set in Jamaica. Caro listed as one of three producers.

    Elsewhere revealed as a diversity advisor at SOAS, a haven for spooky mindbenders.


    “Undoubtedly one of the many highlights of the launch [of new youth foundation] was the keynote speech delivered by Sue Caro who has an extensive career in broadcasting and independent production. Caro, who currently works as diversity advisor at SOAS, the only university in the UK to be headed-up by a black woman, is a local resident in Brent.”

    Her facebook page reads like a thesaurus of hoaxes. Can one woman have been duped time over? Or is she an old hand at these games? Sharing her “thoughts” on the Charlie Hebdo attack, Bin Laden, murder of African-American Trayvon Martin, IRA attacks, etc.


    in reply to: Out of the Clear Blue Sky [film] 2012 #848591

    Great sleuthing as ever Felix. Another real person among the faux victims of 911. Reassigned identity rather than digital fabrication? And another hole in the vicsim list?

    Several copies on fileshare networks of Gardner’s “Out Of The Clear Blue Sky” (2012). In promising quality (x264).

    in reply to: The Aberfan Disaster- Wales – 1966. #847490

    Another thing..

    There was huge public outrage over the misuse of the Aberfan Disaster Relief Fund; the disgraceful misappropriation of the Fund by the National Coal Board.

    On one level, this was a secondary narrative to underpin the main hoax itself. The government falsely hauling itself over the coals, so to speak, for embezzling charity donations intended for Aberfan “victims”.

    The millions gifted to the Fund expropriated by the Coal Board. Never distributed as intended – for relief of suffering in the devastated town. Instead, the donations paying for the removal of the coal tips at Aberfan and Merthyr Vale. Outrageous misuse of charity cash. Or so it would seem.

    Now here’s a funny thing. Soon after the ‘Disaster’, the government confirmed plans for a ‘major new road link between north and south Wales’. The A470 Cardiff to Glan Conwy Trunk Road.

    The proposed route of the new road passing directly through those Aberfan coal tips. On the hillside to the west of the town. Immediately above Moy Road. Exactly where the tragic “slag-slide” occurred (or didn’t).

    See where this is going?

    From Daily Mirror (Oct 8, 2016) —

    “The main Cardiff to Merthyr [A470] road now runs on a hillside above the village, passing right through the path the avalanche took.


    “The A470 through this section is beautifully engineered through the valley, including split-level sections and full grade separation and hard shoulders, built [at a cost of £2½m] during the 1970s.”

    In practice, was the ‘Aberfan Disaster Fund’ just a voluntary tax for road-building? Intended, from the outset, to pay for Aberfan’s new bypass?!


    And since there was no disaster, no slag-slide, and no one died, how pointless all that faux outrage over the misuse of this Fund?!

    Good bluff though, eh?! Wales got its north-south trunk road. And Aberfan got its town bypass, a landscaped public park and new community centre with swimming baths. Very good. All funded by kind donation. And not a soul died.

    Aberfan tips to be removed: “best news ever” (The Times; Jul 27, 1968)

    in reply to: The Aberfan Disaster- Wales – 1966. #847487

    There really was a great big slag-slide at Aberfan and it really did pour down in to the village.

    There really was, was there? And it really did happen, did it?!

    The ‘evidence’ was there for all to see from the air and on the ground and witnessed by many people.

    Oh! So the witness accounts are real, too? And the 144 victims? Just like 911, eh?! Everything real! Who’d have thunk it!

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    in reply to: The Aberfan Disaster- Wales – 1966. #847473

    There’s an online list of Aberfan victims, identified by street and house number; the victims concentrated to just a few streets in the town. Easy to stage when all those houses were owned by the Coal Board and/or Local Authority.

    Was the town pre-packed with acting families? Embedded in weeks and months previous into those Coal Board houses? Settled in situ, ready for the psyop to roll?

    Those actors only drifting off once their roles were fulfilled. That exodus of families achieved under auspices of evacuating them, for fear of “further” landslides.

    The narrative — up to 100 families demanding immediate re-homing — was played out in the Daily Mail (Dec 3, 1966). And articulated by key Aberfan gatekeeper, the town Baptist minister, Rev. Kenneth Hayes. Hayes was joint chairman of the Aberfan Parents’ and Residents’ Association, who lost his own son. So it is said.

    in reply to: The Aberfan Disaster- Wales – 1966. #836951

    These aerial “photos”, to my untrained eye, look very fake.

    Created in miniature model? With a strong “Hornby-ish” feel to them.

    The minute detail isn’t there. A characteristic of modelling. The really small things are just too small and too fine to model. So they’re omitted altogether. Yet a real-life photo should normally include the ‘high entropy’ of those fine features. So why is it missing here?

    This fauxto above also has a very two-dimensional feel to it. Like the houses are just cardboard cut-outs. Well maybe they are. Photographs of real Aberfan houses. But pasted into that model of an oozy black mess; a gooey blob cooked up on a lab bench to simulate the slagheap slide.

    in reply to: The Aberfan Disaster- Wales – 1966. #836950

    The fiftieth anniversary of the 1966 Aberfan Disaster comes around on 21 October.

    The Guardian kicks off commemorations with a review of Owen Sheer’s “Film Poem” – The Green Hollow, to be screened on the BBC (21-23 October)

    Carole, Tom and Felix have already plucked out the loudest ‘alarm bells’ sounding in this psyop.

    Perhaps one of the big clangers was the decision to inter all the victims in a mass grave in a communal ceremony. Which runs quite contrary to human nature in grieving and funeral tradition. Surely real families would expect individually-tailored funerals, paying in-depth, personal tribute to each of the loved ones?

    Rather unconvincingly, the Daily Mail (Tues, Oct 25, 1966) explains that Aberfan families agreed to a communal funeral — 82 interments in one morning service — after “an appeal by local clergymen”. Although why any clergymen should actually want that is not explained.

    Of course, one grand funeral greatly enhances the psychological impact of the psyop, as well as being somewhat cheaper and significantly easier for the psyop paymasters.

    The funeral service apparently attracted “ten thousand” mourners, was inter-denominational — and included the [Anglican] Bishop of Llandaff, Dr. Glyn Simon, the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Cardiff, Dr. John Murphy, and Rev. E. Stanley Lloyd, representing the Non-Conformists. All bases covered.

    Priests and religion figured large in this whole operation. A relic of the day, maybe. The Pope called on worshippers in St Peter’s Square to pray for Aberfan: “It is a disaster which fills one’s heart with tenderness and grief,” he mourned.

    One of the Aberfan priests was Reverend Kenneth Hayes, Baptist Minister. He lost his eldest son { Dyffryg / Dyfrig / Roger / Ronald } to the slag slide.

    Rev. Kenneth Hayes at the Zion Baptist Chapel in Aberfan. His son Dyffryg, 10, died in the disaster. He decided that his role was not to dig for bodies but to do what he could for souls. He helped methodically with the grisly task of establishing the death roll

    Revd. Kenneth James Hayes. Born Risca, Glamorganshire, 1930 [actually Nov 8, 1929], married [1954 Llanelli, Elizabeth M Jenkins] with one son [Gwilym D Hayes, b.1959 Hereford; mother: Jenkins] and one son deceased [Roger Ronald Dyffryg Hayes, b.1957 Hereford; mother: Jenkins], died Sheffield 25 December 1997.

    The Aberfan resource on Nuffield College website, carries an obit for Rev. Hayes, published Jan 31, 1997 in The Independent. A hat-tip of sorts on Hayes’ key role in the hoax? Despite losing his son in the Disaster, he carried on stoically, ministering to the souls of the community, including the visiting press corp and TV pack, whom he reduced to tears with his passionate preaching. What a load of doo-dah.

    On the Sunday after the disaster, the day after his son’s body had been found, he preached in his chapel to an audience of journalists, many of them in tears throughout. In the awful months that followed, he and his wife kept the community afloat. They ran an appeal for toys for the surviving children of Aberfan that generated a huge and emotional response, as did the main disaster appeal. Kenneth Hayes’ manse became the office in which the local solicitor took the statements that would confirm the Coal Board’s culpability for the disaster.

    Key actor.;

    On Sunday, 12 hours after his son’s body had been found, Hayes kept faith with his chapel, substituting for his normal act of worship a simple service of prayers and hymns at his Zion Baptist Church. Only those villagers who were too old or too young to dig came; the bulk of the congregation consisted of journalists and television reporters, many of whom cried throughout the service. In his address, Hayes appealed to the Coal Board to abandon its policy of tipping and then urged that there be no bitterness: “Let us thank God that things are not worse”. As the congregation broke into the hymn “Safe in the Arms of Jesus”, Hayes sat down in his chair on the dais and wept.

    Rev Hayes arrived in Aberfan in 1964, around 18 months before the Disaster. A psyop sleeper? Planted in readiness in his target community; awaiting his call to service? The Hayes family never seem settled in the area; few roots there. Before being called to his mission in Aberfan, we’re told he ministered on the English side of the border, and their two boys were born in Hereford. Rejecting a communal grave in Aberfan for his own son Daffryg lost in the tragedy, opting instead to inter him in the isolated West Wales village of Pontyberem, about 50 miles away. Daffryg’s funeral conducted by Rev. Hayes’ wife’s cousin, Rev. Milton Jenkins, a leading figure in the Welsh Baptist Union. This Aberfan thing, a close family business for the Baptists.

    Rev. Hayes himself died in Sheffield on Christmas Day 1997. His wife Elizabeth doesn’t seem to get a mention anywhere.

    in reply to: The 7/7 drill hoax #812919

    Good find Felix, discovering him on Facebook; needle in haystack with name like that.

    He has fleetingly acknowledged sister Carrie. On 2013 anniversary, and then randomly, on 1 December same year. Although bizarrely didn’t bother with any other anniversary before or since. Not even the big one (10th) in 2015.

    in reply to: The 1993 London Bishopsgate bombing and other attacks #698730

    [Dr David Manuel] Paul was also involved in the Birmingham Six case; presenting forensic evidence used to overturn the convictions of the six men.

    Is there a source for that, Psyopticon?

    Disputed evidence may end the saga of the Birmingham Six; The Times (London); Tues Feb 26, 1991.

    View post on

    Dr Paul supposedly gave forensic evidence to show that confessions were beaten out of the Six while in police custody:

    Also this from Ludovic Kennedy in the Sunday Times (Feb 25, 1990):

    IN November 1977, the six men brought a civil action against the police and the Home Office for injuries they had received while in police custody. For fresh evidence they were relying on the findings of Dr David Paul, a former police surgeon and City of London coroner and a specialist in the interpretation of injuries from photographs. Shown enlarged photographs of the six, taken while they were in custody at Queen’s Road, he found signs of injuries on all.

    The action was allowed and application made for legal aid. But the police appealed and, in an uncharacteristic judgment, Lord Denning upheld them. If the action were to succeed, he said, it would show evidence of police perjury and violence, and the six might have to be pardoned. This was such an appalling vista that the action could not be allowed to proceed. In other words, from the layman’s point of view, better that the six rot in jail than to find there had been police wrongdoing.

    But the supporters of the six, including some of the media, continued to press their case. In December 1986 a retired police officer by the name of Tom Clarke, who had been at Queen’s Road at the material time, appeared on Granada Television to say what he had seen and heard. Seven weeks later, the home secretary announced he was sending the case back to the Court of Appeal and was ordering an inquiry by the Devon and Cornwall Police.

    in reply to: Fake Aviation Crashes and other Helihoaxes #698663

    Tail number determined as G-MYES. Which is in CAA’s public database. What point obscuring that from media fauxtography?

    The Rans kit-plane was nearly 25 years old. In its long life passing through numerous hands. Before being acquired a month ago by fatal crash pilot Tony Crocombe. About time it was “retired”, one way or another.

    Crash pilot, Tony Crocombe, was a defence-aerospace insider. Working in unidentified role for FB Heliservices, part of Cobham plc, for over 20 years.

    The one and only photo of Tony Crocombe…

    Tony: “You look different from how I remember you by” ….. (Ahem!)

    Will the real Tony Crocombe please stand up!


    Cobham works “in close co-operation with both government and military customers..

    As examples, Cobham has responsibility for full capability provision for the UK MOD Defence Helicopter Flying School which annually trains over 200 students, provides aircrew, helicopters and maintenance support…

    Crocombe’s employer, FB Heliservices, trained both Princes William and Harry to fly choppers. Very safe hands for a job like this.

    Don’t worry, the AAIB will crack this one, as will the coroner… I wonder if the former ever got to the bottom of this other “crash” in Shifnal?
    : July 5, 2015

    The AAIB report into that 2015 crash of G-CDVF — an identical Rans S6-ES Coyote II — was published just weeks ago (14 April 2016).

    It seems G-CDVF crashed at Shifnal in almost identical circumstances — unexplained loss of power, ploughing nose-first into ground:

    Wonder if they re-cycled that earlier “crash debris” for the photo-shoot of this latest Shifnal crash? Austere times; waste not, want not?


    BBC Midlands Today interviewed Eileen Humphries, nearby resident and member of local amateur dramatics society. And doesn’t it show? Just watch how she flicks her hair. (1m57s) Bravo!


    In the same BBC footage, we see two angles of the crash scene. The tail position looks very different in each. CGI’ed (badly) perhaps?

    in reply to: Fake Aviation Crashes and other Helihoaxes #690526

    This one feels flaky, too. From Shifnal, Telford, England, on Bank Holiday Monday (30 May).

    A blue light aircraft, described as a Rans S6ES “microlight” inexplicably plunges nose first into ground. Two aboard – pilot and passenger. The pair pronounced dead at scene. Both remain unidentified. Plane tail number also withheld. Only partially disclosed in some fauxtographs; masked altogether, in others.

    Eyewitness, John Taylor, 37-year-old geography teacher [from Moreton School Wolverhampton] “who was watching the skies from a few miles away, said: “I was in the park with my two kids and happened to look up and see the plane. I watched it for a few seconds, all seemed normal but then it seemed to be getting lower. All of a sudden it nosedived to the ground. It dropped below the roofs of the houses so I didn’t actually see it land.”

    Eyewitness was watching a light aircraft “from a few miles away” ?? Very bored? But with super-strong eyesight?

    As typical, crash staged along an isolated rural lane. With public access sealed and secured at both ends. Ensuring no genuine eyewitnesses of hoaxy activities.

    Midland Air Ambulance in attendance, of course. Landing their shiny new EC135T2e chopper in a field of long corn. Looking precarious, the corn almost entering the tail rotor. Or was that image ‘shopped. too?

    Crash scene doesn’t reflect a fatal nose-dive from altitude. Where is rest of plane? Is this ‘shopped? Or did they just carry the (flimsy) tail section into a corn-field for a photo shoot? And why so few images?

    All photos attributed to local resident “Michelle Marshall”. Tiny bit of (faux?) footage on Daily Mail site.

    edit: pilot identified by friends this evening as Tony Croke / Croker / Crokeham of Market Drayton, “an experienced pilot” who supposedly only built the kit-plane a month ago. Passenger remains unnamed.

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